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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 131

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Note: This is the second chapter of the double release. Please check out Chapter 130 if you haven’t yet.

Chapter 131

Gunther’s thoughts were not unlike Skuld’s a few days earlier.

 The Farenheit rider was much larger than the Chaos riders on top of having a higher magic output.  The fact it would be overpowered from the very start was something Gunther had not even considered.

 Such a feat should have been impossible for a human being.  On that subject, Gunther genuinely wanted to put in question the fact that Kurats was a human being.

 Even when compared to Adelheid, Farenheit had a higher output from both its arms and legs since the former was more focused on speed.

 And yet, at the end of the day, Farenheit was being overpowered regardless.

(Seriously, give me a break…  But, well, lamenting about it will get me nowhere!)

On the other side of the fight, Kurats was getting somewhat impatient seeing as Gunther had yet to use the trump card previously mentioned by Rosberg.

『This is happening because you haven’t been able to corner him at all.』

【”――I know, damn it!  Geez!”】

In short, Gunther was still in a comfortable enough state that he did not need to pull out his trump card.

 Kurats was a meathead at his core.  Cornering his opponents mentally while holding back from killing them was not a stance he was good at.

【”――Whatever, it won’t matter if I break his machine a little at this point.”】

Just when Kurats was about to give up on trying to figure out what the trump card was, Gunther fired bullets from a device built within Franheit’s waist.

 At the same time, Gunther swung his sword down with all his strength, right towards Kurats.

 This was a simultaneous saturation attack designed to overwhelm the opponent’s senses.  Skuld had used a similar attack once before.

【”Oh come on, now you’re just looking down on me…”】

Only about four bullets were in range to hit Kurats directly.  That being said, this attack had already failed to work in the fight against Skuld.  It was not going to work now.

『No!  Do not touch them!』


By the time Kurats’ confused exclamation came out, it was too late.  The bullets that Kurats tried to knock away burst at the moment of impact.


A strong, skin-melting acid and a seemingly poisonous red liquid fell on Kurats’ body.

 Adding to that, Gunther followed up with a barrage of attacks on Kurats, in an attempt to put a definite end to the fight.

【”Damn it!  Don’t take me lightly!”】

The acid Gunther was supposed to melt the skin all the way to the bones.  He was disappointed to see it had failed to work properly on Kurats’ muscles.

 Even still, he had successfully inflicted some burns upon Kurats’ skin.

 As for the red liquid, it was made out of a paralytic toxin that could instantly bring down an elephant.

Clearly, it was not going to take long before Kurats would find himslef in a disadvantageous position.

 At this point, all that was left for Gunther to do was to keep attacking with everything he had in order to prevent Kurats from using a detoxifying spell.

『I cannot believe you let yourself get caught by such an obvious stratagem!』

【”Like you’re one to talk!  You didn’t notice it either until the last moment.”】

Since Rosberg and Skuld were both obsessed with the sword, Kurats had been underthe misapprehension that Gunther was the same type of warrior.

 In reality however, Gunther was the type to do whatever it would take in order to win.

 And that was actually the natural choice to make on a battlefield where life and death were hanging on the line.

 Kurats, on the other hand, had been fighting uncharacteristically earnestly.  He had been making the mistake of fighting like a knight instead of sticking to his own overwhelming style.

 That being said, Kurats’ mistake took nothing from Gunther’s own fighting skills.

 Kurats had never before faced an opponent who was that devoted to winning.

 On the one hand, Gunther was unleashing all his martial skills, weaving them in a blend of attacks, and on the other hand, he kept shooting bullets out of his rider, therefore preventing Kurats from using his spells.

 Although Kurats had barely managed to use a healing spell that did not require an incantaion, the toxin was more potent than he thought.

『The poison is too strong to deoxify at the moment.  It seems you’ll need to use an advanced spell…』

Bernst grumbled.  He was recalling that, on top of being bad at using magic in general, Kurats was particularly bad at using healing spells.

(――I might be able to kiil him.)

Such thoughts started rising to Gunther’s head when he saw Kurats’ paling complexion.

 Though he knew some would claim his methods were cowardly, he felt Kurats was the one in the wrong for failing to see this coming.

 In a battle, the winner was always the strongest.  The winner was always right.

【”My apologies, but I’m gonna have to ask you to die here.”】

【”Sorry, not gonna happen, I know a certain someone who’ll be real pissed off if I die here.”】

『You bet I will!  I cannot believe you are struggling against such a small fry!  You miserable man, you’re putting the magic king’s name to shame!』

Though he was feeling a painful numbness traveling up from the tip of his fingertips, Kurats’ mind was actually clear.

 That was because he had rid himself of the useless thought of making Gunther reveal his trump card.  His goal was clear now: defeat his enemy.

 Gunther was sensitive to that change of aura within Kurats.

【”What’s with you?  What good will that body of yours do at this point..”】

【”You need to wake up and see you’re the only one who’s being careless here.”】

Now that he was no longer feeling the necessity of holding back, Kurats punched Farenheit’s sword away with all his might.

