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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 135

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Chapter 135

Despite having taken on an attack that would mercilessly break even a literal iron ingot, Rosberg’s resilient fighting spirit would not allow him to admit defeat.

A display very fitting of the kingdom’s sword… Aside from his actual motives.

【”Well, I guess if nothing else, your spirit is worth some praise at least.”】

If he didn’t know Robserg was doing this over a brat’s picture, Kurats would have let him off the hook, but…

【”――But I can’t allow this.”】

There was no pass to be given to this man who was carrying and panting over a kid’s picture.

For the sake of Kurat’s love, and for the sake of the world, this had to be dealt with.

【”Repent already. You’re going to make the title of the kingdom’s sword weep.”】
【”If you can’t understand this pure love, you understand nothing of the essence of knighthood!”】
【”Understand you? You’re asking for way too much!”】
【”Then don’t speak like you know anything!”】

Robserg bit his left thumb with a strong bite using his canines. As his teeth tore through his skin and drew blood, Rosberg poured it upon Gerlach’s blade.

【”May you feed on my blood and appear beyond the darkness – Secret art- Falling thunder cry!”】
【”Are you seriously pulling out a secret art right now?! You want to keep that locket that bad?!”】

(…Rather, if you had that kind of technique in reserve, you should have used it against Gunther, not your allies…)

The combination of magic power and blood created a powerful rush of negative energy.

There was no getting away from it easily, not even for Kurats.

【”Alright, time out!”】

Rosberg had been aiming solely for Kurats, hoping to get him to muster all his energy to the limit.

But he had overlooked the woman who had turned completely silent right from the start of the fight.

【”Lord Kurats never said he would face you on his own, did he?”】

This was none other than the Asgardian princess general who had lost to Kurats in a previous battle and become his lover: Skuld.

Despite staying so close to them both all this while, she had been completely concealing her presence from the start.

Using this advantage, she hit Rosberg right on the back of his head without a word.

From Rosberg’s perspective, he only heard a muffled sound before his field of view started warping.

First there was an impact, then a sharp pain, and a shaking within his very brain.

Rosberg knew what this drunken sensation entailed.

This was something he had experienced in his days as a trainee, right before losing consciousness.

【”I, Rosberg, shall never fall! So long as my love for her highness stands, I, too, shall stand~~!”】
【”――Enough already.”】

After taking on a knee kick from Kurats, Rosberg finally lost conciousness.

Though it was still to be debated whether he was worthy of the title of the kingdom’s sword, it had to be said that he had done splendid job at taking his defeat on his feet. Though he had lost his consciousness, his body was actually still standing.

【”Oh no…. Oh dear god no….”】

Later, after he regained consciousness, Rosberg’s expression suddenly took on a depressed hue, as if he had aged twenty years in a single go.

He opened his shirt to check his chest and it broke his heart to see his locket was no longer there.

He was so devastated it was a wonder if even a triumphant return to the royal capital would do anything to improve his mood.

And so, after this.

【”――Alright, I’ll give you your reward, Frigga! Just please go report the situation!”】
【”Is that a promise? Then, master… I want to bear your child! A fruit of our love!”】
【”Hold on, calm down. Think of the political implications, will you?”】
【”Then let’s do a play in bed instead, I’ll be the child and you be the father.”】

After the fight Kurats just had with Rosberg over his inclinations, that play was far too large an order.

【”Absolutely not!”】

◆  ◆  ◆

The atmosphere in the royal castle had been odd for a while now.

The minister of war, Cellvis, felt perplexed by this uncomfortable mood.

Due to the war against the Asgard empire, the royal castle was on the highest state of alert. But even in those circumstances, the chill in the air was unusual.

(Since when did the castle become a battlefield?)

Cellvis cursed himself. He felt like he had lost his touch from not stepping in battle for too long.

(If only Rosberg was here, we would not need to worry about such things…)

Unfortunately for Cellvis, the coleague he sought was currently in the state of an undead after his treasure was snatched away by Kurats.

【”Good grief, why does all this trouble have to fall on my old bones…”】

What was sure was there was some definite ill-will circulating in the castle.
Though his intuition had grown dull, of this alone Cellvis was certain.

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