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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 122

Hey everyone! Chapter 122 is here!

I know, I know, I’m supposed to post on sundays, but I think from now on I’ll have to switch between sunday and monday until I stack up on chapters. Things have been a bit hectic at my company lately and my schedule is a mess. 

Anyway, here’s the chapter, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 122

【”Huh?  Who said I want to do anything to you?  Once the war is over, you can do what you want.  Maybe you can stay in Bashtar for a while.”】

【”What did you say?”】

Felbell couldn’t help but second guess what she had just heard.  Kurats’ reply was too shocking.

 Was this man not aware that she had opposed the kingdom?

【”Do you believe that father—his majesty would allow that?”】

【”Who do you think you’re talking to right now?”】

Kurats showed a ferocious smile, baring his teeth.

 Felbell cowered back in fear.  

The man’s intimidating aura had put her survival instincts on high alert, giving her a sense of impending doom.

 This was a feeling brought upon by Kurats’ might; an indication of his overwhelming nature.

【”I pushed back the empire’s fourth army in Lapland, and now I’ve even defeated Skuld’s second army. Obviously, I don’t plan to stop at just that. The same will happen to the first army. I’ll crush every enemy that gets in my way, and make Asgard yield with these hands.”】

Kurats’ most notorious title was “The hero of Bashtar”, but Felbell knew of another title he had been given.

“The one-man army” …But that title did not even fit anymore.  Having crushed Skuld, he could probably be considered to be the match of an entire nation’s power by now.

 Felbell turned her attention to Skuld, who was currently absorbed in looking at the arrogantly sneering Kurats from the side.

 If Skuld and Frigga were put under Kurats’ lead, then he could realistically conquer all of Asgard.

 Felbell suddenly felt chills attacking her.

 Her thoughts brought goosebumps all over her body.

 Knowing that Felbell had just reached the answer to his question on her own, Kurats’ smile turned into a grin.

【”Who do you think can go against me?  Do you think there is a force on this continent that can win against the man who can trample down all of Asgard on his own?”】

Even the kingdom’s pride, Rosberg, could never deal with the Asgard empire on his own.

 What this meant was that Kurats could not be restrained by force.

 Without Kurats, Jormungand would not have been able to go unharmed by Albert’s treason to begin with.  That betrayal would most definitely have been a fatal blow to the kingdom.

 If that same Kurats had a say about Felbell’s treatment, then it was near impossible for anyone to openly object.

 No one would volunteer to oppose an unbeatable opponent.

 While king Christopher had authority over him in form, not even he could actually force Kurats to do anything.

【”――What do you intend to do with all that power?”】

If he wanted to, this man could take over both Asgard and Jormungand.

Perhaps the one who was closest to taking over the world was Kurats, not Heimdall.

 Felbell’s sense of impending doom was only natural in a sense.

【”Let me think…  How about I use it to make you and Skuld into my women?”】

Suddenly, Kurats gave Skuld and Felbell a lustful gaze.



Both of their faces simultaneously turned crimson, like they were set ablaze.

 Skuld was the most affected. Her consciousness was flying in the clouds from the emotional overflow.

【”I’m just joking with you… Well, if the opportunity ever presents itself, who knows.”】

As Kurats calmly turned around and left the room, Felbell fell in a great fury; a mix of anger, embarrassment, uncertainty and even helplessness from failing to do anything about those emotions.

【”This is absolutely unforgivable!  I shall pay back this humiliation a hundred-fold!  Remember this!”】

If anyone who knew Kurats had heard this, they would have all had the exact same thought; “that’s a flag”.

◆  ◆  ◆

【”No!  Somebody save me!  I don’t want to die!!!!”】

A large crowd had gathered in one of the empire’s execution sites as they heard a noble was to be decapitated.

 The people were pointing their fingers and laughing at Albert, who was flailing his limbs and screaming without a care for his reputation.

【”If the Jormungand kingdom calls that a noble, then they’re really no big deal.”】

【”Does he not realize no one’s gonna help a guy who betrayed his country only to be completely crushed?”】

Albert received all manner of abuse, but he did not care.  With his face full of tears and mucus, he was desperately shaking his body to escape the executioner.

【”Release me! Let me go!!!”】

【”That’s enough! His majesty was kind enough to give you the choice to take your own life, and yet look at how pathetic you’re acting. If you’re really a noble, be reasonable and act like it!”】

【”I don’t care!  I am not supposed to die like this! There has to be some sort of mistake!”】

The executioner shook his head.  He was fed up by Albert’s refusal to face reality.

Did he not realize that he being given a last chance to preserve his honor?

In the end, the executioner gave up on letting Albert take his own life.  If he was not willing to see the situation for what it was, then there was no need to bother trying to save his honor.

If for him, there was no difference between being executed and taking his own life, then it was fine to just quietly kill him.

 Two executioners came to press down on both of Albert’s shoulders with their large arms.

 They were keeping him down on the decapitation stand, stopping his desperate struggle.

 Then, yet another executioner slowly approached while holding an axe.

 Albert screamed like he had gone mad.

 There was only one thing he could do at this point: Keep denying reality.

【”God almighty! Come wake me up from this nightmare! Quiiick!”】

【”You should be glad! From now on, you’ll be able to sleep all you want, without any nightmares to haunt you!”】

Albert’s thoughts on those words was to be a secret he would take with him to his eternal slumber.  

Then again, no one on site was eccentric enough to be all that interested in him after he died.

It was only four days later that Jormungand was informed that Albert had been decapitated, not as a noble but as a lowly criminal.

Upon hearing this report, it was said that Felbell did not even move an eyebrow. 

She took a single rose from a vase and threw it out of her window, into the night sky.

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