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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 123

Hey everyone! Chapter 123 is here!

In case you didn’t know, I post on Mondays now, ’cause I’m usually busy on Sundays.

Anyway, here’s the chapter, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 123

【”Ugh… Just now… what was that?”】

【”As expected of the kingdom’s sword, I guess there is no finishing you without taking some damage…”】

The duel between Rosberg and Gunther gave rise to a scene of destruction akin to two natural disasters colliding with each other.

 The earth beneath their feet had turned to glass from high heat, there were large craters all over the place, and everything in between them, from plants to objects, had been destroyed.

 Neither their enemies nor their allies had been able to approach them, afraid of falling victim to friendly fire.

 Rosberg had been using his magic sword, Gerlach, while Gunther had been riding a magic rider called Farenheit, which had been made as a pair with Skuld’s Adelheid.

 When the two enemies crossed each other, literal lightning sparks would fly between them.

 This competitive struggle had been lasting for about 20 minutes.

 However, in their last exchange, for just a tenth of a second, Rosberg had felt his body’s movements completely stop.

 Even so, he had still chosen to release the full power of his magic sword.

 Although it had seemed from the sidelines that the two rivals had hit each, only Gunther’s Farenheit stood at the end.

Rosberg was seriously injured, but in exchange, Farenheit was forced to a halt.

 Rosberg’s narrow survival was due to Gunther prioritizing the preservation of his magic rider.

 Had the still unharmed Gunther decided to prioritize the duel, Rosberg would likely have had to forfeit his life.

【”Lord Rosberg! Please hang on!”】

Lying on the ground with his upper body soaking in his own blood, Rosberg was rescued by his trusted general, Courier.

【”I’ll be alright, sir Courier. Have the army fall back immediately.  I apologize, but I’ll have to leave the rest to you.”】

【”Roger! Please rest your body, lord Rosberg!”】

After their excellent commander left for medical treatment, Jormungand’s army started retreating in a somewhat orderly manner.

 It was impossible for Asgard’s forces to miss such an opportunity.

【”Chase after them!  Whoever brings Robserg’s head will get any reward they want!”】

【”Don’t let them get away!  Bite their asses!”】

While Gunther was taking the Farenheit magic rider back to a safe position, the rest of his forces boldly raised war cries, claiming they would take a bite out of Jormungand’s rear.

【”――Not so fast! I’m not letting a single one of you go through!”】

At that very moment, Courier had come right in front of the Asgard army, together with the 2000 men under his direct command.

【”What do you think you can do with 2000 men?!”】

【”That’s far more than enough to stall the likes of you!”】

Puffing his chest up with brazen pride, Courier fired a one-word-incantantion magic spell, along with all his men.

【” F.L.A.S.H “】

Although the power of the spell was nothing to write home about, its strength lied in the speed of casting characteristic of one-word magic.

 As a mage and a direct disciple of Rosberg, Courier was an extremely difficult opponent to face when he used one-word magic.

And so, while the momentary flashes of light were having their disorienting effect, the 2000 mage knights led by Courier jumped right into the enemy’s forces.

【” F.I.R.E  A.R.R.O.W “】

【” E.A.R.T.H   L.A.N.C.E”】

【” W.A.T.E.R  S.H.O.T”】

None of these men had enough magic power to cause anything their foes beyond a mere injury.

 However, because these men were able to use their weak magic along with their physical fighting styles, the already disoriented soldiers of Asgard’s army were instantly forced into a large melee.

 Courier’s goal was not to win anything, but to bring time for his allies to retreat.

 All he needed to do was to keep the current chaos going for some time.

 With that objective in mind, he had already accepted from the start that his men would be wiped out.

 After all, it was in such chaotic melee that the skilled mage knights would be able to shine despite their half-baked magic.

【”Do not stop! Focus on slicing the opponents in front of you!”】

Furthermore, it had to be mentioned that Courier himself was talented enough to earn Rosberg’s acknowledgment

Seeing as Gunther was temporarily unable to intervene, Asgard’s first army was unable to do anything but let themselves be dragged into mayhem, therefore allowing Jormungand’s forces to withdraw.

 ――Of course, not a single mage knight managed to leave that battlefield.

◆  ◆  ◆

【”You’re saying that that uncle lost?”】

Kurats was genuinely surprised when a messenger came to inform him that Rosbeerg had been defeated in a one-to-one fight.

 Kurats had a high esteem of Rosberg.

He believed he would be an even more formidable opponent than the mad princess Skuld in a serious fight with his magic sword.

The fact that Gunther had managed to defeat Robserg meant even Kurats likely had to be cautious of him.

