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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 120

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Chapter 120

【”Oh, wow, didn’t see that coming…”】

Her dress dyed in crimson, Febell was lying in a puddle of her own blood.

Kurats could not hide a feeling of rare bewilderment at this sight.

He could not think of a single person who had anything to gain out of Felbell’s death.

As for Albert, though Kurats initially thought he would definitely have taken her with him, he was nowhere to be seen.

【”….Did he run away?”】
【”Oh, you still have some breath in you? It definitely looks like he ran away. But from the way you said it, should I understand that your husband is the one who stabbed you?”】
【”This is my just deserts for having a terrible eye for men. Please tell my little sister she was the one who made the right choice in the end. Though that is none of my business I suppose.”】

Though this maybe had nothing to do with her dying self, somewhere in her mind, Felbell felt envious of her sister who seemed to have chosen her man well.

As she was now, Felbell would likely never choose Albert like she had that day.

But it was too late for regrets.

【”Sorry to disappoint, but Lunaria asked me not to let you die.”】
『Luckily, it looks like she’s only letting her mind wander. She won’t die just yet.』
(Just goes to show that guy is a total layman.)

In any case, it was great that he had managed to find her alive.

He could not begin to imagine the rain of insults that would befallen him if he had returned to Lunaria with the news of her sister being dead.

【”――I’ll leave my sister to you. She has a lot of pride, that one. I’m afraid she’s probably thinking of ending her life at this point.”】

This was the wish of his all important bride. There was no way around it.

【”I.N.S.T.A.N.T.A.N.E.O.U.S R.E.G.E.N.E.R.A.T.I.O.N”】

Whether they were on the verge of death due to a fatal wound or in a critical condition from sickness, Bernst could get anyone to make a full recovery through this spell.

It was only in such cases that Kurats could truly feel the value of magic. Unfortunately, while muscles could do many things, healing a person’s body was not one of them.

『AHAHAHAHA! Go on! Compliment this one’s glorious magic! With my power, even reviving the dead will eventually not be a far off dream! AHAHAHAHA!』
(You’re getting way too excited about this, old man…)

◆  ◆  ◆

【”I am Albert, marquis of Strasbourg! Please inform his majesty, emperor Heimdall, of my coming! “】

Nahalag, a border checkpoint about 50 kilometers away from the Strasbourg castle.

Having scurried away and escaped, Albert was now knocking on the door of the empire, seeking help.

In the end, he had only managed to take 10% of his castle’s riches.

Given the circumstances, he had not been able to take everything away at his own pace.

Many of his retainers had left through the numerous disasters brought by the fall of the castle in the first place, and, as one would expect, only a few of the ones left had actually been willing to work for Albert to the very end.

【”…Please wait for a while.”】
【”Thank you.”】

Albert had fallen so low that he now had to pay attention to his words when speaking to a mere soldier.

Humiliating as this was, there was no longer any place in the world for Albert apart from Asgard.

Looking behind him, only a few dozen retainers had followed him.

The wife to whom he had once vowed his present and future had died by his hands.

What was going to happen to him from now on?

His natural pride was barely shielding him from the anxiety in his heart.

(A man like me would never meet the end of his path in such a way!)

He had been on the verge of ruling over an entire country. Who was to say he could never rise again?

With Asgard’s support, there was still hope for him to turn the tables.

Still, Felbell’s adamant refusal to cooperate was a detestable turn of events.
Her bloodline and charming body would have been important assets in the negotiations to come.

【”I heard his majesty is extremely angry about this defeat. Please stay in front of the gate until a messenger returns from the capital.”】
【”――His majesty is angry, huh… It can’t be helped. Now then, where will I be staying?”】
【”Currently, the border is on a special emergency alert due to the defeat of the second army. My apologies but you will have to prepare a tent and stay there.”】
【”You want ME to sleep outdoors?!”】
【”Normally, I would want you to join our forces and participate in battle, but you are to wait here only because of his majesty’s words.”】

Albert was furious; the soldier’s words seemed to imply that all of this was happening because of his defeat.

【”The enemy was a man that even that Skuld was not able to defeat!”】

【”No matter the enemy, our duty is to resist until death. If his excellency the marquis of Strasbourg wishes to join us in battle, I will not stop you.”】

Fighting against that man was the same as setting oneself up for certain death.

