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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 118

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Chapter 118

――The mad princess Skuld had lost.

That shocking news immediately came all the way to the Strasbourg castle.

「Ridiculous! How is that possible?!」

Bashtar had only brought a hundred people.

Wasn’t the Asgard empire supposed to be the continent’s strongest nation?

Had it been a fluke when they had easily defeated Leclerc’s army that even Albert’s own forces had struggled against?

Albert was utterly bewildered.

There was of course only a single truth.

Kurats was so powerful that not even Skuld could be his match.

But Albert would never admit that.

「 S-siege! Prepare for a siege! 」

As the soldiers started hurriedly preparing themselves for a siege, it did not take long for deserters to appear among them.

The first ones to bail out were the mercenaries who had been hired for the occasion.

After all, they had no duty to face an opponent that could brush aside the mightiest military power of the continent.

The worst part, however, was that they were not content with just running away.

After all, they were still mercenaries.

As they snuck away from Strasbourg, they also plundered the castle’s food and riches.

But that was only the mercenaries.

Those who had walked a road of glory as the retainers of this prestigious family of the Jormungand kingdom were highly loyal and united.

Had it not been for them, perhaps Strasbourg would have long fallen.

――That being said, it was already clear to everyone that Strasbourg could not win.

Though Albert still did not want to admit it, it was obvious that he stood no chance against Kurats, who had just defeated the empire’s second army, led be Skuld.

No matter how loyal Albert’s retainers were, they were not as decisive when it came to idea of dragging their families in their fate.

Albert had no choice but to watch as the civilian families escaped from the castle’s living quarters.

The number of people present heavily decreased overnight, leaving the castle in a quite lonely state.

【”This is just… What in the world is the empire doing? Jormungand will fall into that commoner’s hands at this rate!”】

If the Strasbourg territory was to be captured by Kurats, the only path the Asgard empire would be able to take to invade Jormungand would be the Lyon highway, which belonged to the duke of Normandy.

There were few highways and cities that could allow a large army to move.

This was why Albert believed that the strategic value of the Strasbourg territory would never decrease.

No, in truth, he kept this belief because it was the only thing keeping him from being crushed by fear.

【”The Bashtar army has started moving!”】

The day after the news of Skuld’s defeat broke out, Bashtar’s army turned its fangs to the Strasbourg castle, at last.

Their quiet and calm facade did not make them any less intimidating.

That was only natural coming from those who had defeated the mad princess’ forces.

【”We have to defeat him at any cost! If we can just defeat that man, it will change everything!”】

Feeling agitated, Albert kept rattling on and on.

But his orders were much too thoughtless.

Right now, there were a total of 100 Alphonse riders that had been quickly built and assembled in the Strasbourg castle.

Meanwhile, Skuld had had 40 of the many times more powerful Chaos riders in her army.

So even if the totality of the 100 riders sortied, it did not seem like they would stand any chance.

Especially since they had not gone through any specialized training.

At most, by taking advantage of their strong ramparts, they would be able to earn some time until reinforcements would arrive.

【” ――Your excellency, it’s dangerous to stay here. Please let us deal with the rest ourselves. “】
【” This is my last opportunity! I wouldn’t leave this to you even if I had a thousand necks to spare! “】

Benedict, whom Albert believed to be a cut above his other subordinates, had not even been able to defeat Leclerc.

To Albert, entrusting his destiny to the even less capable riffraff was unthinkable.

(――That man is coming to kill me!)

Albert felt closer to death than ever.

No, right now, he felt like Kurats was death itself.

Albert wanted to kill him no matter what.

But beyond even that, he did not want to die.

He was already trying to think of what he would do upon losing.

【”――Huh? They actually showed up?”】
【”Are these Strasbourg guys stupid? Or am I to believe they’re strong enough to treat Asgard like they’re nothing?”】
【”If they were that strong, they wouldn’t be meekly waiting for us.”】
【”Right. Must be tough being under a noble.”】

McClain and Bacson exchanged a look, feeling sympathy for the enemy’s soldiers.

