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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 139

Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 139

Chapter 139

Upon returning to the Asgard Empire’s capital, Gunther kowtowed before Emperor Heimdall.

【”My deepest apologies, I come bearing disappointing results from the battle.”】
【”―― It’s fine, you did well.”】

Though Gunther had come back from battle with no victory to show for it, Heimdall was in a surprisingly great mood.

Then again, had he been in a bad mood, he would not have been able to blame Gunther for his defeat either.

By now, the head of the fourth army, Cabernard, had been killed, and even the head of the second army, Skuld, had discarded Asgard in favor of Kurats.

Asgard did not have enough talents that they could afford to throw away a commander of Gunther’s level.

Besides, Gunther was still the strongest swordsman of the empire.

【”Now then, tell me, how did “it” fare?”】

Gunther naturally knew what “it” referred to.

The Asgard empire’s secret, ultimate weapon――The protection of the absolute echelon.

This was a trump card created in order to fight against monsters and demons, beings capable of exceeding human limits by far.

Once this technology would mature and become widespread through the empire, it would strike fear into human countries and demon countries alike.

The only problem was the instability of the technology. However…

【”I can say the weapon is definitely effective. It was able to take a blow from both the lord of Bashtar and Rosberg’s magic sword, Gerlach.”】
【”I see. What is the problem, then?”】

 Heimdall asked arrogantly, as if Gunther was stating the obvious.

【”It’s the ouput, as we expected. Because of it, it is not necessarily possible to activate the protection in the heat of the battle. Moreover, we have to prepare to incur some losses when dealing with weapons that deal both physical and magic damage like the magic sword, Gerlach.”】
【”Gerlach, you say? That certainly is a troublesome weapon, but it is only an artifact that cannot be mass produced.”】

Gerlach was built at the peak of a lost technology. It was said no blacksmith of the present era could ever recreate it.

 Even if Rosberg was going to be a difficult opponent, that was just part of the many things that could not be helped during a war.

That was especially true with the recent developments of magic technology.

【”――Besides that, I also acquired some interesting information. It seems we should not be quick to look down upon Jormungand.”】

Saying so, Gunther recalled the unexpectedly powerful tactical spell that the magic corps of Jormungand had used against him.

 If not for the magic defense of the Chaos riders, his army would not have been able to deal with that attack.

【”Were you able to see through the magic device they were using?”】
【”It was quite easy to understand how it worked. It seemed they were using monster parts as material for the device. If we can apply the same method, we should be able to improve upon the output of our weapon.”】
【”Splendid. If that succeeds, we will no longer have to fear the lord of Bashtar.”】

 In truth, Gunther’s pride did hurt from having to withdraw from battle after almost being defeated.

 Next time, he was going to make sure Kurats’ face would take on the shade of humiliation.

This firm attitude was one of the secrets behind Gunther’s strength. He had the persistence of a snake.

As a soldier, perhaps it was good to have a frank and straightforward attitude without a shred of hesitation when facing adversity. However, Gunther believed such a direct nature could only bring harm to a warrior.

He had to survive every battle to make sure he would win the next time around.

A warrior that was unable to do so would die quickly, never leaving a name behind.

 ――Gunther believed he had to win the label of strongest because he was born as a man.

What he wanted was not to be the strongest swordsman or the strongest mage. He wanted to truly be the strongest man, at the top of the pedestal.

Moreover, he wanted to carve his name in history.

That was why he had never brought himself to question the nature or morality of his strength.

【”We will teach that meathead the taste of defeat, once and for all.”】
【”Hehehe… That man, Kurats. I heard his fame as the hero of Jormungand is sky high now. I feel the impact from defeating him will undoubtedly be massive.”】

Despite the results of the battle, the Asgard empire had yet to suffer any defeat. As proof, they had not lost a single inch of their land so far.

【”That said, there is someone else hatching schemes behind the scenes. As a matter of fact, I was informed a short while ago that an assassin managed to seriously injure Christopher.”】
【”The king of Jormungand?”】

 Though Heimdall’s tone was light, this matter was dreadfully serious.

In a monarchical autocracy, the king was the summit. He had the absolute power and was at the center of all of the kingdom’s politics.

The fall the king meant that none of the kingdom’s important matters could be processed.

 Perhaps this explained why Kurats and his forces had not pursued the first army.

