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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 115

Chapter 115 is here!

I know I haven’t been updating much lately, but, you know… I’ve been going through the first half of my exams. I knew this would come, hence the double release from last time.

I’ll be done with the exams on the 18th, and I’ll be able to translate at a proper pace again. Same goes for Death flags. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Anyway, here’s the chapter, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 115

The Chaos riders escorting Skuld were quickly annihilated.

This did not mean they were weak. It was just that their adaptability was a little too lacking for them to deal with Kurats.

If they had perfectly accurate intel in regards to Kurats’ mountain-crushing, superhuman strength, then perhaps they would have been able to manage somehow.

Though they were quite powerful as well, this part of the reason why they all fell down like tall trees broken by strong wind.

【”――Hope the wait wasn’t too hard. It’s time for our waltz to start.”】

Skuld answered Kurats’ disdainfully arrogant words with a sweet smile.

「I shall take you up on that. But are you confident in your dancing skills? I’ve decided to let me by first Viennese waltz partner.」
「I’m honored. But I’m sorry to say that, even though I’m the one who invited you, I’m not a good dancer.」
「That does not matter. After all, you’re the man I chose.」

Taking those final words as their signal, they both simultaneously swung their swords while smiling at each-other.


Sounds of clashing metal compiled themselves together to give rise to one loud and jarring sound.
This was proof that, in a single instant, the two swords had met not once, not twice, but dozens of times.

【”Agh! That was close!”】

There were thin cuts on Kurats’ cheek and at the top of this shoulder.
Skuld’s attacks were so fast they made it seem like she had been playing around until now.
It was no surprise that Kurats, whose sword skills were evidently inferior, was unable to handle her.

【”Oh, my, have my sword skills weakened? Should I go a little faster?”】

The speed of Skuld’s sword increased even further.

Kurats was barely able to follow, but this was already beyond the limits of what a normal human being’s vision could perceive.

【”Yah! Oh! Ah!”】

Kurats’ exclamations felt more comical than serious, but he was actually barely defending against those attacks.

A single mistake would cost him his life.

【”This is a little vexing.”】
【”No, trust me, I’m having more than my fill right now!”】

Kurats was only able to dodge through his reflexes, and that was only possible thanks to his muscles granting him with superhuman reactions.

However, when it came to sword skills alone, he had already completely lost.

【”I-If you can still afford to be this calm, I cannot afford to hold back. Pierce him through, Gungnir.”】
【”Oh snap! T.E.L.E.P.O.R.T!”】

Before the divine spear fired from Adelheid’s abdomen could pierce through him, Kurats hurriedly recited the incantation of his teleportation spell.

However, that did nothing to stop the cold sweat dripping from his forehead.

Now that Skuld was genuinely trying to kill him, he was truly in danger.

Meanwhile, Skuld was not in enough of bind to even need to worry about anything other than how to win. That was very irritating to Kurats.

【”You’re one absurd lady.”】
【”Oh? You didn’t think you were the only absurd person out there, did you?”】

Saying so, Skuld pulled out a second sword.

She was holding one sword in each hand with a masterful stance.

This seemed to be her true fighting style.

【”So you’re a dual wielder,”】
【”This is a feat I can only pull off while riding Adelheid.”】

Regardless of her sword skills, Skuld was a normal, human woman. She could never be match for Kurats when it came to physical strength.

However, thanks to Adelheid, she not only could make up for that difference, she could even make the dual wielding that she usually could only picture in her head into a reality.

And that was not all.

【”――F.R.A.C.T.A.L S.W.O.R.D――”】

Adelheid’s arms split in two from its elbow joints. There was a sword at the end of each elbow.

『This one’s going to be a headache…』
(You don’t have to tell me!)

Skuld had already made herself far more threatening with her dual wielding, but with the split of Adelheid’s arm, it became as if she was wielding two swords in each arm.

Each of her sword blows would come along another blade.

In other words, this was a quadruple-wield style.

