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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 113

Chapter 113 is here!

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Chapter 113

【”――I’m stepping out.”】

Adelheid’s gigantic body slid along the ground without a sound.

The driving system functioned solely by contracting and expanding magic fibers. It did not make noise. It only emitted a faint, blue magic light.

Following her movements, twenty Chaos riders were protecting each wing of Skuld’s Adelheid.

【”…May the fortunes of war be with you.”】

Saying so was the person who was taking command of the second army on Skuld’s behalf, Burckhardt.

He was an old retainer who had been serving the Bewerstein family since the previous generation.

He had known Skuld since she was born.

Few people aside from her outclassed him in authority in the country.

【” Start the magic fire support. Once they have fired everything you have, infantry, move out! “】

Following the order handed to them, the spread-out magic corps gathered their power together.

【”Magic power synchronization, OK!”】
【”No magic convergence abnormality detected!”】
【”Target acquired! The margin of error is at 2.5 degrees!”】
【”Charge is critical!”】
【”Burn them to shreds! ‘H. E. L. L F. I. R. E‘ !”】

For those not in the know, perhaps this would look like the pure fluttering white wings of an angel.

However, in reality, these were hellish flames, converging together and reaching such high heat that they turned into plasma.

These flames seemed helpless, unable to stop themselves from burning everything they touched, everything in their way.

Burckhardt knew the power of this new tactical spell.

This was the fruit of the efforts of the advanced magic country, the Asgard empire.

So while Burckhardt did feel bad for Skuld, he believed this alone would spell the end of the battle.

【” ‘A.N.T. I B.A.N.I.S.H‘ !”】
『Think you can reach this magic king with such a flimsy spell?! Know your place!』

In an instant, this flame so hot that it was turning the ground into glass completely vanished.


This impossible turn of events spread great agitation throughout the battlefield.

Although they had heard about how abnormal Kurats was, they had ultimately never quite realized it.

It was clear that the spell had been blocked by an anti-magic barrier.

But cancelling a tactical spell brought forth through the power of hundreds of magicians was a feat no one could have imagined.

――No one, save for Skuld.

【”I told you, did I not? This was never going to do much more than raise some flashy fireworks.”】

Skuld was not shaken in the slightest.

With a light smile, she earnestly charged towards Kurats.

She rushed to the point of leaving behind the chaos riders that were supposed to follow her.

Very soon, she came before Kurats at last, looking down towards him.

【”I have been longing to see you, lord of Bashtar.”】
【”Then its my luck to have been born as a man. Would you forgive me for making you wait if I prove to meet your expectations?”】

Standing in front of the massive Adelheid, Kurats answered with a daring smile.

【”Ufufu… Its okay. I’ll let it go. After all, there is some enjoyment in the act of waiting for a good man”】

This conversation was like that of two lovers who were finally meeting after being unable to see each other for a while.

However, in contrast to their words, there was an invisible barrier of killing intent between them, creating a massive pressure that gave off sparks.

That being said, this killing intent felt truly pleasant.

Skuld was showing a slovenly smile, unfitting of a lady. Never before in her life had she been struck by such transparent and clear killing intent born from neither fear nor hatred.

【”Come, let us dance! Until you, or I, or both of us, can no longer move.”】
【”Gee, there are nicer ways to invite someone to a dance, you know? Let me teach you!”】

Two flashes moved from both sides.

Their swords clashed with a shrill and clear metallic clank.

Adelheid’s sword and the insanely long Warcry, both of which reached a length of about 5 meters, burst with sparks.

【”It’s a wonder how you can swing such a ridiculously large sword.”】

There was an amazed tone to Skuld’s voice.

A normal person would probably not even be able to lift that sword from the ground.

Skuld had decided before that she would not be surprised no matter what happened.

But witnessing this from up-close, she had no words to express how insane it was.

On top of that, she could tell her sword would be inferior in a pure clash of strength with Warcry.

The moment her blade met Warcry, she definitely felt it being pushed back.

It was unbelievable.

Who would have thought that a mere human of flesh and blood could outperform Adelheid, which was built with highly transmissive magic fibers and had built-in components that reached the pinnacle of magic.

【”Amazing! That was amazing, lord of Bashtar. That’s the man I was hoping to see today!”】

All these years she had been just a doll that did not feel like it could experience life.

Perhaps this man would be able to teach her the true feeling of being alive.

