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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 134

Hey everyone! Sorry for this extremely long break, life got in the way in ways I had not imagined, but I’m back and there will definitely be multi-chapter releases to make up for lost time.

So this is a triple release for regular readers, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 134

【”No!  Mast– I mean, Lord Kurats!  Why should I be the one to leave?!”】

【”Don’t say that.  It’s because you’re the fastest one here!”】

【”I demand a reward!”】

After driving away Asgard’s forces and returning to the Strasbourg territory, Kurats asked Frigga, the only in the group who could drive a griffon, to go back to the capital to report the situation, and to Bashtar so as to keep the rest of his women updated.

The report had to arrive quickly for a reason.

There was a chance that the mages who had fled in a hurry after the defeat of the knight order’s leader, Rosberg, would report whatever they wished to king Christopher.

 And while there wouldn’t be any doubts about the validity of their doubts so long as Rosberg would return alive, there was a bit of an issue in that regard.

【”…  Sorry, Rosberg.  Maybe I went too far.”】

The source of Kurats’ apology could be traced back to shortly after the retreat of the Asgardian general, Gunther.

 In the course of the battle, none of the Chaos magic riders had been a match to Rosberg.  

After venting his anger on them, he triumphantly paid a visit to Kurats.

【”So it wasn’t possible to defeat that man even with your intervention?”】

Rosberg spoke with a triumphant smile, like he was saying that he, at least, had retaliated.

 Kurats almost shouted at him to “Watch that look.”.

 During the fight, Kurats had been holding back in order to figure out what was Gunther’s trump card.  And even if not for that, he did not want to be told these words by some old man who would have died without his healing spells.

 But precisely because Rosberg was unconciously aware of all that, he doubled down on claiming his superiority over Kurats.

【”I saw what happened from a distance, physical attacks don’t work against him apparently. But fret not, this Gerlach here can do anything.”】

Rosberg had witnessed the moment the massive sword Warcry was rendered powerless after being thrown by Kurats.

 When he used his magic sword Gerlach, Rosberg was able to feel its magic in action.  This meant whatever magic formation Gunther was using, it was meant to nullify physical attacks.

 And if that was the case, then he figured he would beat him the next time.  No, he now believed he was the only one who could beat Gunther.  It was no wonder why he was feeling so enthusiastic.

 However, Kurats was also naturally not going to accept that.

【”Don’t get cocky, old man.”】

【”Oh, feeling hurt, are you?  What’s the matter?  It’s just Gunther, you know?  Defeating him isn’t that big a deal.”】

After saying so, Rosberg added a small whisper that could barely be heard.

【”Finq, old man!  Let’s make it clear who’s the strongest, right here, right now!”】


【”Fine, old man!  Let’s make it clear who’s the strongest, right here, right now!”】

【”You’re on! That’s what I wanted to hear!”】

【”If I win, I’m taking that pendant from your neck!”】


Rosberg was visibly flustered.  

He grabbed the locket on his chest with fanatic zeal and pleaded with watering eyes.

【”A, anything but this….!  This is my lovely memory of her highness Lunaria!”】

【”Don’t call a naked child your memory!”】

【”What’s wrong with using beautiful words for beautiful things?!  What’s wrong with trying to perserve princess Lunaria’s most lovely moment for eternity?!”】

【”Everything! Everything is wrong with that!”】

(5 years old, she was 5 years old!  How was that the most lovely moment in her life?  Also, there’s no way I’m allowing anyone to have a naked miniature of my wife!)

【”I said I wouldn’t tell Lunaria about it, I never said I wouldn’t confiscate it from you.”】

【”If that’s how it is, you’ll have to go through this Gerlach to take it!”】

【”Well said!”】

Upon witnessing this, all the people around them fell into a panic.

 There was no knowing how much collateral damage would occur if those two inhuman fighters were to face each-other.

 More importantly, if the two warriors supporting Jormungand were to crush each-other, the whole kingdom would be in jeopardy.

【”W- wait! Please calm down… What’s the use of fighting between allies?!”】

【”I won’t give it away… I won’t give away my life’s treasure!”】

【”――Nevermind, please destroy this pervet.  Have no mercy.”】

Following that merciless request, the face-off between the two inhuman fighters began.

【”Run!  Forget the rest, just get away from them!”】

【”Do not desert the wounded!  Be careful of the lightning coming from Gerlach!  We’ll get turned into charcoal if it touches us!”】

The surrounding soldiers scattered all over the place.  In a way, no one knew the power of their superiors better than them.

【”…This is no joke, is it?”】

【”If we take a serious hit from master, we’re going to get turned into dust, aren’t we? “】

【”Let’s run away, too!”】

Triestella and the other Nosferatus were no exceptions.  As higher-class monsters, they had extraordinarily high defense, but even for them the offensive power of Kurats and Rosberg was overwhelming.

 Though Triestella quickly escaped along with her subordinates, they still got caught by the echoes of the battle before they could take enough distance.

【”――Spiral Thunder Spear!”】

【”Crush him, Warcry!”】

Using the lighting magic enchantment on Gerlach, Rosberg was able to intercept Kurats’ Warcry head-on.

 Multiple shockwaves intersected, the ground beneath them split, and Triestella and the others fell victim to a downpour of debris.

 No, downpour was a light term.

 The stones and debris blown away by the rising storm were like deadly weapons falling from the sky.



Blasts of wind mercilessly blew away the pitiful people who were runing about trying to escape while barely managing to protect themselves.

Then, a web of lighting was released from Gerlach and traveled through the gaps within the shockwaves to attack Kurats.


Since it was made from Scarlet adamant, Warcry could not only store and amplify magic power, it was also able to reduce it.  The lighting magic that seemed like it would burn Kurats down was instantly offset by Warcry.

【”W-what?  What is this sword?”】

Rosberg, who believed Warcry was all bulk just like its owner, was astonished.

 Even magic tools made of the finest mithril did not have the effect of reducing magic power.

 Only scarlet adamant had such an effect, but that mineral was not yet known in this world.

【”An opening!”】

Rosberg had been taken aback for a moment, but that gap was going to come at a heavy price.

 Rosberg was actually close in strength to Kurats, but that was precisely why a single, momentary gap could have an enormous effect.

 As he swung his sword at Warcry, Rosberg lost his balance.

【”Owoooooooooooooooh! I can’t lose!  I cannot lose!  For the sake of love, a man can stand through anything!”】

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