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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 112

Chapter 112 is here!

Sorry for the delay, this was a pretty crazy week.

Anyway, here’s the chapter, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 112

Back in Strasbourg.

【”―― Will this really be okay?”】

McClain frowned and scratched his head as he looked at the solid formation of Asgard’s second army led by Skuld.

Kurats was a monster, McClain was aware of that.

The Snow White Valkyrie with her griffon was an outlier, as well.

Adding to that, though he did not know their true nature, he knew that Triestella and the beauties corps were also frighteningly strong. 

He thought they were here as decoration at first but he knew better now.

All in all, even with 10,000 soldiers under him, he definitely would not want to fight this army. 

If he was put in that spot, he would run away without question.

――However, a war of 40,000 warriors against 100 was something else.

【”Turns out I was just a normal person all these years…”】
【”No no no no no, there is nothing normal about you. If you were anywhere close to common sense, I would feel sorry for our dead comrades.”】

Bacson, who had joined Owl’s Eye at its very beginnings, flusteredly shook his head from side to side in response to McClain’s inexcusably thoughtless rant.

He felt that saying that McClain was normal was a blasphemy to common sense.

Had McClain had an ever so slight hint of common sense in him, perhaps Owl’s Eye would still be active as a large mercenary family to this day.

【”But, I mean, just look at him.”】

With a sulky expression, McClain pointed at the back of a large silhouette that particularly stood out.

【”…Well, we definitely can’t evaluate him by our standards.”】

A large army that covered the earth as far as the eye could see, with 40 magic riders standing majestically in their ranks.

However, what stood out the most in this scenery was the divine giant at its center.

This deep-crimson giant was a larger version of Chaos. 

On its chest was the family crest of the Bewerstein household; a lion.

It had a slimmer and more polished form than the regular Chaos riders, giving it a grace worthy of a member of the imperial family like Skuld.

The name of this godly behemoth was Adelheid, Skuld Beweldshteim’s personal magic rider.

In a word, it was a masterpiece.

McClain did not feel like he could defeat this one giant even with an army of 1,000.

【”Let’s leave this one to the lord. Freaks should be dealt with by freaks…”】

Bacson did not feel like this magic rider was something that could be defeated either.

Rather, he felt that if they didn’t have a monster of at least Kurats’ level on their side, Bashtar’s army would be basically doomed to annihilation by this point.

【”This battlefield is too much, I’m never stepping in a gambling den like this one again.”】
【”Tell me about it.”】

Despite their words, the fact that McClain and Bacson were still not trying to escape testified to how helplessly in love they were with war.

【”It’s bigger than I thought.”】
『They still have some ways to go. That being said, considering the level of this world’s magic technology, this is a considerable feat.』

Bernst, who seldom ever gave any compliments, was impressed.

The craftsmanship behind the magic rider Adelheid was apparently splendid. It wouldn’t have gotten that reaction otherwise.

Kurats let out a delighted laugh.

Like a toddler receiving a big toy, he showed a pure smile. Yet this purity was covered by a layer of a threatening cruelty.

――That enemy was strong.

Kurats had once suffered a blow from Brigitte due to his own carelessness. Moreover, he had also been put in a tough spot by Cabernard’s Chaos rider.

However, he had not acknowledged either of them as his enemy.

To him, those situations only felt like having to get a little serious in a game, nothing more.

However, now, for the first time, he felt like he was about to face someone worthy of being his opponent.

『Do not do me the embarrassment of acknowledging something so trivial as your adversary. 』

For Bernst, someone with Kurats’ potential shouldn’t consider something of Adelheid’s level to be his match.

Rather, this was the type of enemy he had to crush with one hand to show the difference between them.

No matter how abnormal and monstrous others considered him to be, Kurats still had some way to go before his strength could reach Bernst’s criteria.

(I know. I just like these types of opponents.)

A genuine warrior with a clear and unconcealed aim, oozing with an earnest killing intent that reached insanity.

The challenge Skuld was offering was head-on clash between technology and pure strength.

Kurats believed in this enemy’s intent. More than that, he felt trust towards this enemy.

Sometimes, two opponents could reflect each-other’s hearts like they were looking in a mirror.

That’s exactly how Kurats felt right now.

【”――Frigga, take the reins. I’ve gotta to deal with that one myself.”】
【”Understood. I’ll use the trump card we brought from Bashtar so that no one will interfere.”】

As if their minds were linked telepathically, the excitement Kurats currently felt was the same as Skuld’s.

Looking at Kurats’ large body all the way up from her Adelheid rider, Skuld even found herself feeling affection towards him.

【”Aaaaah, so wonderful. I can’t wait for us to kill each other.”】

He was dressed lightly to move more freely, as if to say that wearing a knight’s body armor would only hinder him.

Some people would probably look down on him for it.

(But that’s wrong. That could not be more wrong.)

Kurats was dressed lightly so he could fight Skuld all out. 

After all, those muscles were definitely an armor that was far more solid than steel.


This was Skuld’s first time ever meeting an enemy that made her feel so excited.

【”Your excellency, the enemy is within the range of our spells.”】
【”Do not hold back, go all out. This is our first and last chance.”】

This probably would not have any effect on Kurats.

But that did not matter.

It would not be so bad for the start signal of their battle to be a flashy show of magic power.

The corners of Skuld’s crimson lips rose into a smile as she thought so.

【”Let us kill one another. Let us love one another. Let us dance together… You, who will change my destiny.”】

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