World Teacher (dropped)

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A man who was once called the world’s strongest agent ended up becoming a teacher after his retirement, to train the new generation of agents.
After many years of training his disciples, he was killed at the age of 60 by the ploy of a secret organization and was reincarnated in another world with all his past memories.
Though he was surprised by the magic and the strange species of that world, he adapted very fast to his condition as a newborn and took advantage of it.
He acquired special magic and gained a massive amount of strength thanks to his tight discipline, in order to reach his goal: Resume his career as a teacher which he left halfway through in his previous life.
This is the story of a man, who, based on the memories and the experiences of his previous life, becomes a teacher who travels through the world with his students.


Chapter 2 –  Why no magic?

Chapter 4 – Elena’s struggle

Chapter 5 – First time outside

Chapter 6 – Past and dreams

Chapter 7 – Common sense break

Chapter 8 – Onto the new world

Chapter 9 – Reservation updated*

Chapter 10 – The retired old man’s rhapsody

Chapter 11 – The discontent teacher

Chapter 12 – Fateful meeting

Chapter 13 – You’re the chosen ones

Chapter 14 – The road to gaining trust

Chapter 15 – Easy training

Chapter 16 – Wanting to say the truth

Chapter 17 – Oath of the silver moon

Chapter 18 – Let’s go on a picnic – Outing part –

Chapter 19 – Let’s go on a picnic – Money making part –

Chapter 20 – Pure love

Chapter 21 – Elena

Chapter 22 – Sunny Happiness After The Rain

Chapter 23 – Teacher

Chapter 24 – Head of the Gargan company

Chapter 25 – Trouble Is Just Another Event

Chapter 26 – Elysion Enrollment Examination

Chapter 27 – This Is the New Castle

Chapter 28 – Hazing right after school enrollment

Chapter 30 – Change from the base

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  1. Shiku

    Ohh man this novel somehow made me addicted to it, and want to read it over and over again

    Thanks for translating it

      1. Roilan

        Word master ain’t a reincarnation fic though. The mc is an ass. Don’t get me wrong it is lovable kind of ass.

    1. I don’t really have a schedule, but we had a problem with this chapter, someone else was supposed to do it, then he decided to tell me that he can’t after 6 damn days and told me it would be ready for the day after and done by someone else, that someone else actually took two days, but the translation far from good and so I gave it to my editor, and then the day after, I checked again and found out that the other guy skipped a lot of parts and made some very rough translation, so I started the whole thing over yesterday.

  2. ainzcown

    Thank you so much for translation this. I love it so much! But i have some questions how often do you update? Also do you do release each chapter as a whole or do you do them in chunks? Any way thanks again for translation this book!

    1. I release the chapter when I’m entirely done with it, as for how often I update, I don’t really have any schedule but I’m pretty slow lately because of my studies so it will take something like a week, more or less

  3. phaljhet

    thank for the translation… this will be added to my favorite list…. nice story even though I’ve read a lot this is still a very interesting read. i hope you’ll continue this for a long time even though maybe most of us here are just leaching. thank you, have a good health and good luck on your exams.

  4. kaiser

    don’t force yourself… you still need some rest boss… i think you cram for your exam a bit too hard, that your body starting to have some rejection due to stress… your health should be your priority boss… have some rest, and eat good foods… take care boss…

    1. Maybe if you give me some potion instead of screaming… I accept mana potions and healing potions, if you want to know more, contact me to the 80085… hehe… sorry

  5. kaiser

    i think duh is using a “healing spell” to heal you boss… though he seems can’t use it without the “spell chant”… hehehe

  6. got to know this novel from baka-tsuki.. but I prefer reading from translation site so will be checking dis blog often.. thanks for translation.. somehow like a copy Mushoku Tensei, but I like smart protagonist so it is fun read after all..

  7. Onlooking villager.

    It can be easily said that this has a lot of potential. As much potential as Mushoku Tensei. Somewhat similar plot but Mushoku Tensei is more on learning/reliving while this one teaches instead. It’s still currently too little to determent

  8. Mister Random Stranger

    I wish you could translate a certain other series but this is a pretty good substitute. Thanks for doing it for us Defi.

  9. Mister Random Stranger

    Defiring, do you mind if I post a link to my attempt at a serial novel here? I’m aiming for the same crowd who reads translated Japanese light novels for my audience, so I’m hoping if I place the link on a few sites like that I get some valuable feedback…

    But I don’t want to do it without the permission of the site runner.