【”Christopher has no siblings, he only has his daughters. Only princess Lunaria will be able to act as his regent. The problem is that there is reason to believe the demons were behind this political change.”】
【”Could this be because… the demons found about our research?”】
【”No. If they did, they would have directly come to the empire. For the demons, this might be some sort of play to watch the humans fight each-other.”】

When taking the overall picture into account, the Jormungand kingdom was the one gathering demon and monster parts as materials.
 That or they had already earned themselves the grudge of a high grade demon.

In truth, Heimdall was not far off the mark with his guess. What had led Lucia to spread chaos in the kingdom in the first place was that she had to go there to look for Triestella.

No matter what the reason was, it was clear that the demons, whose power far surpassed humanity, had broken their long period of silence to interfere with human society.

【”――It seems we need to hurry.”】
【”The output is not the only problem either. I believe we need to work on our offense as much as we did on our defense.”】
【”I suppose I will need to give those two sisters yet another push…Still, it is unfortunately too early for us to face the demons and monsters. That said, with the circumstances being what they are, I feel I can expect some amusing outcomes from that youngster.”】

◆  ◆  ◆

Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 138

Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 138

Chapter 138

When Mordred thrust his finger in Christopher’s right eye, it went far enough to reach his brain.

 One of the royal court mages that didn’t follow Mordred attempted to heal the king, but the brain was the one part of the body that healing magic could not restore.

 Far from regaining consciousness, Christopher developed a fever and fell in a critical state.

(My my, he did well for a fool.)

Lucia laughed eerily.

 Even trash like Mordred could easily change the entire course of history under the right conditions.

 That was the essence of spreading terror.

(Next will be the ones who left toward princess Lunaria’s location. I sure wonder if they succeeded.)

With the loss of the king, the kingdoms decision-taker, everyone in the castle was lost.

 Even such a mighty kingdom could easily fall into chaos with the loss of a single person.

 This was a human weakness that Lucia knew well.

 Under these circumstances, the Jormungand kingdom wouldn’t be able to go on the offensive against their enemies before a while.

 Moreover, with the continent’s current landscape, this one incident was going to have a massive impact.

 The once dominant Asgard empire had been defeated at last.

 Or, at least, that was how Kurats’ victory was perceive by the surrounding countries.

 Many countries, particularly the major powers of the continent which were likely to be Asgard’s next targets such as the kingdom of Pasibal, were ready to join the war depending on Jormungand’s next move.

 ――But that future was not to be.

 Had Christopher been still conscious and well, Jormungand would either have fully gone after Asgard or signed a peace treaty with terms that favored their side.

 But the fall of the king would give rise to a pointless standstill.

 None of the neighboring countries would have the nerve to expose themselves to the sparks between both countries during such times.

 Jormungand’s opportunity to beat the Asgard empire while they were down was taken away.

 This meant both countries would be stuck in a deadlock from then on.

 This was why Lucia had come to disrupt Jormungand: her goal was to maintain a balance between both of the major powers and keep their sterile conflict going.

(I wonder, will this be enough to reduce his majesty the demon lord’s foul mood?)

So far, everything had gone according to Lucia’s expectations. All that was left for her to do was to fulfill her other mission.


(The duke of Tarantino said that Triestella was in Jormungand…  How come I couldn’t find any sign of her while I was in the castle…  Where in the world is she?  And what is she doing?!)

The duke of Tarantino had asked Lucia to look for a subordinate he had a very hard time getting in touch with.

Meanwhile, it was going to take some time for Kurats to return to the castle where all kinds of expectations and possibilities were intermingling with each-other.

After returning to the Strasbourg territory, Kurats checked on Felbell, set up some defensive measures, and reorganized the Strasbourg family’s former retainers.

Whether Kurats had driven away Asgard or not, Albert’s death had left a power vacuum in Strasbourg that could not be left unattended.

 Of course, this was a problem beyond what Kurats could deal with, and he was only staying on site to apply temporary measures until the kingdom would dispatch a new lord or even a deputy to take care of territory.

 Unfortunately, Christopher had fallen unconscious before he could issue any such order.

 Because of this, Kurats did not receive news from the capital until a few days after Lunaria left, at which point he learned about the king’s current state.

【”――Skuld, I’ll leave the army to you. If any enemy comes, do as you like with them.”】

【”Is it really acceptable to leave that to me?”】

【”If there is any problem because of that, I’ll take responsibility.  As for the administrative side of things, I’ll leave that to you, Boomer.”】


Boomer was an administrative official who once worked for Albert.

 Since Strasbourg’s fall, he had been actively cooperating with Kurats.

Considering he was a man born and raised in Strasbourg who had a beloved wife and daughter in the territory, Kurats deemed he had quite a good grasp on reality for collaborating with him so openly.

