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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 125

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Chapter 125

【”Aaaah~~Annoying, annoying, annoying!!”】

Felbell violently threw her shawl at the wall, feeling vexed.

 Kurats had been bold enough to declare that he would make her, an actual princess who had just lost all perspective of becoming queen anytime soon, into his woman.  This was as creepy as it was irritating.

 But what truly vexed Felbell was that he had made her feel flustered like some young maiden, only to admit he had been joking afterwards.

(Who do you think you’re calling your woman――!)

That being said, if Kurats did ask to get Felbell as a reward for his victory, Christopher would probably not refuse.

 The truth was that, while Albert was the one who had taken the blame for the rebellion, Felbell was not going to escape from the fate of being punished or incarcerated.

 After all, if she was deemed to be innocent now that Albert was dead, many nobles would set out to get their hands on Felbell, who was Lunaria’s only rival for the throne.

 And whoever would get his hands on her would simply become yet another Albert.

 After everything that had been done to bring back order to the Jormungand kingdom, Felbell would never make herself the main cause for it being split again.

 ――However, if Kurats was the one to take care her, that would be a whole other story.

 It had already been established that, if Lunaria became queen, Kurats would essentially became the kingdom’s highest authority.

 He had unparalleled power and charisma, and, more importantly, Lunaria was deeply in love with him.

 Even the people who worked for him were excellent.

 Clodette and Marika had already made their talents heard in other countries, let alone in the kingdom itself.

 Furthermore, with Kurats’ track record of crushing the empire’s invading forces, there were likely very few people who would openly antagonize him.

 However, if he had Felbell’s hand to top it all off, any opposition to him would become impossible.

 Rather than getting imprisoned and having to worry about the nobles from opposing factions, being given to Kurats was the better option. Though that would not fit with the nobles’ wishes.

 Even Christopher would certainly favor marrying Felbell to Kurats rather than having to punish his own daughter.

 Taking all this into account, Felbell realized that her belonging to Kurats was a much more likely scenario than she initially thought.

(It’s not like he did any harm to my late husband…)

Albert had brought his own downfall.  No one else was responsible.

 Felbell had already fulfilled her duty towards him by trying to give her life away along with his.

 That being the case, she no longer had any sense of duty or love for him.

However, she still felt reluctant to yield herself to Kurats.  Or rather, it was more accurate to say she felt too embarrassed to do it.

 It  would make her feel like she had completely forgotten her resolve to take her own life if she was to be given to another noble.

【”I refuse to let such a vexing man take the initiative!  You shall not take ME!  I shall take YOU!”】

Her new resolve was outrageously ambitious for something that was essentially impossible.

 Such a disproportionate expectation was usually what people usually referred to as a flag…

Felbell’s delusions were going wild as she walked around her room.

【”…Lunaria is more than beautiful enough, but I do not believe she knows how to effectively show her charm as a woman. As for that Frigga, she is a hotblooded meathead.”】

Those words, which would make both girls open their eyes wide with anger, were spoken without a single hint of reluctance by Felbell.

【”From back in the day, that girl has always lacked self-control. If she’s the standard for princesses in Lord Bashtar’s mind, he most likely does not think much of the status of princess at all!”】

That had to be why he had found it so easy to tell Felbell he wanted her for himself!

【”As expected, I will have to deal a heavy blow! The first move will be decisive!  As a married a woman, taking the initiative will be a breeze for me!”】

Felbell was unaware that she was steadily getting herself more and more excited.

 By nature, she was the type to depend on her man and make her man depend on her.

 She had a tendency towards codependency. And now that she had gone through the experience of thinking she was dead, that nature of hers was apparently being unleashed.

【”I shall make him yield to the appeal that Lunaria and Frigga do not have, the appeal of an adult woman!”】

Felbell clenched her fist, not realizing that her words were absurdly hopeless.

And so, after devising and polishing her strategy, Felbell took a gulp of saliva and stepped toward’s the bathhouse’s door, all the while tightly clasping a towel around herself.

 Kurats was behind this door.

Felbell’s whole body was boiling hot.  She was losing her courage, feeling numb from shyness.

 Intruding upon someone’s bath had been a common seduction method from times immemorial.

 Of course, that did not mean she had any intent to give herself easily.

 The last bargaining moment, on the verge between deciding to touch or not to touch the other party, had an important influence on determining who would have the initiative between a man and a  woman.

 Even though she had never used this kind of bargaining against Albert, Felbell intended to seriously put to practice the seduction technique she had heard from her maids in the past.

(Come on, Felbell! Brace yourself!)


She forcefully opened the door.

【”Excuse me, lord… Bashtar…?”】

Upon opening the door, the first thing Felbell saw saw Kurats, whose back was being washed by Skuld.  Skuld’s small exposed body was swaying behind him.

 But that was not the problem.

 The problem was that Kurats was facing the door, meaning Felbell’s eyes were confronted directly with his important part that was supposed to be hidden.

 Moreover, because the exposed Skuld was washing his back, his superb specimen was openly displaying his overflowing desire.

【”――Is this what I believe it is?  I know of Frankfurts, but I never knew know those cypress sticks could turn into holy swords.”】

The shock from the far too fiendish sight had Felbell slightly lose her tight grasp on her towel.