  10. Its hard waiting when all that I’m reading are not updated yet (especially re:translation which haven’t update anything in the past month?)… But the single ray of hope (that it will be translated someday) is what kept me going >.<

  11. Gummi

    This is an interesting set up. Reminds me a bit of Mushoku Tensei. How are translations going? Can we expect a new chapter soon?

    1. I’m no pro so I don’t have anything specific, I’ll be done when I’ll be done, maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after or the day after that ><

      1. Framee

        as long you keep continue this translation, its enough
        since im just read and go, i’m really appreciate your work

  12. mousefu

    Exams are time consuming and they should always come first. I’ve waited 6 months for people to finally update before, it didn’t kill me. At least i don’t think so.

    1. Yeah, and the ones I’m having now are very important, last year of high school and I’m in Algeria so it’s harder than in other countries…

  13. Fia worshiper

    Love the translation and please do the translation at your own pace. Don’t listen to the people who are greedy as heck and ask for more updates, because they’re not paying you to translate and plus your still new at this so its fine to go at your own speed.

  14. The heck people are saying here. If you guys are that bored then read something in wattpad while waiting for more updates. Exams are annoying for translators as it was always.

  15. defiring i want to say thank you for this i seen it once before the first chapter or 2 and it had me hooked but i couldnt find it till i found this wordpress thanks for the work and good luck on your exams if your still sitting them (uk exams are easy one to two weeks done)

  16. The Master Warlord

    Thanks defiring. Never knew about this series, I only found it thanks to you. Compared to other “reincarnation” stories this is less “wish fulfillment” with the person not a former otaku, bullied person, etc. (still kinda is though) so I like it a lot. Only a few things I don’t really like from this series, and thus far those are the number of filler-esque parts and… His eventual last name. It’s just… I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but combined with Sirius… well. Every Harry Potter fan knows about the name Sirius and “serious” jokes, but with that last name… Ugh, I don’t know if I can stand reading his full name later on… (I’m currently finishing section 3-2)

    (SPOILERS) …his eventual name is Sirius “tiichaa”. I’ll salute anyone who can give any plausible alternate alphabetization, other than the obvious of course. Just… what’s with Japanese authors and painfully punny names?

    1. Well, don’t worry about that, the problem will solve itself, you’ll see, though I did notice and wondered how I could make it sound better ><

  17. frutte

    Love your work. It is awesome. 🙂 Thank you for translating for us. 🙂 I read the story twice,and love it both times.

  18. gone

    Went to the raws and saw the length of each chapter. It’s a lot to work on so, good luck with it. And thanks for trying.

    1. Thanks, thanks, well, I’m sorry I’m not very fast but as I said, I was busy lately and even when I do translate, I take my time ’cause I’m doing this to practice my japanese and I want to make sure I’m translating things right ><

      1. ……..Thought you dropped this for a second there, well i am glad you didn’t i will be looking forward to your slow but perfect translations.

        1. Like I said, I was just taking my time because I only have a little span in which I can translate but yeah, I’ll try to go fast now, I used to finish a chapter in a day before ><

  19. ChasetheSinged

    I just love how defiring always take time to reply to almost all the comments he/she/hideyoshi get. also thanks for taking your time to do this for us

  20. Hello

    Hey bro why not ask for help from other to complete the chapters….. past the unedited word on google doc and when completed past it here.

      1. Just take your time and ignore the rest XD we waited for a month or so already so waiting for a while more should be alright ^^ Though I am anxious for the next chapter, but your life stuff is top priority as compared to translating chapters <3 I hope you don't take too long though 😛

  21. An Annoying Clarifier

    This is super picky, but all the same:

    I had to laugh at your TL note about Kevlar, laughing at the estimated load strength it has.

    The LN actually got it right – no really, go check out Kevlar thread – it can hold 52,000 pounds per square inch of thread – and can hold 52 pounds on a QUARTER millimeter diameter string.

    If anything he undersold it because he didn’t want to get close to Kevlar’s limit.

    So yeah: you kiiiinda look dumb, scoffing at that.