 Well, more precisely, that evaluation was actually from Bernst.

 Despite appearances, Albert had actually been very skilled at handling domestic affairs.

 As a result, Strasbourg was left with outstanding talents in its administration and its governing structure was hence left untouched.

 As long as Kurats allowed for it,  the territory’s domestic affairs would be handled with roughly no mistake to speak of.

【”Now then, I hope I’ll make it in time…”】

『Good grief, it’s pathetic that you still cannot use something as simple as  multiple teleportation to this day!』

【”That tedious stuff is a hassle, it’s just not for me…”】

It would have been fine had he been able to go on his own, but Felbell had wept her way into accompanying him.

 After hearing the news about her father, she wanted to at the very least offer him an apology as his daughter for putting a burden on him.

 Unfortunately, Kurats’ abilities did not allow him to teleport himself all the while carrying a foreign body with him, which, in this case, was Felbell.

【”We’ll be counting on you then, Frigga!”】

【”Leave it to me.  I’ll be moving at full speed, so do not be shaken off.”】

【”Don’t worry, I can keep a wind barrier around us.”】

【”Perfect then, I shall you have there by the end of the day.”】

The griffon was one of the fastest flying monsters in existence.  If it forced itself to fly continuously for a whole day without having to worry about losing energy, it was not impossible for it to reach the capital in less than a day with its speed.

【”Let’s go!”】

【”Huh?  N-no, please wait, I-AAAAAAAAAH!”】

Though they were protected by a wind barrier, Felbell was still surprised by the acceleration and the visibly fast rise of the griffon, which prompted her to hug Kurats from his back.

【”…The feeling of those heights pressing on my back is just the best.”】

Despite him having a lot of experience by now, there was a special romanticism to this action in Kurats’ male mind.

【”W-what are you saying all of a sudden?  You philanderer!”】

Felbell panicked and blushed.


 But Frigga, who was controlling the griffon, did not stay passive in response to their interaction.

【”Oopsie~~my hand slipped!”】

【”How did your hand slip into a barrel roll?!”】

【”This is an outside loop! And now, I’ll do a maneuver called: the falling leaaaaaf!”】


With Felbell’s high-pitched screamed as their trail, the trio and the griffon faded in the blue sky of the east.

◆  ◆  ◆

Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 137

Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 137

Chapter 137

――Around the same time as the incident in the royal capital was taking place.
An odd group was approaching Bashtar, where Lunaria and the others were currently staying.

【”What’s with these guys?”】

A soldier shouted at this comrades.

Standing on one of the watch-towers of the ramparts, he had a good view of the suspicious group advancing through the road.

From their dirty armors with no flag or family crest, an outsider would assume they were a gathering of bandits.

However, their well-organized and brisk advance clearly showed they were formally trained soldiers.

【”We shall kill her highness Lunaria! “】
【”Everything would be fine if not for that woman! “】
【”Rebel or not, her highness Felbell is the only true heir to the throne! “】

In truth, this was all a result of the influence of the wicked fairies upon the aristocrats of Fellbel’s faction.

Despite the evident defeat of the former marquis of Strasbourg, the hard fact was that the first princess, Fellbel, and the second princess, Lunaria, were both candidates for the throne.

If only Lunaria died, then it was highly likely Felbell would become queen.

Since Kurats himself and even the elites under him were currently away from Bashtar, it was certainly safe to assume the territory was an open target for an attack.

The panicked soldier hurriedly shouted towards his comrades.

【”Quick, go inform miss Marika!”】

【”…They sure are underestimating us.”】

Marika, the head of the government body in charge of Bashtar’s administration, mumbled to herself irritably after hearing a report of the situation.

While the official army of the territory was not present, the policing structure that was established for maintaining public order still remained.

Moreover, these were people who had been fighting monsters with their lives on the line for a long time now. There was no way they could have survived in Bashtar with nothing to show for it.

More importantly, Lunaria alone would be a match for a whole regiment of the knight order. A mere michmach of thousands of troops from some aristocrats’ territories could never manage to bring her down.

【”Number 13, take care of the preparations for her highness and the policing force to intercept the attackers.”】

It seemed the bureaucrats acting as servants under Marika had lost something important as human beings. but as long as they were happy, it was all good.

【”Do they think they can invade all of Bashtar just because Kurats is not here?!”】

Luanria gladly took up her sword at this opportunity to relieve the stress she had been penting-up every day from being separated from Kurats and left at home.

