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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 129

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Obligatory “This is a short chapter becase the next one is long”. Author likes these small ‘set-up’ chapters before big fights, I guess. I was going to fuse it with the next to add some length, but the next is way too long and I don’t want to ruin the pace.

Anyway, here’s the chapter, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 129

After he took on multiple surprise attacks, it took almost two hours for Rosberg to mentally recover.

Truly a waste of everyone’s time.

【”Will you really keep this a secret from princess Lunaria?”】
【”I’ll keep my promise, so tell me about that Gunther already.”】
【”O-oh… Right.”】

As he said so, Robserg frowned and closed his eyes like he was recalling something bitter.

【”――I don’t think my sword skills are inferior to his. But that Fareinheit is trouble. The mobility, attack, and defense of that rider are something that a body of flesh and blood can’t compare to.”】
【”I’ve dealt with Skuld’s Adelheid; I’m well aware.”】
【”A device that can move continously all the while allowing a top-notch warrior to display that kind of power is a very real threat. But that alone I would have been able to handle…”】
【”Figures. Even I felt my body could surpass it.”】

After all, there was a limit to how accurately the riders could display the  fighting techniques of the drivers inside.

Especially when it came to outstanding swordsmen like Skuld and Gunther.

The riders’ processing speed was not sufficient to match them.

Of course, their personal riders were equiped with better weapons than the rest to make up for the difference, but that was not very effective against an elite like Rosberg.

【”…I see. Your highness Skuld, I’d like to ask you; do you know of a technique that can completely block magic power?”】
【”Not in my Adelheid. Adelheid was made for physical combat.”】
【”――That technique you described, is it the reason you lost?”】

Kurats turned to Rosberg with eyes that perceived danger.

He had been shown the magic sword Gerlach’s power once before.

Each slash of it carried a magic power  of high density that could match a tactical spell.

It was not some flimsy magic sword that could be dealt with by some lowly defensive spell.

Only a mage like Bernst, who was completely outside the realm of common sense, would be able to completely cut if off.

At the very least, Kurats knew that with his still clumsy handle of magic, he did not have the ability to completely block a blow from Gerlach.

Then again, he could still think of many methods to overcome Gerlach and defeat Rosberg.

【”I can’t quite tell. My sword might not have been exactly nullified. When I brought down the sword, it only felt like I was not getting any feedback from it. GUnther used that chance to strike me down.”】

When he thought about it now, Rosberg did not feel like Farenheit had neutralized all his attacks, despite the magic light that had been flowing through it.

The fact Gunther had not pursued the seriously injured Rosberg was likely proof enough that Farenheit had not come out of the battle unscathed.

Precisely because Rosberg was an elite warrior, a situation where he felt no feedback from his sword was an even bigger deal than for others.

Gunther could not possibly have overlooked that and stopped at one blow.

【”No feedback, huh…”】

Kurats thought it was more likely that Rosberg had been affected by an illusion, but again, would a seasoned fighter like Rosberg fail to see through an illusion?

【”―― As I thought, I won’t have answers until I see this for my own eyes.”】
【”You’re leaving?”】
【”Yeah, but you can stay here and keep resting forever if you want, no worries.”】

Kurats spoke with an impish smile, prompting Rosberg to give a daring smile in response all the while stretching the stubble that had grown on his face while he had been stuck in bed.

【”The man with superhuman strength, Kurats, the mad princess, Skuld, and the kingdom’s sword, Rosberg. That’s one hell of a lineup. Rather, I’m feeling sympathy for Asgard’s soldiers.”】

This exchange between the two allies was something that Gunther had no way of knowing.

【”Are the repairs on Farenheit done yet?”】
【”This is the enemy’s territory so the environment is not well-adapted for proper maintenance… Adding to that, the number of technicians who can properly work on Farenheit is limited in the first place.”】
【”――Is that the fate of those with special machines?”】

Gunther let out a sigh and instinctively stroked a melted part of his beloved machine’s armor.

Had this been a Chaos rider, there would be plenty of techniciancs capable of working on it.

After all, the Chaos rider model had been redesigned and adapted for mass production.

But that did not apply when it came to special riders like Farenheit and Adelheid

These machines needed technicians who could also be trusted not to leak any information about them, all the while being skilled enough to work on them. Only a handful of technicians could match those criteria.

And that was only natural. After all, these riders were equipped with important secret technology with the potential to change the face of the world.

Though perhaps there would come a day when Farenheit riders would be mass-produced in the future, that did nothing to fix the problem at hand in the present

【”――I know it’s asking for too much, but you have to work faster. I have a bad feeling about this.”】
【”A premonition from the commander? Then we must be really heading towards troubled times…”】

Having a sixth sense was an essential attainement for a first-class warrior.

No dull or dense person would ever succeed as a commander in combat.

That was because every battle, without exception, was but an accumulation of unpredictable coincidences and absurdities.

【”―― I shall do my best to quicken the process.”】
【”I am counting on you. This work is a battlefield of your own, one beyond my reach. But, of course, I am very aware of the necessary rewards and punishments of this domain.”】
【”I shall be looking forward to that.”】

Taking the enemy’s heads on the battleground was not the only way to fight.

The technical officer was relived to know Gunther intended to give such a fair evaluation of his work.

A few hours later, he would also find out that Gunther’s premonition had been correct.

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