    1. Well, I researched that for the translation and found that it’s wrong and yes it is for me, well, this imperial system confuses me a lot to be honest ><

        1. So you did change something! It didn’t really bother me but thanks to the changes I started wandering around the site and found the update 😀

          (I had my book mark on the current page you see. So when I saw that there was still only 11 chapter, I didn’t know if you updated to chapter 12 or not. After seeing the change, I started looking around.)

    1. Yeah, I put the writing in blue because when it’s read, it gives you the feeling that you can’t click, I also added widgets since I just found out about them

    1. ah…finished reading ch 12..back to waiting mode……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  22. AngelFire

    Oho?! Nice, I wont be bored for a while! 😀

    The Title & the description sold me. Ehehehehe.
    I’m gonna bookmark it & read it later… (I need to rest my eyes first :P)

    1. Yeah, still doing chapter 9, I’m back to school though so I don’t really have time but I’m almost done with chapter 9. I’ll get to chapter 13 afterwards.

  23. Death

    IMO keep an old version(the version you have now) and the new one. Id like to have both for reference.

  24. Look at that. Finally another novel to read. Felt lonely after finishing vol 24 of LMS and end up looking for other thing to read. Now to the person translating this. Thanks for this!

  25. Someone

    any words on when chapter 13 will be done?
    also great job and this is one of the novels i look at everyday to see if theres a new chapter. xD

    1. Well, it was supposed to be done by someone else but that’s not happening apparently so I’ll try to finish chapter 9 tonight and I’ll get to chapter 13 right after.

  26. Tcol521

    *hypnotize 20 victim, cough, volunteers to help Defiring*

    Here lies Tcol521 with all his dreams shattered. If only I could read chapter 13

        1. Nah, kidding, but I’m still doing chapter 9, I’ll try to finish it right now and then I’ll seriously translate chapter 13. (’cause I was doing it just a little)

                1. Because he ignored the character of Fia for very long, then he noticed how bad he presented her in the first chapters so he changed, especially since there will be a light novel released in July

                  1. mony122

                    OH! so did you finish the translation of.? and i bet it a lot of work to you well i hope you can have doing it

        1. Yeah, I didn’t put it since it was already translated, well, I did make a translation of it at first but then I deleted it, I got depressed and jumped directly to chapter 4 ><

  27. mobile rended

    i wnna learn how to translate this!!!!!
    「えーと……大丈夫? 運が良かったわねクズ!」

     おいおい、目覚めた直後にその台詞はどうよ? おそらくノエル自身も混乱していて、最初が肝心だと緊張して言葉にならなかったと思われる。

    1. Well, that’s chapter 13 :p Roughly, she repeats the “You’re all right? You’re lucky aren’t you? You scum!” Then Sirius thinks something like Hey there, it seems that she got stressed out and got it wrong since the beginning is important, but where in the world did she learn the word “scum”?

        1. Depends on the translator you use, but well, you can still read if you get used to it, the problem is mostly the comfort, and with novels like world teacher, it’s kind of hard to read :/

    1. Well, frankly, I don’t really feel like complaining, I’m constantly busy lately and even when I have some time, my pc goes berserk and I can’t do anything which is burdening as much as it’s annoying….

  28. Assassin

    MY GOD wheres the chapter 13 i cant take it anymore its been 2 weeks do you really want me to die so badly sensei !!! (=c_=+)

    1. I was translating chapter 9, I had to redo the whole thing since the author changed the plot of the chapter and I’m not on holidays anymore, cut me some slack assassin, I’ll provide you soon.

      1. Assassin

        Secretly *puts energy boost with 100% caffeine* on Defirings-Sensei food and drinks gueheheheheheheheheh *evil laughs*

        1. Fake chapter 13:
          “Hmm….. Are you alright? You’re really lucky, aren’t you? You scum!”
          It seems that Noel has lost her mind, she’s already a lost cause, I thought I could save her but she just proved that the worst thing I can do to her is keeping her alive. I’ve been immune to the fear of killing since a long time ago, but this is a different world and here, I’m still six years old.
          Of course, I technically killed people in this world before if we count the bandits who chased Fia, however, that was indirect since I took advantage of monsters to take care of those guys.
          Even if I ignore that, killing someone I consider as family is something I never did, since a family is something I never had. As I can’t just let Noel live, I’m ready to assume the future consequences, no matter how bad they are.

          I look at Noel straight in the eyes with a cold expression.

          “Aaaah~ I-I’m sorry, I got it mixed up”
          “It’s too late, Noel.”

