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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 128

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Chapter 128

It could take three to four days for an army corps to march from Strasbourg to Kozun, where Asgard’s first army was currently located.

 That was accounting for the time necessary to take care of a large army,  from preparing accommodations to cooking their meals.

 However, Kurats and Skuld were marching with a force of very few fighters, all of whom were Nosferatus.

 They could have gotten in Kozun within a day if they cut on sleep, but they still took some time ro rest, just in case.

 The next morning, before sunrise, Kurats’ corps reached the village of Misul.  It was about 10 kilometers (6 miles) away from Kozun.

【”Uh…  My back…”】

Everyone, save for Kurats, was clearly feeling tired.

 That was especially true for Skuld, who was still recovering from the night before.

 She would frequently groan on the way, holding her hips while feeling an acute and dull pain.

【”We still have some way to go before we get there, don’t we?  We’ll be the ones servicing master until we get there.”】

【”You’re only acting this way because you’re a bunch of Nosferatus!  I cannot absorb energy, it’s not fair!”】

Though Triestella and the other Nosferatus were clashing with Kurats’ new woman, his focus was elsewhere.  He could feel the turbulent atmosphere surrounding Misul.

【”This feeling…  Does this mean Rosberg is still here?”】

Though Robserg was believed to have retreated to the capital after being defeated by Gunther, Kurats was able to preceive his strong persence as a warrior.

There were only a few soldiers staying in this village. Through his perception, Kurats felt there were likely less than a hundred of them.

 The enemy’s forces were stationed just10 kilometers away from here.  Kurats could think of only one scenario that would justify Rosberg having to stay in this place.

【”――Who goes there!”】

A sentry noticed Kurats’ corps approaching, and promptly asked for their identities.

 At the very same time, other soldiers in the village instantly lined up in a square formation, crowding together like they were protecting their very own homes.

 One look at their splendid coordination was enough to tell how serious their commander had been with their training.

【”I’m the count of Bashtar.  How’s Rosberg doing?”】

【”OOH! The lord of Bashtar personally came here…This is a blessing from the heavens above!”】

The soldier clung to Kurats like he would crumble down otherwise.

【”Please do something, lord!  The healers from the mage order escaped ahead and there is no one else to take care of his excellency Rosberg’s treatment!”】

【”――Looks like the regular mages of the mage order aren’t much different from their top brass.  Makes you worry about Jormungand’s future.”】

Kurats felt he could picture the scene that had unfolded here.

 A bunch of mages feeling like they were chosen beings had made themselves the priority due to the influence of their self-centered leader, Mordred.

 They were nothing like the royal guards under Rosberg, who were ready to fight to the bitter end and to give their life for the kingdom.  

Then again, it was foolish to even compare them.

【”――Show me the way.  I can’t let Lunaria’s martial master lose his life now, can I?”】

Rosberg was staying in what was originally the house of the village’s mayor.

 He had established a temporary camp in the floor space around the house, which was quite well-built and large for a village of just above 200 hundred people.

【”He’s over here.”】

The soldier guiding Kurats opened the dimly lit, window-less bedroom’s door.

 Rosberg understood who was there the second he saw the absurdly large silhouette approaching.

【”――I must be a terrible sight to see.”】

【”No, rather, I think you did well to survive until now. You’d have been better off dealing with clever enemies than with stupid allies.”】

If loyal subjects like Rosberg lost their lives, there would be no one left to keep fools like Modred in check.

 Even though the very act of breathing was painful to him at the moment, Rosberg slowly got up.

 His shallow breaths and wax-like pale face made him look like the very picture of a dying man.

 A young boy, who appeared to be a squire, tried to make him lie back down, but Rosberg stubbornly refused to entertain his concerns.

 This way his very own way of not conceding in front of the count of Bashtar.

【”You lost too much blood.  E.N.E.R.G.Y  C.H.A.R.G.E“】

Seeing as a blood shortage and a lack of stamina due to the deadly battle were the main issues at hand, Kurats used a spell that would restore Rosberg’s stamina from the ground-up.

【”Wow! My body feels light already…!”】

Rosberg’s skin, which has been as pale as wax until now, gradually returned to a healthier, reddish color.

【”H.I.G.H  H.E.A.L.I.N.G“】

A blue light appeared on the palm of Kurats’ hands, and the serious injury that had even damaged Rosberg’s internal organs healed in a matter of seconds.

 Rosberg could not conceal his shock.

 The healing magic that he knew was something that could only stitch back an open wound or comfort the body to improve its natural recovery.

【”Seriously――You’re as unbelievable as ever.”】

Rosberg, who had both recovered from his injuries and regained his stamina, shrugged his shoulders with an exasperated voice.  His body had returned to the same state it had been before his fight with Gunther.

 Now that his energy and strength were back, he was also able to perceive the presence of a powerful warrior whom he had failed to notice until now.

【”Sir Bashtar… The lady behind you, could she be…”】

Rosberg swallowed his spit, unable to find the words to finish his question.

 He could not think of any reason why this person would be here.

【”Oh, you mean Skuld?”】

【”Why is the mad princess with you? Could this mean you’ve betrayed us, too?”】

Had that been the case, Kurats would not have healed Rosberg, but Rosberg was too confused to think that far.

 Even the marquis of Strasbourg, one of the nation’s most influential people, had turned into a traitor.

 Rsoberg could not claim there was no chance of that happening again with Kurats.

【”After I beat her, she started crying, saying she didn’t want to die, so I made her my woman.”】

【”That description is going to bit too much, isn’t it? Not that I’m claiming it’s wrong.”】(Skuld)


【”Get over here, you bastard!!!!”】

【”Damn it, I forgot he’s a Lunaria fanatic.”】

From what Kurats had heard, back when king Christopher officially announced Lunaria’s betrothal to Kurats, Rosberg had kept drinking until morning, sending a few dozen of his people to the hospital in the process.

 Even though she was his favorite pupil, Rosberg’s obsession with Lunaria was still abnormal.

【”How could you! You already have princess Lunaria, and yet, even though you haven’t gotten married yet, you reached your hand to the woman of an enemy nation! You deserve a definite death sentence!”】

Seeing as Rosberg was childishly starting to take out his magic sword, Kurats shouted a string of forbidden words, revealing what should have never been known.

【”I’ll tell Lunaria that you have a miniature painting of her five-years-old self that you carefully hide with you! I’ll tell her it’s a naked picture, too!”】

Rosberg was petrified on the spot. There was a look of despair on his face.

【”T-that’s my biggest secret, how did you…?”】

【”The locket on your chest’s been open since since I came here. Honestly, I was wondering when to point it out.”】

Rosberg had apparently never let go of his locket during the deadly fight against Gunther, even on the verge of death. He seemed to have a fearsome attachment to it.

 By gripping it too strongly in the fight, he had broken its latch, therefore fully revealing the beloved contents he had been secretly keeping inside.

【”This is my, the kingdom’s sword Rosberg’s, greatest failure――!”】

【”I wonder, what Lunaria will think if she hears about this?  Her age is what it is, but, I mean, she’s naked, too?”】

【”Uh, I…”】

【”He’s right――Gross!”】


【”――Stay away!”】

【”Abela, not you too!”】


【”That’s not it! This is completely different from such carnal feelings! This is pure love for a supreme being that must be protected! This is a representation of pious adoration, agape!”】

【”――Shut up, pervert.”】

【”God is deaaaaaaaad!!!”】

【”Sorry, I can’t sympathize with you at all. Do me a favor and stay away from Lunaria for a while, will you?”】

【”Are you trying to kill me?!”】

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