The people to be pitied in coming exchange were actually the aristocrats who were being made to dance in the palms of the wicked fairies through their foolish ambitions.

They clearly believed Bashtar was only an empty shell without its army.

【”…Don’t you feel like there is something strange going on?”】
【”Why? The lord of Bashtar isn’t here, is he? There shouldn’t be any soldiers left in the territory.”】
【”I know, but how come they have 500 men just on their ramparts then?”】

There was a rule in war that said the attacking party should have thrice the forces of the party being attacked. For a few thousand troops from the nobles’ personal armies, the 500 men staying within the defensive rampart were enough of a threat.

But, while the unexpected turn of events did leave them perplexed, turning back was no longer an option at this point.

This was to be an unplanned rampage from the start anyway.

【”The enemy is nothing more than a paper tiger! Do not falter!”】
【”Do not let her highness Lunaria get away!”】
【”Victory is ours for the taking!”】

As the aristocrats’ army began their attack while voicing their selfish aspirations, Lunaria pronounced a ruthless verdict upon them.

【”Die, like the helpless straw dogs you are. T. O. R. N. A. D. O
C. U. T. T. E. R “】

The magic power fired by the magic sword Bismarck attacked the enemy in the form of thousands of wind blades.

Heads and arms were sent flying in the air while the many horses that were left without their riders went out of control and trampled the soldiers’ allies.

It was a scene from hell itself.

In a single instant, the aristocrats’ convenient illusions were crushed to pieces.

【”March out!!!”】

Following Lunaria’s command, Bashtar’s policing force opened the ramparts’ gates with powerful battle cries.

The hunters had now completely become the hunted.

【”I-iiiiiiiiiiiiih! Somebody help me!!”】
【”This is not… this is not how it was supposed to go!”】
【”I surrender! Just please don’t kill me!”】
【”This cannot be happening! I am from the prestigious family of…”】
【”Drop the chatter and die already!!”】

As she said so, Lunaria’s finishing blow burst forth.

A storm arose upon her call, tearing apart everything above the ground, seemingly ready to blow away the whole forest.

The rebellious aristocrats, who by this point had no idea what they had come here to do, were all sent flying towards the sky above.

【”…Your highness, did you have to go this far?”】
【”Hahaha… Looks like I was a little stressed out…”】
【”I’m sure there’ll be plenty more for you to stress over as you clean up after yourself, your highness.”】
【”Oh please.”】

While Marika and Lunaria were enjoying such banter, one of the artistocrats who had luckily suffered only minor injuries let out a complaint that the two women could not ignore.

【”We even managed to get rid of his majesty, and yet… Our luck has run out.”】
【”――What did you just say?”】

Lunaria’s voice took on a serious tone.

Likely because he knew he was already done for, the man defiantly yet cheerfully laughed.

【” By now, his majesty Christopher must have already left this world at sir Mordred’s hands! There is nothing you can do about it, it’s too late! “】
【”Like that Mordred could do ever do that.”】

Though he a walking and talking lump of jealousy, Mordred had no courage nor talent. All he had going for himself was that he was somewhat good at using magic.

That was the kind of man Mordred was in Lunaria’s eyes. He was not the overambitious type. She knew he would never scheme to assassinate the king.

【”Do not make light of sir Mordred! He is the only one who can punish his majesty for raising the status of such a vulgar beast of a commoner!”】
【”Your highness, I do not believe his claims are baseless.”】

As expected from the woman who was creating servants for herself left and right, Marika promptly noticed that the man had been brainwashed by someone else.

If someone was pulling the strings behind the scenes, then the Mordred that the aristocrat was speaking of was very likely not the Mordred Lunaria knew.

【”That means father is in danger!”】

Lunaria turned around and headed for the stables. From there, she took her favorite horse and headed straight towards the capital.

After watching her leave, Marika turned back towards her servants.

【”…Looks like there is trouble brewing. For now, find out everything you can from the survivors.”】
【”Such insolence! Don’t you dare touch me, you filthy commoners!”】
【”Sorry, but I wouldn’t expect them to make allowances for you. Now then, these men will all be wishing they were dead right away anyway… But I suppose you may do as you wish with them.”】

My Death Flags Show No Sign Of Ending – Chapter 117

My Death Flags Show No Sign Of Ending – Chapter 117

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More on that at the end of the chapter.

Anyway, here’s chapter 117, hope you’ll enjoy it !

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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 135

Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 135

Hey everyone, this is the second part of today’s triple release, please do check the previous chapter if you haven’t yet!