Though he did not wish to admit it, Albert had no clue what kind of military power would be necessary to deal with Kurats.

He only had a vague hope that he would manage to deal with him somehow or another with Asgard’s cooperation.

Seeing as Albert had no answer to offer, the soldier put an end to the conversation with an emotionless expression.

【”If there is nothing else, we have preparations to make.”】

Just how far was Albert going to fall?

There was no trace of his past glory left. Even the commanding officer of some border checkpoint was looking down on him.

Albert was grinding his teeth at his own worthlessness, quietly sobbing.

It was only after seven days that a messenger sent by Heimdal came to Albert’s tent.

Considering how far the capital was from the checkpoint, it could not be said that he had taken too long to arrive. But for a messenger acting in a time of war, he had still been somewhat slow.

【”I have come to convey a message from his majesty to the marquis of Strasbourg. Please kindly receive it.”】
【”Sorry, what’s your name?”】

Noticing that the messenger was looking at him like he was a mere pebble on the side of a road, Albert made no effort to hide his offended expression.

【”The value of his majesty’s words has no relation to the one who conveys them… But exceptionally, I will answer My name is Pulse Mackensen. I am the new commander of the now reorganized fourth army.”】
【”I see, a commander. By all means, please proceed.”】
【”――Lord Strasbourg, what do you believe is your value?”】

While feeling some doubts as to why a genuine warrior such as Pulse would ask him such a question, Albert still confidently answered.

【”The Strasbourg family is a noble household with no equal in Jormungand. We have strong influence within the kingdom and there is no lack of loyalty from our people. Not to mention that I am very familiar with Jormungand’s geography; I could have many uses in the empire’s conquest of the kingdom.”】

Albert’s true thoughts were more along the lines of “I am the marquis of Strasbourg, that alone should be plenty enough political value.” but he barely managed to stop himself from voicing those thoughts.

Had this situation occurred before his recent defeat, he would have already had a fit a while ago.

【”Is that what you believe? His majesty does not concur. He believes you are utterly useless, not worth the trouble of using the empire’s support.
But I did try directly asking the enemy about your value, just in case. That is why this message is arriving so late.”】
【”I am… I am the head of the glorious Strasbourg family! How could I be useless!”】
【”A big declaration for one who has yet to prove to be useful in any way. In any case, I tried asking the lord of Bashtar what he would send to the empire in exchange for you. It’s been reported that general Skuld has been captured, so I thought it was worth a try to get her back. However…”】

For the first time since he had come here, Pulse laughed in amusement.

【”All he sent us was this one sword. He did not return a single one of our soldiers. And I would have done the same.”】

Though he did not know why, Albert instinctively felt like he had made an atrociously wrong decision. by coming here

【”Do you not understand the meaning of his response?”】

Why was this sword deemed to be worth as much as himself?

Was thing hinting at the fact that he had stabbed Felbell? Or did it perhaps mean he only had value as a soldier?

【”Are you really the princess’ husband? It seems that the lord of Bashtar, despite being born a commoner, has a much higher outlook than you do. In short, what he meant was that you are not worth the exchange; your only worth would lie in you taking responsibility for your defeat and sacrificing yourself.”】

Looking at this from another perspective, it meant there was no value in keeping Albert alive.

He had managed to escape with his life only to bring himself to his own death sentence.

【”P-please wait! I can’t die here! I can definitely be useful to the empire! Please spare my life!”】

At this moment, Albert vividly recalled the words Felbell had left him with before they were separated.

『It’s over. Stop this unsightly struggle.』


Albert screamed like a madman.

【”Sir Pulse, please mediate between me and his majesty Heimdall; I’ll hand him everything I own, I’ll do anything!”】
【”The best you can accomplish is to die a miserable death.”】

The once invincible Asgard empire had lost two consecutive battles. The only use Albert had left was to die as miserably as possible to take responsibility for those defeats.

【”Lord of Strasbourg, you had the right to choose your way of death, but you gave up on that opportunity. You are reaping what you yourself have sown.”】

Albert finally understood the true meaning of Felbell’s words.

He was still terrified of death nonetheless, but this fear was precisely what made him the best prey for a good spectacle.

A quiet and cold smile appeared on Pulse’s face.

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