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  1. M4L4DD1CT10N

    Hey Defiring, thank you so much for picking up Almadianos Eiyuuden! I said on NU I was willing to help support this project and I am. So I wanted to ask you, would you prefer infrequent larger donations or something regular and monthly like maybe $20-$30 a month, that way you keep motivated because you know there’s something constant coming in?

  2. M4L4DD1CT10N

    Actually, I’m just gonna make a basic first donation for now because I want to get early access, lol. Then you can email me whenever and we’ll discuss if there’s any specific support I can provide since I was the requester and you are the one who stepped up to provide…lol.

  3. M4L4DD1CT10N

    Lol, so many posts. I just signed up for the hard mode because there weren’t any one time options that I saw. So I guess that’ll work for you since it’s how you set it up. Incidentally, as I said before, please reply here or by email if there’s anything else I can help with. I am actually looking to try and learn Japanese to translate and read myself, and I wouldn’t mind tips if you know of any good teaching services that provide an intense learning schedule, be it online course or school…

    1. I’m glad you like this so much 😀 As for learning japanese, well I’d advise you to start with something basic, there are good tutorials online, but the best way would be, of course, to practice; personally, I always use translations to learn new languages, that’s how I learned English and Japanese, so that would be my advice, even if at first it might be difficult, you’ll get used to the language eventually 😀 As for the donations, I really appreciate your support, and paypal doesn’t work in my country so Patreon pledges are perfect for me

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