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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 117

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Chapter 117

After she left her Adelheid rider to face off against Kurats with her own body, Skuld felt both scared and excited.

Of course, she was still equipped with powerful Artifacts at the level of national secrets. Which did not make facing Kurats any less terrifying.

And yet, here she was, feeling delighted as she fought him.

She never knew such a feeling existed.

In that sense, she was thankful towards Kurats.

『…… Hey, you do realize what’s happening, don’t you?』
(Crap! I hate to admit it but I do!)

Though she no longer had the mighty defense of her Adelheid rider and its weapons, Skuld was actually putting pressure on Kurats.

Her swings were not as fast as they had been with Adelheid.

Even with the help of artifacts, her strength was a tenth of what it had been before.

But she was still clearly pushing Kurats.

【”What the hell is up with this princess?!”】

Kurats spoke like he was forgetting that he himself had shown a better performance with his bare hands than with his sword.

After he eliminated the Adelheid magic rider, Kurats had dropped his guard, thinking that the fight was over.

It was not easy to immediately recover a sense of tension after losing it.

This problem occured on a subconscious level, it was not something he could consciously solve.

More important than that was the fact that Skuld was anticipating his movements.

As proof, she was was accurately dodging attacks that she could not possibly see with her motion perception.

Perhaps it had been naive of Kurats to think that her power came solely through training and that she was not talented like Frigga was.

Due to the far too excessive training that had led her to feel like a doll, her perception had gone beyond the natural order.

One could even say that her accuracy was close to the level of predicting the future.

【”My my… You are truly terrifying.”】
【”That’s not the face of a scared person!”】

Skuld was showing a dazzling smile. The smile of an innocent girl. The kind of smile that people could not help but be captivated by.

But the truth was that her back was soaked in cold sweat. She had to fight against the shivering terror inside her.

In order to pull off the movements and foresight that allowed her to toy around with the god-like Kurats, she had to maintain her focus beyond her limits.

And so, the smile on her face did nothing to conceal the abnormal quantity of sweat coming from her. She was likely going to reach the limits of her focus soon.

(Anticipating his moves and dodging is not going to be enough to win!)

However, counterattacking was going to be impossibly hard.

After all, without Adelheid’s support, Skuld’s natural speed, attack power and reaction speed had become incomparably inferior

Although she was able to narrowly anticipate and dodge fatal blows, she did not have the leeway to counterattack at the same time.

(I don’t want to lose from a lack of energy!)

(I want to win―― Yes, I actually want to defeat Kurats.)

Compared to this one desire, the whole matter about entrusting Kurats with avenging her father’s death and slaying Heimdall felt trivial.

It was because she had been desperate to find her “self” that Skuld had been helplessly clinging to such hollow dreams.

But things had changed now,

She wanted to try to find out how strong she could become.

She wanted to defeat Kurats, the one she had acknowledged as the strongest man.


She decided to stake it all and try to slip past Kurats’ attack, putting her life on the line!

No small delay or hesitation were allowed. Skuld surrendered herself to her foresight that was close to being an instinct and then recklessly moved forward.

The wind pressure of Kurats’ fist going past her burned her cheek, while his kick scraped off a part of her expensive armor.

It was an overwhelming trial where each instant counted.

But Skuld overcame it at last.

She finally came at a range that left no escape from death for Kurats.

(――I slipped through!)

As she slipped past his fist, Kurats’ unprotected upper body came right before her eyes.

Now that she had disturbed his stance, Kurats was at the mercy of her attack.

(I won’t let you escape! Not this time!)

Skuld’s body had already memorized Kurats’ timing from when he had repelled Adelheid’s sword.

If he tried that again now, all she would have to do would be to shift her timing to cut him off.

【”――See, this is why I told you not to make light of my muscles.”】

But if Kurats couldn’t dodge the attack, that just meant he had to block it.

Even steel was no match for the power of his muscles at full strength.

Moreover, so long as he knew where he would be cut, it was easy for him to focus his strength and magic power in that very spot.

(This has to be a lie! From the start he…!)

Like Skuld, Kurats had also been thinking that he wanted to settle the fight before Skuld would run out of strength.

And so, he had intentionally let Skuld through, not even trying to repel her attack.

He had allowed himself to take a hit to win the fight.

Which meant he had the confidence that, no matter how great of an artifact Skuld’s sword was, he would absolutely be able to block it.

(There is no way in hell the muscles I trained so hard would ever be torn by any of childish sword!)

『It wouldn’t be that strange. Adults and children alike are powerless before a blade.』
(But not my muscles!)

Skuld realized that Kurats himself was letting her through, but she could not back down now.

She made her mind and still swung her sword with all her strength.


The blowback from the hit felt heavy but strange. Like she had just hit some kind of refined steel with the properties of cushioning material.

It seemed Kurats had put on all his focus on blocking rather than repelling the attack.

This had been Skuld’s only opportunity to land a decisive blow, but it quickly became clear that the damage she had dealt was superficial.