          I transfer mana to my finger which I aim at her forehead.
          I picture a mana bullet and at that very moment, a small hole appears on Noel’s head.
          She collapses on the ground with a shocked expression.
          A deafening silence fills the room.
          Before long, Elena turns my way with a sad but understanding face.

          “That was for the best” (Elena)
          “There was no other way” (Dee)
          “Definitely” (Girl slave)
          “What the hell is going on?” (Wall)

          And thus, the life of the clumsiest servant of my household came to an end, I would like to say that I regret it, but I don’t intend to pretend to understand that feeling.

        1. False chapter 13 part 2:
          It’s been ten years since I killed Noel, I also killed the slaves since they saw something troublesome.

          “Here is dinner~” (Noel)

          You’re wondering what is happening? Well, so am I to be honest. Things took a weird turn.

          “Remind me, why the hell are you still alive again?”
          “That’s so mean~ Well, you already know that it’s because there was nothing to harm in my head to begin with, no need to ask me that”

          It’s just as she said, it seems that this world’s logic is way more ridiculous than I first thought, the brain is a concept far off the minds of the beast races and their self awareness is contained within their mana. This was the reason behind the discrimination against them but that’s a story for another day.

          “More importantly, your people are waiting, Sirius-sama”
          “Oh, sorry, I almost forgot”

          You might wonder what I did these last ten years, of course you would. Well, this world is far from advanced ass I mentioned before, and of course, that applies to the economy as well. The value of gold, crops and so on differs greatly from one nation to another in this world. Using my magic and my knowledge, it didn’t take me much time to conquer the whole Adroad continent, of course there were some disturbances but rather than being annoyed by that, I quite enjoyed them. Frankly this was all disappointingly easy but I’m getting off track.
          Today is an important day for this nation and I’m at the center of it, heading to the balcony of my current residence, a huge turmoil comes from the crowd of thousands of people standing outside.
          I gaze upon them for a while than with a gesture of my hand, silence comes back to the court.

          “These last four years, I led this nation, no, this continent, at the best of my power, and it’s a fact that it has all been effective, our funds are as good as they have ever been, we became the most advanced in the entirety of the known world. I’ve been asked many times for my ways and my motives, but today I’ll be the one asking you a question: is all this enough? Is all we have right now enough? It’s true that most of the people are living out of needs, but poverty still lies in the back of our streets, we are still lacking in earth and minerals and that’s an immediate consequence of our cooperation with the neighboring continents which are sucking our supplies like bloody vampires. Our childrens are still falling sick, our soldiers are still dying, our families are still losing their members, my family is still losing its members, all that because of the selfishness of royalty. So today I came up with a solution, yet another leap into the future that will allow us to conquer not only the other nations but the entirety of this word. So I’ll ask you again, is this enough?!” (Sirius)

          “No!” (Nation)

          “Are we going to let ourselves be stepped on?”

          “No!” (Nation)

          “That is right! And so from today on, justice will prevail!”

          “Yeah, for justice!”

          And so I walked out of the balcony with a grin on my face under the screams of the crowd. If you’re wondering what I came up with, let’s just say that my magic recently went past the level of nuclear weapons. Maybe after bringing stability to this world, I’ll try to find a way to return to japan, but only god knows what the future holds for us. Maybe I should ask him?
          What do you mean I should translate instead of writing this bullshit?

    1. mobile rended

      i looove the way the comments keep changing how they read 🙂

    1. Well, Nexus, obviously, he was busy lately but now he’s back so he’s going to take care of the rest of chapter 13 (I had already translated the beginning but now much) and I’ll put a link here once he’s done with it, in the mean time, I’m translating chapter 14 or, if you prefer, the first chapter of volume 3.

        1. Well, it’s a volume each ark, first volume was a prologue, second volume was the meeting with Lior, Fia and the two slaves, and I won’t spoil the third volume

      1. mobile rended

        i feel for you started learning about shinto shrines from japan because i was interested in learning japanese… uwaaa!!! ;.;

  29. mobile rended

    sensei when is 13 done has he not finished? do we need to get assasin to spike drinks with monster or something?

    1. I don’t know, I told you, it’s Nexus’s problem now, I’m currently doing chapter 14…… I was supposed to start yesterday but my connexion stopped working for some reason which is why I’ll start today.