【”Could it be…  you were holding back earlier?”】

Suddenly, Farenheit’s sword bounced back, prompting the shoulder of the arm that was holding it to screech from the tremendous pressure.

 The only reason the rider hadn’t let go of the sword was likely Gunther’s own extraordinary talent.

 It was at this moment Gunther realized he had a fundamentally mistaken understanding of the man called Kurats.


Kurats had to settle this battle before the toxins could paralyze his whole body.

 With that goal in mind, he was no longer conscerned with what Gunther’s trump card could be.

 He had decided to go for a straightforward onsluahgt.  And this time around, Gunther was solely defending.

【”……  Wha-?  Damn it!  To hell with this absurd strength!”】

Though they could not be more raw and unpolished, Kurats’ attacks carried terrible speed and power.

 This was no longer in the realm of being referred to as absurd strength.

 Gunther felt like he was facing an actual heap of iron lumps.

 If he tried to clash swords head-on, he knew his arm would be blown away or his sword would be broken.

 It was only through his mastery of the sword that he was able to barely fend off the attacks, though not upfront.


However, the Farenheit rider’s body was massive.  There was no avoiding Kurats’ barrage of punch-powered shockwaves.

 From inside the cockpit, Gunther was feeling the impacts that were akin to stones being thrown repeatedly at him.

【”The shockwaves from his bare hand can dent Farenheit’s armor? …  Is this a joke?”】

Kurats was holding his sword warcry with one hand and sending the barrage of punches with the other.

 It was impossible for Guther to block every single one of those attacks.

 In addition to him feeling the impact of the many blows, he could see on the cockpit’s screen that some of the pipes connected to the magic reactor had taken hits.

【”This…  is not good.”】

The way things were going, the Farenheit rider was eventually going to malfunction and be destroyed by Kurats.

 ――Maybe it was about time for Gunther to reveal his trump card.

Without any hesitaiton, Gunther switched his goal from killing Kurats to preserving his Farenheit rider.

 However, he did not reveal any hint of that change of mind on the surface.

 Choosing to escape carelessly would be his one way ticket to taking a fatal hit.  Therefore, he patiently waited for the right moment to try his luck.

Oil was leakign all over from Farenheit’s body, and white sparks of magic lights were flying off from its power pipes.

 Clearly, the machine was about to reach its working limits.

 The reason it was barely keeping up with the battle, aside from Gunther’s own skill, was the fact that Farenheit was more durable than Adelheid.

【”We’re close to the end!”】

Although he was clearly not feeling his fists anymore, the power of Kurats’ grip was not weakenning in the slightest.

 Thinking about it normally, that was simply impossible.

 Was this perhaps because Kurats’ muscles were independent from his cerebral nervous system?

 Guntherlaughed at his own foolish guess.

(Alright, it’s time…  It’s now or never!)

Evidently, with the next attack, Kurats was intending to put an end to the fight.

 He, too, was being considerably cornered.  If that wasn’t the case, there would be no need for him to hasten this duel.

 In his attempt to end the duel, Kurats managed to land a direct blow with Warcry, using all of his superhuman strength.

 But Gunther only found himself flying backwards.

 Had he taken the hit normally, his rider would have been smashed and broken on the spot.  However, by using the attack’s power to send himself flying back, he had, on the contrary, turned Kurats’ strength into his own weapon.

【”You’re not escaping anywhere!”】

As Farenheit flew several hundred meters away, Kurats threw his Warcry sword at it with all his strength.

 Even though Gunther had taken quite some distance, Kurats figured it wouldn’t be possible for him to avoid Warycry from mid-air.

Gunther had no choice but to keep his back fully exposed to Warcry’s attack, without any possible attempt to dodge.

 Meanwhile, Warcry was soaring through the sky, going straight like an arrow, ready to pierce Farenheit.

 There was nothing to be done anymore.  No matter what kind of spell Gunther used, the attack from Warcry, amplified by Kurats’ magic power, should have been impossible to defend against.

 This hit was definitely going to land.

 Kurats’ eyes could already picture his magic sword cracshing against Farenheit’s back.

 ――At that moment.

 Like it had been simply holding in suspension in the air from the start, the magic sword Warcry listlessly fell to the ground.

 The attack hadn’t been blocked by a barrier or repelled by a shock.  It felt as if the very act of it attacking had been cacelled.

【”――Was that…  the trump card?”】

Kurats did not understand what had just happened.

 All he knew was that, for the time being, the damage he had dealt had been rendered void and he was not going to be able to pursue Gunther any further without first neutralizing the toxins on himself.

【”Farewell.  I will prepare myself to defeat you the next time we meet.”】

【”That’s not gonna happen so just tell me how you did this!”】

【”Don’t be absurd.  That is a national secret of the highest level.”】

As expected, Kurats had managed to witness the enemy’s trump card.  But overwhelming that trump card was going to be a whole other story. 

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