She knew her sword had gone through a few centimeters (inches) at best, and a single layer of skin at worst.

The fact she had been able to cut through Kurats’ abs at all, let alone through a few centimeters, was a testament to how extraordinarily skilled she was.

But the reality was that she had lost the wager she had made with herself.


Skuld twisted her body and tried to yet again thrust her sword, but alas, she was attacked by the weariness she had not been feeling until now.

She had finally lost her focus.

But when he saw Skuld prepare to attack again, Kurats thrust a merciless punch towards her without a single single care about her state.

He was extremely angry.

His pride, his muscles, had taken a wound.

He did not hold back his strength in the least as he swung his massive fist.

Skuld had to dodge at any cost, but her body felt heavy, like she had turned into lead.

(Am I going to die?)

If Kurats hit her, she would almost definitely die. Gruesomely, at that. The type of death that not many could watch.

But wasn’t that what she herself had been seekingt?

After defeating her, Kurats would likely destroy the Asgard empire sooner or later.

He was the perfect incarnation of the person she had been seeking.


(I don’t want to die)

Skuld’s graceful face swayed for the first time.

She suddenly remembered something she had lost somewhere along her path from a young girl to a woman.

But it was too late for that.

Kurats’ fist had now come close enough that she could no longer escape.

As she resigned herself to her fate and closed her eyes, she felt it collide on her face.


Oddly enough, this brutal punch that could shatter the earth only delivered a mysterious warmth to Skuld.

She felt confused like a lost child, unable to understand what had just happened.

【”If you were gonna cry, you shouldn’t have fought from the get go. Feels terrible to make women and children tear up, you know?”】

Maybe because he was embarassed by his own words, Kurats subtely turned his gaze away, missing the moment Skuld clung onto him and started openly weeping.

As far as her memory could take her, this was the first time she had ever cried like this.

Even on the day her father had died, Skuld had kept bravely enduring everything life threw at her.

But now――She cried and cried in Kurats’ chest until she was out of energy, and fell asleep.

◆  ◆  ◆

As she flew around in the sky, Frigga was able to see that Kurats had won.

But there was a big problem.

For some reason, he seemed to be holding Skuld in a close embrace and comforting her.

(What a waste of a hug!)

That warm embrace should have gone to her, who was figthing desperately, not that woman from the enemy’s side.

【”Kill. I have to kill this one as soon as possible.”】

Then she would go get praised by Kurats.

Frigga turned arround and fixed her sword stance as she licked her lips bewitchingly.

【”She’s coming.”】

Burckhardt lowered the posture of his Chaos rider, taking an oblique stance.

So long as Frigga was in the sky, all he could do was intercept her.

It was an extremely stressful position to be in, but thanks to his many years on the battlefield, he had no difficulty with the act of simply waiting.

【”Naive. What kind of straight-laced fool would come straight from the front? “】

Frigga muttered with a sneer.

Lowering one’s posture to half-length when trying to intercept an attack made sense as it lowered the projected area of the body.

However, that would only work against an enemy coming from the front.

The Chaos rider’s upper side was shaped after the human body, there was no avoiding the fact its vision and movements were limited to the front.

The human body, in its very constitution, was basically not adapted to facing upwards.

As she came down from the sky, Frigga could guarantee herself a forward view of the enemy, but it was going to be difficult for Burckhardt to catch sight of Frigga while she was flying at high speeds through the air.

This meant Frigga had the initiative to attack from anywhere at any time.

This air supremacy was something that Burckhardt had naturally no grasp upon as he had no flight experience.

【”Damn it! She keeps moving around…!”】

Burckhardt was starting to have a delay in following Frigga, whose turning speed was increasing further and further.

For some time now, he hadn’t sight of her anywhere aside from the corner of his eyes.

If he did not do anything, he was going to take a surprise attack from outside his field of view.

Would there really be any possibility to stop the Snow white Valkyrie when he couldn’t even see her coming?

Burckhardt’s whole body was soaked in cold sweat.

However, the bitter part about being a warrior was that there was no such thing as escaping.


Burckhardt felt killing intent from behind him.

Following ostly on intuition, he slashed his sword behind him like he was scooping for his opponent.

But due to the very structure of the Chaos rider, attacking backwards was inevitably going to be slower than attacking forward.

This only caused a gap of a few seconds, but that made all the difference in a fight between the elite of warriors.


An instant before Burckhardt’s attack could land, Frigga slipped by his side like a gust of wind.


The swing of her Murasame cut through the Chaos rider’s armor and even cut through Burckhardt’s abdomen inside the cockpit.

【”I cannot lose… I cannot… I made the princess… A promise…”】
【”Unfortunately for you, your princess has already lost. You’re just going to get in the way now, hurry and die.”】

Feeling irritated that Kurats was still holding Skuld, Frigga lost all interest in Buckhardt and swung her Murasame down at him.

◆  ◆  ◆

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