  30. Death

    ^ See I’m not the only one xD
    Now Defiring-kun I want you to do me a favor. Dance. Dance like you’ve never danced before! BELIEB IN YOURSELFFFFFFF!

      1. mobile rended

        what reference i dont get it???? i saw plenty of naruto but im lost? whew almost typed loser there…. anyway chap 13…. ?where is it?? pretty please,??? with a new smile on top 🙂 ? ? ?

      2. mobile rended

        was that an evil laugh? huhu? almost sounds like youre the demon lord of killing assassins and lord of ninjas and maybe like youre immortal from the standpoint of poisons? 😉

    1. mobile rended

      sepuko style is taht a thing? like anime or something? btw who are you planning to hunt in sleep?

  31. mobile rended

    does the guy whose name is Nuxus have a website or is he going to post to defirings page?
    or should i go stalk him till i find the WT translation?

  32. mobile rended

    apparently it doesnt take 2 hrs to read zhan long 🙁
    …. defiring is good logo simple…. i like it!

  33. mobile rended

    is there some kind of phone app translator that will work with these novels?
    … should coerce a programmer to make one …
    or at least a machine to trans super fast…. then we coud comploain to author and spike his drink with caffeine…. <..> oh well

      1. mobile rended

        dunno all i know is that theres supposedly something like 180 individual shrines or something…. and as for why theyre coming up probally because theyre counted as national tourist attractions??

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        dont worry i will be in your dreams forever gueheheheh think of it having a immortal body but not allowing to sleep heheheheh

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    1. Sometimes, lately I only translate for like 15 minutes so I don’t, but usually, I either put music or I plug in a second screen to watch a movie while translating

      1. mobile rended

        if you use a single screen for translating doesnt that mean that youre constantly switching tabs?

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      dont worry im sure he doesnt have to worry bout that after all he kills assassins 🙂
      although he prob doesnt want fbi on his trail…

  36. Death the kid

    Instead of spending so much time commenting why don’t you give me a chapter before I go postal 😁😝😈🔫

      1. Cupcake ninja

        You said your not doing chapter 13 about 30,000 times now. Cant people read? You patience is already over SSS rank for bothering to respond to that every time. Anyone else would make everyone wait for a month before they get to read chapter 13 and 14 once they’re done translating it, just out of spite. Ah, but then again I’ve always been a bit on the sadistic side, so maybe only i think this way?

  37. death the kid

    I got the first part of chapter 13 at least, enjoy and remember always fear DEATH :

    You’re the chosen ones

    【”Hmmm… You alright? You’re really lucky, aren’t you? You scum!”】(Noel)
    【”!?”】(female slave)

    Hey hey, what are you telling her right after she woke up? Perhaps Noel is confused, it seems that her words didn’t come out right because of the tension from the crucial beginning.
    However, where did the word scum come out of?

    【”… What the hell are you saying?”】
    【”It’s not like that! Just now I got confused and mixed up various words!”】
    【”It’s alright so calm down and take a look at the child.”】

    If you panic the child won’t calm down either, right? Dee and I fall back and gesture Fia to talk.

    【”Ah, uh… ahem. Hmmm…. you alright?”】

    She’s surprised of being talked to, but the girl desperately looks around her surroundings. And then, confirming the presence of the boy lying down next to her, her countenance softened a little.

    【”Mhm, your younger brother? He’s safe. Are you alright? Is there anything you want?”】
    【”Ah-… uh-“】

    Noel calms the girl down by talking to her in order to do a detailed check. That’s the spirit. Couldn’t she just do that from the beginning?

    【”Is that child incapable of talking?”】(Dee)
    【”It has been the case since the time right after I saved her. It’s just an inflammation so it should heal.”】

    I already ran【(Scan)】 on the two people in Lior’s house. There were several festering wounds and inflammations all throughout their bodies, and they were in a really dangerous level of dehydration and malnutrition. However, they have no lethal diseases, and I guess even the girl’s throat can be healed if I catalyze it. But now is not the time to make a move.
    I’m aware of the tension, so I suppose I’ll leave it to Noel until she eases her alertness.

    1. Wait I have to fear myself? Wat? Do I have to call Fiddlesticks from league over and be like Fear me?
      Also, either he begged/beat it out of him or he TLed it himself.
      Or plot twist they’re the same guy.

  38. Death the kid

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      1. mobile rended

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  40. You guys are bothering the wrong guy. Defiring is supposed to be Ch. 14