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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 116

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Chapter 116

【”If I’m a dear princess to you, that makes you my knight in shining armor. Will you give the princess a kiss for the grand finale?”】

Kurats could not help himself from taking a look at Skuld’s thin, pink lips, which were peeking through the cockpit of the Adelheid rider.

Unlike Frigga and Lunaria, Skuld had a seductive appeal in which both strength and ephemerality co-existed.

Kurats was distracted for only an instant, but Skuld would never miss that opportunity.

She closed the distance between in a second, coming even closer than she had been initially.

【”Wow there, you really want to bring the fight that close?”】

Coming at a close range was going to be a disadvantage for the Adelheid rider as it couldn’t do overly tight manoeuvers.

Additionally, this distance would make up for Kurats’ shorter reach and make it easier for his punches to land.

But Kurats soon found out that that was an overly optimistic perception of the situation.

After she folded the elbow joints of Adelheid back to normal, the speed of Skuld’s attacks increased even further as they kept coming from the left and right.

Moreover, she was now adding kicks and elbow attacks to the mix.

Adelheid’s toes were sharp and triangular, making them akin to blades.

Skuld’s skillful display of martial arts made Kurats grow seriously flustered.

He never thought he would be driven so far into a corner by someone else’s weaponless fighting prowess.

Without realizing it, he had developed some pride in the fact that no one could match him when it came to hand-to-hand combat.

『This could be over very soon if you use magic.』
(No can do, I won’t rest until I get a punch on this princess myself!)
【”What is the matter? Not going to counterattack?”】

Skuld made it very apparent from her tone that she felt like the dominant party in this fight, which made Kurats quietly groan.

【”――How dare she look down on my muscles.”】

Skuld’s confidence was not baseless, her attacks were indeed spectacular.

Be it the timing, the angles, the power, or the perfectly-calculated coordination of her attacks; every aspect was worthy of being put in a textbook.

However, Skuld did not forget that Kurats was an abnormal opponent.

She was wondering what he was going to do now, waiting for his next move with expectant eyes.

She was feeling conflicted. She both wanted to win and to see Kurats exceed her expectations.

【”An opening!”】

Seeing Kurats stop moving in an unnatural manner, Skuld reflexively attacked him.

The excessive speed of her combo made it so she didn’t have the leisure to hesitate and think about whether this was a trap.

Her swords coming from both sides were now too close for Kurats to escape.

From the front, the left, the right or the back, no matter where he would run, he would take a direct hit from one of the swords.

(――I have won.)

This conviction from Skuld was but the seed of her incoming disappointment.


Kurats explosively tensed up his relaxed muscles. Then, he stamped on the ground, creating a vibration that spread through his whole body and repelled the incoming swords.

Riding on the momentum of that move, he leaped towards Adelheid’s torso in a flowing motion and released the power of his fist all at once.


This counter-attack caught Skuld completely off-guard.

The moment she started thinking she had won, the idea of defending herself had completely flown off her mind.

Even so, she still immediately lowered her elbows to block the punch as best as she could.

This was something she likely was only able to achieve thanks to how deeply she had ingrained her training through every inch of her body.

Kurats was genuinely impressed by her reaction speed.

【”――That was incredible, but this is over.”】


Adelheid’s right arm broke and was sent flying. But Kurats’ fist did not stop or weaken there. It continued its path right towards the flank of Adelheid, straight through its magic fibers.

This destroyed all of Adelheid’s means of fighting.

The loss of its right arm was bad enough, but what was truly fatal was the loss of the magic fibers that connected its torso and lower-body.

(――Is it already over?
This was so much fun.
This was the first time in my life I actually wanted to win.
And it’s going to end because of a single moment of carelessness?
No, this is not over.

I will absolutely not let this be the end.
After all, I can still fight.
With my own body, I can still fight! )

Skuld was truly alive for the first time in her life. She did not want to let go of this feeling.


She jumped out of Adelheid’s cockpit, calmly holding her sword.

【”――It’s time for our last waltz.”】

◆  ◆  ◆

【”Ugh! We keep slicing and dicing but there is no end to them! “】
【”Ain’t much we can do about it, there are 40,000 of them and 50 of us…”】

The mercenaries had taken down at least 1000 enemies, but that was nothing more than a small portion of Asgard’s second army.

