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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 126

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Chapter 126

And so came the time of Kurats’ departure

An unbelievably docile Felbell was seeing him off from the terrace like she was reluctant to part with him, prompting Frigga to cast a suspicious gaze upon him.

 ――It was probably only a matter of time before Kurats’ actions would be exposed.

 He felt cold sweat running down his temple.

【”Are you okay, sir Kurats? You look unwell.”】

【”S-sorry, princess Skuld, but could you not stay too close to me until we’re far away from the castle?”】

He had been feeling the pressure of Frigga’s eyes for a while now.

 And it was painful.

 If looks could kill, he would have been dead by now

【”Well then, I’ll be counting on you in my absence. I’ll beat Gunther and be right back.”】

【”One day…”】


【”…When you come back, please save a whole day just for me.”】

This seemed to be the minimum compromise Frigga would settle for.

 She apparently had a vague idea of Kurats’ relationship with Felbell and Skuld, but there was no helping what had already happened.

 Besides, she considered it was unavoidable that the number of women around him would increase.

 The Asgard empire was famed as the strongest country in the continent.

  Defeating their second and fourth army was a feat easily worthy of a king.

 If he could bring down Asgard as a whole, save for the monsters, there would no longer be any country in the world that could oppose him.

 At that point, Kurats’ importance would rise even above that of a king. 

 It was obvious women would gather around him like in a king’s inner palace.

 And if that was bound to happen, then Frigga fully intended to monopolize some of his limited time.

Seeing through Frigga’s innocent willfulness, Kurats could not help himself from pulling her into a tight embrace.


The two leopardesses, Felbell and Skuld, both had an angry reaction. There was no way they would give such a sweet atmosphere a pass.

【”…That does sound like fun, lord Kurats. I will also thoroughly enjoy our time together until Gunther is defeated.”】

【”That’s sly! Please give me love for a day, too…”】

While Felbell had failed to make Kurats dependent of her, she seemed to have become completely dependent on him.

 Both Skuld and herself were clearly looking at Kurats with enchanted eyes.

【”Mast—I mean, sir Kurats?”】

Frigga tried to object to the situation, but Kurats prevented her from talking any further.

【”Aaah, yes, I love you, Frigga.”】

After forcefully holding Frigga tighter so as to block her mouth and prevent her from questioning him further, Kurats left towards the strongest army of the Asgard empire, ready to face the force that had brought down even Rosberg.

Skuld’s plan to monopolize Kurats for herself as they marched towards the empire’s first army had been too naive.

 She tried to wait on him in his bed, but she had not even been able to hold on for one night. 

 By the end, she was left flat on her back like a broken puppet, completely exhausted.

 The Nosferatus, who were marching along them, had some harsh criticism for her after seeing her in that state.

【”――Did you think you could take care of master’s needs at this level? That was naive.”】

【”This domain is the natural specialty of Nosferatus, and yet even we cannot completely satisfy master’s appetite.”】

【”How could the likes of you hope to succeed when you weren’t even able to understand the knowledge your mother passed down to you?”】

【”Ah, aah, wow…”】

Skuld was in a daze as she watched Triestella and the other Nosferatus her wipe their stained bodies.

 Thanks to the Nosferatus’ words, Skuld was able to understand the meaning of what her mother used to say for the first time.

(Mother…  I really am your daughter…)

She now understood how her mother used to feel. 

As for her father, who was not strong like Kurats, he just might have gone through hell back then.

 Skuld smiled to herself while lying down in a half-trance, feeling truly delighted that Kurats was her partner.

◆  ◆  ◆

Gunther was looking closely at his burning-red magic rider.

 The fresh-looking cuts on the machine told the tale of the fearsome magic sword Gerlach.

 Had this been a Chaos rider instead of his personal Farenheit rider, Gunther would likely have been the losing party of that face-off.

 Although he had won against him, Rosberg was still a terrifying adversary.

【”Nevertheless, that was a regrettable display on my part. I was so close to finishing him off.”】

Even though Gunther had managed to seriously injure Rosberg, he felt regretful that he had let him return alive.

 Seriously injured or not, a man that skilled would definitely show power beyond his limits if his kingdom was to find itself in a crisis.

 There was no doubt he would soon try to return to the front-line despite his wounds.

(Perhaps I should have killed him even if that meant Farenheit would have been destroyed internally.)

He did not believe he would lose if they had another duel, but his precious Farenheit would definitely take some more damage.

As Gunther was having such thoughts, he received news of Skuld’s defeat. 

This was a few days after his fight with Rosberg.

Unsurprisingly, the defeat of his colleague gave him a shock.  

After all, she was someone worthy of competing with him for the seat of strongest in the empire.

【”Even that mad princess was… I better be careful, too…”】


Gunther swallowed his saliva.

He knew how important the outcome of the next battle would be.

 If both the first and the second army of the strongest country of the continent were to be brought down by a single hero, it would give rise to a dreadful era where no country whatsoever would be able to put up any opposition against Kurats.

【”…But I’m not like the mad princess.”】

Gunther laughed with quiet confidence.

 He did not believe he would lose even when it came to raw strength.

 His sword skills were in no way inferior to Rosberg’s.

 That was why Robserg had been left with no choice but to aim for a tie.

 The reality was that Robserg would likely not have been able to even retaliate if not for his magic sword, Gerlach.

 More importantly, Gunther had another trump card that Rosberg knew nothing about.

【”…I don’t believe that meathead will be able to resist forever.”】

Asgard was an advanced magic empire with technology that Jormungand could never imagine.

 They were not going to let a meathead like Kurats do as he liked indefinitely.

 This advantage had a limited effect on Rosberg, but Gunther believed it should prove to be more effective against Kurats.

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