Any person with a good head on their shoulders would never have ordered this sortie.

Clearly, whoever had imposed this on these soldiers had to be a fool who knew nothing of the battlefield.

As a mercenary, a disposable force, McClain had experienced such unreasonable orders many times. There was no way he would not relate.

However, he never felt the slightest bit like doing anything about this in his life.

For the sake of the next battle, and for the battle after that.

Mercenaries had to survive, to keep fighting.

He never forgot that, no matter how unreasonable the battlefield.

Both Kurats and Frigga could not hide their wry smiles as they witnessed this sortie.

【”Well, it’s not like he could have changed anything.”】
【”You can only say that because you’re you, master–– I mean, lord of Bashtar. But their straightened ramparts and magic defenses are actually quite good, don’t you think?”】

Had Strasbourg been dealing against normal infantrymen, they could have easily shut themselves behind their ramparts from anywhere between half a year to a full year.

However, before Kurats’ hands, this very expensive defense was no different than paper.

While Bashtar’s army was having such carefree thoughts, the Strasbourg army, in contrast, was going through dreadful sorrow.

【”Looks like I’m probably going to witness the death of my lineage… Damn it all…”】
【”Don’t give up! We only need to land one blow, to bring down one man, and the whole war will turn on its head!”】
【”…You know what? Let’s just hope for a miracle, and die in glory!”】

These men knew their own power.

They knew that the second army led by Skuld was more powerful than theirs.

In other words, they knew they had basically no chance of winning against Kurats.

Even so, they were still hoping for a fluke, a miracle.

A single miracle to defeat Kurats himself only.

With that one hope in their hearts, they stepped out.

As for Albert, who had claimed he could not entrust this to them, he was nowhere to be seen on the battlefield.


With a desperate roar, ready for death, the Strasbourg army started charging forward.

【”Well, I’ll salute their fighting spirits, at least.”】

All the enemies were focused on Kurats and Kurats only.

The decisive force that was the Alphonse riders corps rushed all at once at Kurats, forcing him into a half-siege.

The infantrymen were dedicated to holding Frigga and the others at bay, while the mage troops were casting support magic.

However, focusing the troops on Kurats and aiming for him alone was a terrible idea.

【”Mow them down, Warcry!”】

Kurats, a giant of a man, jumped in the air and brought down with him a flash that carried all his weight and spirit.

He violently slammed his Warcry sword against the ground.

Instantaneously, the very ground beneath the troops’ feet was torn apart.

That tear turned into a long corridor that swallowed the troops underground with the help of the ensuing shock wave.

【”R-ridiculous! With just one swing of his sword… He destroyed 40% of our army… ?”】

The biggest losses were seen among the infantrymen and mages who had been close to the shock wave.

To make matters worse, the shock wave went beyond the Strasbourg army’s ranks, mercilessly destroying parts of their ramparts and going even past them.

Upon witnessing this far too absurd power, the Strasbourg forces lost their spirits.

Nevertheless, more than a few warriors still decided to take it upon themselves to challenge Kurats in a hopeless face-off.

And all that despite their terrible leader… 

Then again, Albert had been a capable lord before all this happened.

And more importantly, their history as retainers to the Strasbourg family from generation to generation did not leave room for betrayal in their hearts.

【”――Aside from that Albert guy, I’ll be sure to remember all of your faces.”】

【”I have failed, please forgive my weakness…!”】

The senior retainers inside the alphonse riders fought hard.

Their coordination was admirable, and their skills made the cumulated fruits of their long training very clear to see.

【”…They’re wasted on that guy.”】

Frigga, who was watching from a distance, could not help herself from speaking in admiration of these few men.

After the senior retainers inside the Alphonse riders were defeated, abandoned by the fortunes of war, the Strasbourg army completely crumbled.

Some surrendered, some ran away, and some tried to betray their side.

There was no longer any of the order and structure that once made them an army.

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