Even if that meant she would die in consequence, that would be better than the life ofs a living-dead, a life seeking death.

But there was one more thing she had to make sure of, and that was whether he would be able to defeat the supreme emperor, Heimdall.

【”I’m honored by your praise.”】
【”It’s not over yet! After all, this is not enough to persuade me.”】

The two ennemies laughed cheerfully.

Their words had the sweetness of lovers on a date, while the stabbing atmosphere around them still indicated the complete opposite.

At that time, the Chaos riders finally caught up with Skuld.

Skuld had no intent of declaring something thoughtless such as “Do not interfere with our fight”.

She was going to crush Kurats by any means necessary.

Without such intentions, defeating Heimdall would just be a wild dream.

【”Dreisen platoon, Macner platoon, take the left and right. Crois platoon, Kemp platoon, support them.”】

The Chaos riders half-encircled Kurats with a fluid manoeuver.

Of course, as she gave out instructions, Skuld continued to attack relentlessly.

On top of its power, Adelheid had a high reaction speed.

Against its splendid attacks that balanced speed and power, even Kurats could not counterattack carelessly.

【”Heh… Wish that old man Rosberg could see that.”】

It was becoming clear that Skuld was not a sword prodigy like Frigga.

Rather, her nature was more similar to Lunaria’s, meaning she had broken her limits through harsh training, filling the gap between her and the talented.

This made Kurats wonder, just how much resolve and determination would it have taken to master martial arts to this degree through efforts alone?

【”Sorry for my lack of hospitality, but I’m gonna have to get a little rough from here on!”】

Kurats naturally did not think that his mastery of the sword could measure up to Skuld’s.

He had already realized his lack of talent for the sword back when he dueled Rosberg.

His most powerful assets were his abnormal strength, the speed of his reflexes, and his magic power.

【”Take this!!”】

Kurats held his sword above his head before bringing it down to attack, giving enough room for Skuld to nimbly dodge the blow.

Dodging such an ordinary blow, which did not include even the simplest of feints, was something that Skuld could do with her eyes closed.

However, Skuld had unintentionally misjudged the magnitude of the power contained within this one attack.


The ground sank down in a radius of 10 meters (3 feet) centered around Kurats’ feet.

He had used the middle part of the blade instead of the sharp edges.

The Chaos riders trying to attack Kurats from the left and right all suddenly lost their balance and fell down.

This was the result Kurats had been seeking.

He swiftly put Warcry away on his back before grabbing the leg of a fallen Chaos rider.

Then, he swung him with all his strength.

【”… huh?”】

Unable to resist the power of the swing, the Chaos rider’s body was separated from its leg.

Seeing that, Kurats moved on to another Chaos rider and similarly grabbed its leg and swung it around.

【”Come on, couldn’t you make these things less brittle?”】

“Your head is brittle!” Is what likely went through the Chaos riders’ drivers minds in response.

This time around, Kurats did a better job at controlling his strength.

In a flash, four Chaos riders were turned into scraps.

Who would have ever imagined that the Chaos rider’s body itself would end up being used as a blunt weapon? No one.

Faced with that nonsensical scene, the Dreisen platoon’s members stopped moving without even realizing it.

Seeing as they were not coming closer, Kurats started throwing the scraps of the already broken Chaos riders at them.


The Chaos riders’ legs, heads, and chests were approaching at dreadful speeds.

Although those were only singular parts of the riders, the heads alone weighed almost a ton.

The power of the throws had them moving at hundreds of kilometers (miles) per hour.

The Dreisen platoon instantly fell into a panic.

Their Chaos drivers were not as focused on reaction speed as Skuld’s Adelheid.

【”Y-your excellency!!!”】

One shot after another, the scraps hit the Deisen platoon’s members.

Even if Skuld tried to help them, the scraps would just end up being thrown at her too, keeping her too busy to intervene.

【”Fuhahaha! Just what the blazes is happening!?”】

Who else in the world could fight this way?

There was simply no expecting what this man could do.

The world was apparently much wider than Skuld believed, presenting endless possibilities.

If that was the case, then maybe there were other answers for her than just living to die. That was an extremely pleasant thought.

【”Fantastic… This is just, fantastic. Lord of Bashtar, it’s my turn to charm you!”】

At that instant, a flash of light robbed them both of their sight.

Chapter 114 is already available for everyone, you can read it directly!

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