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Chapter 137

――Around the same time as the incident in the royal capital was taking place.
An odd group was approaching Bashtar, where Lunaria and the others were currently staying.

【”What’s with these guys?”】

A soldier shouted at this comrades.

Standing on one of the watch-towers of the ramparts, he had a good view of the suspicious group advancing through the road.

From their dirty armors with no flag or family crest, an outsider would assume they were a gathering of bandits.

However, their well-organized and brisk advance clearly showed they were formally trained soldiers.

【”We shall kill her highness Lunaria! “】
【”Everything would be fine if not for that woman! “】
【”Rebel or not, her highness Felbell is the only true heir to the throne! “】

In truth, this was all a result of the influence of the wicked fairies upon the aristocrats of Fellbel’s faction.

Despite the evident defeat of the former marquis of Strasbourg, the hard fact was that the first princess, Fellbel, and the second princess, Lunaria, were both candidates for the throne.

If only Lunaria died, then it was highly likely Felbell would become queen.

Since Kurats himself and even the elites under him were currently away from Bashtar, it was certainly safe to assume the territory was an open target for an attack.

The panicked soldier hurriedly shouted towards his comrades.

【”Quick, go inform miss Marika!”】

【”…They sure are underestimating us.”】

Marika, the head of the government body in charge of Bashtar’s administration, mumbled to herself irritably after hearing a report of the situation.

While the official army of the territory was not present, the policing structure that was established for maintaining public order still remained.

Moreover, these were people who had been fighting monsters with their lives on the line for a long time now. There was no way they could have survived in Bashtar with nothing to show for it.

More importantly, Lunaria alone would be a match for a whole regiment of the knight order. A mere michmach of thousands of troops from some aristocrats’ territories could never manage to bring her down.

【”Number 13, take care of the preparations for her highness and the policing force to intercept the attackers.”】

It seemed the bureaucrats acting as servants under Marika had lost something important as human beings. but as long as they were happy, it was all good.

【”Do they think they can invade all of Bashtar just because Kurats is not here?!”】

Luanria gladly took up her sword at this opportunity to relieve the stress she had been penting-up every day from being separated from Kurats and left at home.

The people to be pitied in coming exchange were actually the aristocrats who were being made to dance in the palms of the wicked fairies through their foolish ambitions.

They clearly believed Bashtar was only an empty shell without its army.

【”…Don’t you feel like there is something strange going on?”】
【”Why? The lord of Bashtar isn’t here, is he? There shouldn’t be any soldiers left in the territory.”】
【”I know, but how come they have 500 men just on their ramparts then?”】

There was a rule in war that said the attacking party should have thrice the forces of the party being attacked. For a few thousand troops from the nobles’ personal armies, the 500 men staying within the defensive rampart were enough of a threat.

But, while the unexpected turn of events did leave them perplexed, turning back was no longer an option at this point.

This was to be an unplanned rampage from the start anyway.

【”The enemy is nothing more than a paper tiger! Do not falter!”】
【”Do not let her highness Lunaria get away!”】
【”Victory is ours for the taking!”】

As the aristocrats’ army began their attack while voicing their selfish aspirations, Lunaria pronounced a ruthless verdict upon them.

【”Die, like the helpless straw dogs you are. T. O. R. N. A. D. O
C. U. T. T. E. R “】

The magic power fired by the magic sword Bismarck attacked the enemy in the form of thousands of wind blades.

Heads and arms were sent flying in the air while the many horses that were left without their riders went out of control and trampled the soldiers’ allies.

It was a scene from hell itself.

In a single instant, the aristocrats’ convenient illusions were crushed to pieces.

【”March out!!!”】

Following Lunaria’s command, Bashtar’s policing force opened the ramparts’ gates with powerful battle cries.

The hunters had now completely become the hunted.

【”I-iiiiiiiiiiiiih! Somebody help me!!”】
【”This is not… this is not how it was supposed to go!”】
【”I surrender! Just please don’t kill me!”】
【”This cannot be happening! I am from the prestigious family of…”】
【”Drop the chatter and die already!!”】

As she said so, Lunaria’s finishing blow burst forth.

A storm arose upon her call, tearing apart everything above the ground, seemingly ready to blow away the whole forest.

The rebellious aristocrats, who by this point had no idea what they had come here to do, were all sent flying towards the sky above.

【”…Your highness, did you have to go this far?”】
【”Hahaha… Looks like I was a little stressed out…”】
【”I’m sure there’ll be plenty more for you to stress over as you clean up after yourself, your highness.”】
【”Oh please.”】

While Marika and Lunaria were enjoying such banter, one of the artistocrats who had luckily suffered only minor injuries let out a complaint that the two women could not ignore.

【”We even managed to get rid of his majesty, and yet… Our luck has run out.”】
【”――What did you just say?”】

Lunaria’s voice took on a serious tone.

Likely because he knew he was already done for, the man defiantly yet cheerfully laughed.

【” By now, his majesty Christopher must have already left this world at sir Mordred’s hands! There is nothing you can do about it, it’s too late! “】
【”Like that Mordred could do ever do that.”】

Though he a walking and talking lump of jealousy, Mordred had no courage nor talent. All he had going for himself was that he was somewhat good at using magic.

That was the kind of man Mordred was in Lunaria’s eyes. He was not the overambitious type. She knew he would never scheme to assassinate the king.

【”Do not make light of sir Mordred! He is the only one who can punish his majesty for raising the status of such a vulgar beast of a commoner!”】
【”Your highness, I do not believe his claims are baseless.”】

As expected from the woman who was creating servants for herself left and right, Marika promptly noticed that the man had been brainwashed by someone else.

If someone was pulling the strings behind the scenes, then the Mordred that the aristocrat was speaking of was very likely not the Mordred Lunaria knew.

【”That means father is in danger!”】

Lunaria turned around and headed for the stables. From there, she took her favorite horse and headed straight towards the capital.

After watching her leave, Marika turned back towards her servants.

【”…Looks like there is trouble brewing. For now, find out everything you can from the survivors.”】
【”Such insolence! Don’t you dare touch me, you filthy commoners!”】
【”Sorry, but I wouldn’t expect them to make allowances for you. Now then, these men will all be wishing they were dead right away anyway… But I suppose you may do as you wish with them.”】

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