Chapter 135

Despite having taken on an attack that would mercilessly break even a literal iron ingot, Rosberg’s resilient fighting spirit would not allow him to admit defeat.

A display very fitting of the kingdom’s sword… Aside from his actual motives.

【”Well, I guess if nothing else, your spirit is worth some praise at least.”】

If he didn’t know Robserg was doing this over a brat’s picture, Kurats would have let him off the hook, but…

【”――But I can’t allow this.”】

There was no pass to be given to this man who was carrying and panting over a kid’s picture.

For the sake of Kurat’s love, and for the sake of the world, this had to be dealt with.

【”Repent already. You’re going to make the title of the kingdom’s sword weep.”】
【”If you can’t understand this pure love, you understand nothing of the essence of knighthood!”】
【”Understand you? You’re asking for way too much!”】
【”Then don’t speak like you know anything!”】

Robserg bit his left thumb with a strong bite using his canines. As his teeth tore through his skin and drew blood, Rosberg poured it upon Gerlach’s blade.

【”May you feed on my blood and appear beyond the darkness – Secret art- Falling thunder cry!”】
【”Are you seriously pulling out a secret art right now?! You want to keep that locket that bad?!”】

(…Rather, if you had that kind of technique in reserve, you should have used it against Gunther, not your allies…)

The combination of magic power and blood created a powerful rush of negative energy.

There was no getting away from it easily, not even for Kurats.

【”Alright, time out!”】

Rosberg had been aiming solely for Kurats, hoping to get him to muster all his energy to the limit.

But he had overlooked the woman who had turned completely silent right from the start of the fight.

【”Lord Kurats never said he would face you on his own, did he?”】

This was none other than the Asgardian princess general who had lost to Kurats in a previous battle and become his lover: Skuld.

Despite staying so close to them both all this while, she had been completely concealing her presence from the start.

Using this advantage, she hit Rosberg right on the back of his head without a word.

From Rosberg’s perspective, he only heard a muffled sound before his field of view started warping.

First there was an impact, then a sharp pain, and a shaking within his very brain.

Rosberg knew what this drunken sensation entailed.

This was something he had experienced in his days as a trainee, right before losing consciousness.

【”I, Rosberg, shall never fall! So long as my love for her highness stands, I, too, shall stand~~!”】
【”――Enough already.”】

After taking on a knee kick from Kurats, Rosberg finally lost conciousness.

Though it was still to be debated whether he was worthy of the title of the kingdom’s sword, it had to be said that he had done splendid job at taking his defeat on his feet. Though he had lost his consciousness, his body was actually still standing.

【”Oh no…. Oh dear god no….”】

Later, after he regained consciousness, Rosberg’s expression suddenly took on a depressed hue, as if he had aged twenty years in a single go.

He opened his shirt to check his chest and it broke his heart to see his locket was no longer there.

He was so devastated it was a wonder if even a triumphant return to the royal capital would do anything to improve his mood.

And so, after this.

【”――Alright, I’ll give you your reward, Frigga! Just please go report the situation!”】
【”Is that a promise? Then, master… I want to bear your child! A fruit of our love!”】
【”Hold on, calm down. Think of the political implications, will you?”】
【”Then let’s do a play in bed instead, I’ll be the child and you be the father.”】

After the fight Kurats just had with Rosberg over his inclinations, that play was far too large an order.

【”Absolutely not!”】

◆  ◆  ◆

The atmosphere in the royal castle had been odd for a while now.

The minister of war, Cellvis, felt perplexed by this uncomfortable mood.

Due to the war against the Asgard empire, the royal castle was on the highest state of alert. But even in those circumstances, the chill in the air was unusual.

(Since when did the castle become a battlefield?)

Cellvis cursed himself. He felt like he had lost his touch from not stepping in battle for too long.

(If only Rosberg was here, we would not need to worry about such things…)

Unfortunately for Cellvis, the coleague he sought was currently in the state of an undead after his treasure was snatched away by Kurats.

【”Good grief, why does all this trouble have to fall on my old bones…”】

What was sure was there was some definite ill-will circulating in the castle.
Though his intuition had grown dull, of this alone Cellvis was certain.

Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 131

Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 131

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Note: This is the second chapter of the double release. Please check out Chapter 130 if you haven’t yet.

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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 129

Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 129

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Obligatory “This is a short chapter becase the next one is long”. Author likes these small ‘set-up’ chapters before big fights, I guess. I was going to fuse it with the next to add some length, but the next is way too long and I don’t want to ruin the pace.

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