Realizing that she had just exposed her entire body to the bathhouse’s warm air, Felbell screamed as loud as vocal cords allowed her to.


【”C-calm down, Felbell!”】

Despite his words, Kurats’ eyes were nailed to Felbell as he spoke. Her slender body, her comparatively large bosom, and the shadow of her well-shaped secret area.

As she felt his gaze upon her, the chaos within Felbell grew ever further.

【”I saw it ! I saw it ! I …I saw a man in his birthday suit for the first time!”】

As one would expect, Kurats could not let those absurd words go, he had to interject.

【”What the hell were you doing with Albert if you never saw his body?! “】

【”It couldn’t be helped! He liked doing it while clothed!”】

【”Too much information! I didn’t want to know that!”】

The punch from hearing of yet another abnormal inclination gave Kurats’ reason a good shaking.

【”A-anyway, please turn that way!”】

That man, Albert, had likely been partaking in that play so as to hide himself.

Felbell turned around to pick up her towel, revealing her fascinating backside, which was swaying like pudding.


It was a magnificent peach.

 The lovely peach had a softness to it that differed from the well-trained and tense backsides of Lunaria and Frigga.

【”Aaaaah, did you see ? You saw me again, didn’t you ? You depraved man! After I asked you to look away!”】

When she heard Kurats’ excited roar, Felbell twisted her hips around in a panic, and tried to hide her back this time.

 Her reactions had a lovely appeal that one would be hard-pressed to refer to as that of an adult woman.

【”…Do not get in my way.”】

A chilling voice came from behind Kurats. Skuld’s wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself against his back.

 She then proceeded to twist his neck to turn his eyes away from Felbell.

 Despite his superhuman strength, even Kurats was powerless before this honey trap.

 Right now, she was only trying to wash Kurats’ back, still misrepresenting her parents’ soap play as something else. 

 But what she was actually doing was to press her ample bosom on Kurats, along with a large quantity of foam.

 Kurats could not help himself from letting out a groan as he felt the sensitive fruits sliding on his back.

(This is… THAT play!)

Rubbing a woman’s ample bosom with his own hands was good and all, but the feeling of skin gliding on skin was very special in its own way.

 All the while doing this, Skuld was glaring at Felbell like she was a hyena snatching her prey.

 Seeing this, Felbell, who had finally wrapped her towel back around her body, timidly asked a question.

【”This, hmmm, is this lord Bashtar’s hobby?”】

【”Like hell it is!”】

【”Right! Sir Kurats and I are simply going to enjoy washing the bathroom stool and bucket together, though I don’t quite understand why we are supposed to do so!”】

【”What the hell are you saying?!”】

(Or rather, what the hell did the archduke of Bewerstein teach his daughter?!  Also, his plays were way too manic!)

【”Oh my, it seems you are the worst…”】

Felbell was looking at Kurats like he was literal garbage, prompting him to shout his innocence.

【”This is a misunderstanding! I’m, hum, normal? Yeah, normal!”】

Kurats himself had mixed a question mark in his declaration, but that mistake was likely better off unnoticed.

 After a short pause, Felbell started recovering from the shock of being seen in her entirety by Kurats.

Thereupon, she remembered why she had come here.

 The situation was straying too far from her expectations.

 As an experienced woman, she thought she could overwhelm Kurats because she believed he was lacking in experience.

 However, unexpectedly, Kurats was already a veteran and a pervert.

 As a princess, could she accept to perform such perverted deeds as well?

 Though she was was embarrassed, Felbell could not contain her excitement.

(I did not mind Albert’s clothes play because I believed it was considered to be normal, but to ask a princess to take part in soap play is simply…! )

Although this was nothing but an extremely unintended misunderstanding from Kurats’ point of view, Felbell felt like she was at a point of no return.


 In truth, it would have been perfectly reasonable of her to step back, but the sight of Kurats’ holy sword had snatched that option away from her.


 Felbell swallowed her saliva once again as she looked at the increasingly hardening holy sword.

【”H-humph! You do not know what you are doing, do you?  If you want a man to enjoy himself, you have to do THIS!”】


After a last moment of hesitation, Felbell started fiddling with the holy sword.

 This time around, Skuld was the one feeling agitated.

【”My mother once told me that when a man goes inside the backside of a woman, his *** will grow twice to thrice larger!”】

【”Y-you mean to say it will be even bigger than this?”】

【”Fufufu… Moreover, if you *** and *** with your ***, the man will apparently turn into a beast!”】


 This sound came from Kurats, who loved to toy with his partners but hated to be toyed with.

 He could no longer endure the situation.  His patience had reached its limit.

【”You two! I can’t hold back anymore! “】

【”Fuaaaah !”】

【”L-lord Bashtar!  Please wait!  I was about to use my secret technique to…”】

【”That’s it!  I’m punishing you!!!”】

Of course, the two girls were powerless before Kurats’ limitless endurance, and offered no opposition.

 They were both helplessly swallowed by a stream of pleasure.

 Later, Kurats suddenly regained his sanity, only to be met with the cruel sight of the two women covered in the traces he had left upon their whole bodies.

 He scratched his head, troubled by the spectacle that even he was off-putting even to him.

【”…I can’t pass this one off as an accident, can I ?”】

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