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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 114

Chapter 114 is here!

Important: This chapter is part of a double release, please check out the previous chapter (Chapter 113) if you haven’t yet, or else this one will make no sense.

Anyway, here’s the chapter, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 114


The mere footsteps of the 40,000 strong army were enough to shake the earth.

Taking their lead were the units that made Asgard proud, the Chaos riders.

The infantrymen and mage corps who followed behind them were also thoroughly trained elites.

Magnificent was the only word Frigga found to describe them.

Cabernard’s fourth army back in Lapland had also been very disciplined, but they had not been so eccentrically well-trained.

It was clear to her that her side would be gobbled up in no time in a straightforward fight.

【”This ain’t no joking matter.”】

McClain was ready for defeat.

Kurats appeared to be busy with the mad princess at the moment.

Though McClain was crazy about war, it didn’t seem realistic to him to expect Bashtar to resist against this enormous army before Kurats’ return.

【”Do not fret! When my next attack is over, move out and strike the enemy!”】

“As if we could do that” was what McClain wanted to answer to Frigga’s order, but he gave up on voicing that thought out loud.

That was because he saw the confidence on her face. 

More importantly, he felt it was better to give up on common sense at this point.

【”――What’s common sense anyway?”】
【”I don’t know, but it definitely has nothing to do with the commander.”】

While grumbling along with Bacson, who seemed to share the same opinion as him, McClain waited for Frigga’s next order.

Frigga connected her white armor to a device made of Mithril; a mineral that was plentiful in Bashtar.

Frigga’s signature move was to fire-off lightning throught her white armor and reflect it with water mirrors created with her magic sword, Murasame. 

Unfortunately, that move was not powerful enough to bring results against a large army.

This was why she had decided she would amplify her signature move with a magic device, creating a new method that consisted of making the lightning converge instead of just being reflected onto the enemy, therefore giving rise to a critical explosion.

【”Engulf everything! L.I.G.H.T.N.I.N.G  B.U.R.S.T!”】

Against the new spell used by Jormungand’s first punitive force several days prior, the chaos riders had only suffered minor damage.

But now, with one move from Frigga, their defensive barriers were instantly broken through. 

The Chaos riders, unable to bear the power of the attack directly, started releasing smoke and were put out of commission.

Without that special equipment, the drivers were reduced to the same fate as the other infantrymen.

【”This is bad, fall back!”】

Burckhardt rightly figured that something was off about Frigga’s attack.

Its power output clearly put it in a realm that had yet to be reached. 

The device’s transmission efficiency and power output clearly distinguished it from this continent’s magic devices.dual.

It was only natural seeing as the device Frigga was using was not a fruit of this world.

The device was created by Kurats, under Bernst’s instructions, using the Bolivia mine’s mithril.

The device’s transmission efficiency and power output clearly distinguished it from the continent’s other magic devices.

That was one of the reasons Frigga had been so confident from the start.

【”Do not let this opportunity go! Advaaaaaaaaaaance!”】
【”Damn! The scary princess wants us to go.”】
【”Do not ovrthink this. Think of it this way; if you do not move, you will be left behind by the others.”】

Ignoring the unsettling feelings they were dealing with, McClain and the mercenaries all rushed out together.

Their long years of experience told them this was a decisive moment.

【”Soldiiiers! Do not falter! Do not tarnish her excellency Skuld’s name!”】

Despite the fierceness in Burckhardt’s voice, the soldiers’ reaction was coming slower than he expected.

While he perhaps had the influence to bring the soldiers back to their senses, he unfortunately did not have their unconditional trust like Skuld did.

This was also their first time suffering such losses since they day Skuld had started leading the second army.

The numbers of soldiers lost to Frigga’s spell, which was basically a tactical spell, was at about 10,000.

Moreover, 70% of the the Chaos riders force had been damaged and rendered powerless. This was an especially enormous blow considering they were the core of the second army.

With such losses, even if the second army could still win, there would be no pride in that victory.

Frigga had accurately predicted that the enemy’s morale would switch to passivity in order to avoid taking further damage.

Before all this agitation could fade, Frigga rushed right into the middle of the second army, riding on her griffon Shellac’s back.

【”――Meryl, Berta, Crushiandra, you know what you have to do, don’t you?”】
【”Of course.”】
【”It’s child play!”】
【”As expected of mistress Frigga… That was so superb, I- Ouch!”】

Without forgetting to hit Crushiandra, who was feverishly staring at Frigga, Triestella laughed bewitchingly.

【”There is no better prey for us than confused men seeking help.”】

Indeed, it was precisely because she was aware of this that Frigga had dared to jump into the enemy lines.

Seeing as she was playing her role perfectly, the Nosferatus ought to play their role as well.

【”――Come. Let me give you a look at the Nosferatus’ art of seduction.”】

【”What the hell is happening today?!”】

As his army was being gutted by a force of a mere 100, Burckhardt was feeling bewildered.

He knew that Frigga was strong, but he did not expect the rest of the army to be so powerful.

In regards to mobility, no one was able to keep up with Frigga as she rode upon the back of her griffon.

She was the only one fighting from the sky, forcing the second army of the empire to constantly be on the defensive. Her methods were too unusual.

And using the opportunity Frigga had presented them with, Owl’s Eye’s mercenaries, led by McClain, were wildly slashing their way forward.

The mercenaries were few in numbers, but every single one of them was highly skilled.

With McClain splendidly leading them, the still chaotic second army was going to have a hard time entrapping them.

【”Aim for that Griffon! Keep the rest of them at bay and reorganize the troops!”】

The true difficulty that this situation presented was that the enemies were needling through the second army’s far too numerous troops.

That being the case, what needed to be done was to take some distance from them and then rebuild the chain of command.

Otherwise, the second army’s large numbers were only going to become a burden.

【”Do not let them get to the mage force! If it comes down to it, friendly fire is allowed!”】

Bashtar’s army was not the only one that could use tactical spells on a large scale.

A single display of advanced magic would probably be enough to deal with such a small army in one fell swoop.

Burckhardt was aware that, in the worst case scenario, all his allies would die along with the enemy’s army under such a spell.

But this was no longer time to consider those risks.

The way things were going, 40,000 soldiers of the second army were going to lose at the hands of only 100.

With such a disgrace becoming a realistic possibility, Burckhardt could not afford to be picky about his methods.

【”…See? Listen to what he’s saying now. Isn’t he terrible?”】

Triestella whispered close to the ear of a high ranking warrior of the empire while pressing her hands on his shoulders and her large chest on his back.

【”Terrible, Burckhardt, terrible.”】

The light of reason was missing from the man’s eyes.

With an empty gaze, he kept repeating the same broken words.

【”Good child~ Then, shouldn’t we punish this terrible man?”】

What Burckhardt could not know was that his trump card, the mage force, was currently being torn apart by the Nosferatus within the chaos of the second army.

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