What made this style even more vicious was the fact that there would be a very small difference between the timing and angles of the normal sword blows and the elbow blades that would follow.

Though it was frustrating for Kurats to admit it to himself, he knew Skuld was going to break through his defense and split his body in half at this rate.

【”I can’t keep up anymore.”】

With Kurats’ current sword skills, the magic sword Warcry was a waste on him.

That being the case, he once again put Warcry on his back and clenched his fists with a daring smile.

『So this is still what it comes down to in the end….』
(Can you not?)
【”You intend to take on my swords with your hands?”】

Skuld was not making light of Kurats’ superhuman strength, but it was only reasonable to think he would be sliced in two if he faced her blades with his bare hands.

Even though this was Kurats, who had long left common sense in the dust, Skuld doubted that he could survive.

――But those doubts were instantly cleared.

Kurats took a step forward followed by what seemed to be a punch in the air.

Insténtly, Skuld felt a great impéct, as if Adelheid had been hit by an invisible fist.


This was not sufficient to break through Adelheid’s defense.

However, Skuld kept feeling one impact after the other, as if she was under a wave of attacks.

【”Could it be… Shock waves?”】

Slicing the very air in front of her, Skuld cleared away the shock waves coming at her.

【”Good grief. How are your bare hands more brutal than your sword? You are truly a nonsensical man.”】
【”I am deeply honored by your compliments.”】
【”I was not complimenting you.”】

Skuld showed a helpless, wry smile.

Just how many hits had common sense taken on this day?

She never thought the world had such fun to offer. This was, without a doubt, the best day of her life.

She wished this lovely dance would continue eternally.

However, the reality was that this was a dance of death that could only end if one of them died.

 ――And she wanted to win.

Seeking a man stronger than herself should have been her goal. A man who could defeat that monster Heimdall, whom she could never surpass.

However, at this very moment, all she wanted was to bring down the man in front of her. She wanted to defeat Kurats.

(I could never find any worth to life before. Never would I have imagined that I would one day feel this way.)

Just before Adelheid’s storm of attacks landed, Skuld took a sidestep and closed in on Kurats.

The four blades came at Kurats from above and below.

Kurats was only able to dodge the attack by punching forward at a perfect angle and changing his own trajectory.

Even with Kurats’ power, dealing with those simultaneous attacks was a herculean endeavor. Moreover, he wasn’t being left with any room to destroy Skuld’s weapons.

Cold sweat was still flowing from Kurats’ brow.

His fear of death was squeezing his stomach, but that fear was stacked under all the fun he was having throughout the fight, making him unable to stop himself from laughing.

Skuld could not hide her excitement either as they both barely held onto their lives.

Her life as a doll that lived only to seek death and cared not about giving her life away seemed like an absurd illusion now.

She wanted to taste this excitement as long as possible.

And so, the invisible clash of swords and fists continued.

However, gradually, Skuld began to lose her balance. She was being put at more and more of a disadvantage.

Though they both continued to attack and defend while avoiding all fatal injuries, it was impossible for the massive body of the Adelheid magic rider to avoid every single one of Kurats’ attacks.

The magic rider’s armoring ended up taking multiple blows. This was unavoidable.

These attacks that Skuld could not dodge were somewhat weak, but even a bird could bring down a mountain with enough pecks.

Skuld felt her Adelheid magic rider screeching from the accumulated damages.

【”Already? We were just getting to the good part!”】

Skuld fired yet another spear to take some distance.

This was the last spear left in the Adelheid rider. From this point on, Skuld could only depend on her swords.

Skuld believed what would follow was going to be simple.

Either her sword skills would make the cut and bring her victory, or they would not suffice, in which case, she would lose.

【”We are not done yet.”】
【”Sure, I’ll keep you company some more, dear princess.”】
【”If I’m a dear princess to you, that makes you my knight in shining armor. Will you give the princess a kiss for the grand finale?”】

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