【”So, how is he?”】

【”Although he’s been seriously injured, his life in not in danger. Moreover, 80% of our side’s forces have successfully withdrawn. However,  lord Rosberg believes he won’t be able to move for the next few months.”】

【”That’s gonna be a problem.”】

“But not too much of a problem either.” Added Kurats in a mutter.

From Kurats’ eyes, no commander in Jormungand was a match for Rosberg.

 Even the minister of war, Cellvis, was fundamentally just a politician from the military.  There were some people worth of note among the kingdom’s generals, but they were not all that powerful.

 Knowing all this, Kurats was able to guess what the messenger wanted to tell him.

【”――So, what do you want from me?”】

Kurats was a count of Bashtar, not a commander of the royal forces.

 His only order this time around had been to subdue the marquis of Strasbourg. He could not shift his army’s goal on his own accord.

【”The enemy has taken some damage, too. They’ve temporarily fallen back to reorganize their troops. General Rosberg wanted me to tell you he would like you to assess their losses and push them back if possible, lord Bashtar.”】

Apparently, Rosberg’s side had had the upper hand when it came to commanding troops, which led to them ultimately dealing significant damage upon the Asgardian army.

 However, would the empire’s men be able to launch yet another assault under their current state? Or were they in a position where they had to wait?

 There was no answer to those questions as of yet.

 Perhaps other people could take of the reconnaissance job in Kurats’ stead, but no one else would be able to take on the role of pushing back the enemies.

 Although this was not an order form the king, Rosberg had the right to make a decision of this level as the person with the highest authority on site.

【”Very well.  I’ll take the order.  But tell his majesty to take good care of Felbell and Skuld for me.”】

Looking at Kurats’ large body of over 6’7″ (2 meters) stand straight up, the messenger clearly felt pressured. He could feel the gaze from way up high looking down on him.

 Normally, no one could make a one-sided request towards the king.

 Moreover, Kurats was clearly imposing his will, going by the assumption that the request would be fulfilled without even having gotten an answer.

 Even so, the messenger did not feel like anything was out of place with Kurats’ words.

 The survival instincts inherent to all living beings left no room for him to ignore the words of the absolute powerhouse that was Kurats.

【”Absolutely, lord Bashtar. May the fortunes of war be with you.”】

【”Now then, I have to come up with some pretext for Felbell…”】

If Kurats took things step by step, it would probably not be difficult for him to get Skuld as a commander in his forces later. All he had to do was to let Skuld gain some achievements on her own. 

The problem was Felbell’s treatment.

Felbell was Albert’s wife, but she was still from a kingdom’s royal family. Moreover, apart from Lunaria, she was the only person with the right to succeed to the throne, meaning she still have very high political value.

 There was probably no end to the nobles who wanted her as their pawn.

 It was too dangerous to leave her in Strasbourg on her own.  Moreover, rather than people from Asgard, Kurats was even more concerned about what kind of methods the nobles on Jormungand’s own side would use against her.

【”――Frigga.  I’ll be leaving Felbell, McCain, and the other mercenaries here, so stand by until reinforcements come.”】

【”W-wait, please! If I stay here, what about that woman?”】

【”Skuld would just be a hindrance if I leave her here, don’t you think? I’ll bring her with me.”】

【”You can count on me!  I’ll be very useful by your side!  HAH!”】

【”You――!  Maste– I mean, lord Kurats! I would be more useful than this woman!”】

Frigga raised the corner of her eye in protest.

 She had a problem with letting a woman from the enemy’s side follow Kurats, but did not smell any lustful odor from her.

【”You want to let Skuld take care of Febell instead? You do realize how that would be a problem, right?!”】

【”Uhh… You’re right…”】

Skuld would be obedient by Kurats’ side, but if both he and Frigga left and let Skuld stay in the camp instead, there would be no one to keep her in check.

 More importantly, she had been an enemy general just a few days prior.

 Entrusting her with Felbell was completely out of the question.

 If she were to decide to rush to Asgard, all the trouble Jormungand had gone through so far would amount to naught.

【”Sorry, but I’ll be taking Triestella and her group along with me, too.  I’ll have to entrust just you with Felbell and the others.”】

【”I understand, I don’t like it but I understand…”】

【”And you can count on me by your side! HAH!”】

【”You’re just looking for a fight now, aren’t you?! Well you’re gonna get it!”】

【”Ladies…  please don’t take this too far…”】

Seeing as both women had pulled out their swords and were glaring at each other with sparks flying between them, Kurats left them alone and escaped from the hall.

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