That was plenty enough of an achievement, but it did nothing to change the fact there was still an uncrossable gulf between both forces’ power.

To make matters worse, McClain and the others were reaching their physical limits.

Defeating enemies whose numbers were dozens of time greater was amazing already, but what was even more amazing was that the mercenaries still had any power at all to fight.

【”I guess this is a nice stage for Owl’s Eye to fall…”】
【”I can’t count how many times we thought we were at the end of our ropes through the years, but it’s never been true before.”】

After the second army reorganized its troops, they sent a news corps towards the mercenaries so as to put their advantage in numbers to use.

This group was apparently going to be Owl’s Eye very last opponent.

As that thought went through McClain’s mind, the group of soldiers was suddenly erased by a large heat beam fired from behind.

【”What? What the hell are you doing?! The enemy is that way!”】

Burckhardt was furious.

He had never seen any such friendly fire during the army’s drills.

Not to mention that this was unthinkable coming from the second army, a part of the elite of the empire.

But that was not the end of this nightmare.

A second magic attack and then a third came flying right after.

At this point, Burckhardt was forced to accept that these were no accidents. These were intentional attacks.

【”Is this treason? But, why would they――?”】

【”There is no need for you to understand, silly man.”】

Triestella took notice of Burckhardt’s bafflement from a distance with a pleased smile.

――The second army had just been betrayed by the most trustworthy of allies.

The suspicions of treason upon that group naturally gave rise to a wave of chaos within the chain of command.

If the elite of the elite of the mage troops had switched sides, then one could only wonder who would betray the second army next.

【”Good children! Keep firing until you have no magic power left!”】
【”Yes! I. Will. Give. All!”】
【”Give. All! Give. All!”】
【”Give. All! Give. All!”】
【”I like your obedience, but it kinda gives me the creeps…”】

Burckhardt finally took notice of the underdressed woman that kept appearing and disappearing behind the mage troops.

【”No… It can’t be! Are they brainwashing them?”】

This brainwashing spell was something that even the Asgard empire, the empire of advanced magic, did not know of.

Even among the monsters of this world, only the vampire race and the Nosferatu race had this ability.

For that reason, it was considered to be impossible to copy.

Had Jormunganged managed to recreate such an advanced spell?!

【”Damn it! Find the one brainwashing them! If the caster dies, the brainwashing will fade!”】
【”Sorry, did you believe I would quietly let you do as you wish?”】

Perceiving killing intent on the back of his neck, Burckhardt reflexively jumped back.

Just when he was able to notice the huge white griffon flying past him at a dreadfufl speed, Frigga’s murasame passed right in front of his Chaos rider.

Had he jumped back just tad bit slower, his Chaos rider would have already been split from its head by now.

【”――The Snow White Valkyrie, huh.”】

The griffon dashing through the sky changed its course.

It was shameful for Burckhardt as a warrior to admit that he hadn’t been paying attention to the sky above him before now due to the chaos all around.

That speed, that intimidating air akin to that of an incarnation of death, that powerful killing intent that felt like sharp drills.
Frigga seemed indeed like a true flying valkyrie.

Carelssness was not an option here.

【”I see, it’s a simple matter actually. In short, if I win, their side loses, and if I lose, their side wins.”】

Burckhardt’s defeat would spell the defeat of the second army. Without him nor Skuld present, the army would go out of control and crumble down.

The problem was that, because of the friendly fire from the mage troops, there was temporarily no one to protect Burckhardt.

Though it was in his best interest to stall for time, it was highly unlikely that a skilled warrior like Frigga would go for a prolonged fight.

(――I’m afraid she intends to settle this with her next attack.)

Burckhardt, who was in the middle of his forties, felt himself filling up with hot blood and passion that he had long forgotten.

Burckhardt was not a natural-born commander. He was once a warrior who ran across the battlefields and who suddenly rose up through the ranks one day.

As he grew older, he learned how to make use of people, how to manage an army. But, to this day, he was still a warrior at his core.

【”I’ll bring you right back down to the ground, you witch.”】

There was a legend from ancient times that spoke of Valkyries; war maidens who would bring the souls of warriors beyond the twilight.

But this woman was no valkyrie. She was a salacious fallen angel who had dropped from the heavens to the earth.

Burckhardt made a firm vow to teach her that.

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