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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 111

Chapter 111 is here, hope you’ll enjoy it!

Translator’s note: I put a little song in the middle to accompany you along. Don’t know if it will work on the website, but worth a try!

Chapter 111

【”…The fool is being a true annoyance, but in the end, that barron is all my imperial self can think about presently.”】

If that man had been defeated by an army of a mere 4000, then it would not have been worth it for Skuld to go out of her way to come to Strasbourg while disregarding Gunther’s wishes.

When she heard the report that Kurats had easily defeated the rebellious nobles’ army, Skuld let out a shout of delight in her mind.

Though she was not happy about Albert’s actions, he had still unknowingly managed to confirm her conviction that the baron would be a suitable enemy for her.

【”―― Lord of Bashtar, will you be able to live up to the expectations of my imperial self?”】

Skuld turned towards the terrace, her sight blurring feverishly like she was a maiden in love.

People nowadays referred to her as the war-crazed mad princess.

However, this was not always the case.

Before the death of her father, the archduke of Bewersteum, she had actually been a nice and proper girl who could not kill a fly.

As for how such a change came to be with time, it all started back when her father made a plan to assassinate Heimdall.

His motives had been stuck somewhere between ambition and his suspicion of Heimdall.

But in the end, the one who got killed was the archduke himself. He had been insidiously poisoned.

Skuld thus ended up having to carry the weight of the whole Bewerstein family at the young age of twelve.

To this young girl, Heimdall told the whole truth of the matter.

Moreover, he personally gave her permission to take revenge on him when a chance would present itself.

But skuld could not kill Heimdall.

She was well aware of that.

Both as politicians and warriors, the difference between them was too large. She could not be compared to him.

Of course, Heimdall knew that full well when he gave her permission to turn on him.

Since she could not it, she needed to find someone who would kill her uncle for her.

Someone who could step over her corpse to get Heimdall’s head.

If such a man existed, Skuld would not mind dying to his sword.

Should she be lucky enough to survive after losing to him, she would not even mind becoming his slave.

In order to meet such a man, a man who could defeat herself and even the extraordinary hero that was emperor Heimdall, Skuld had devoted herself to seeking only powerful enemies.

However, a man like the Devil swordsman Gunther would not do.

What Skuld sought in this hypothetical person was not individual strength alone. She was looking for someone with ambition and the charisma of those destined to reign.

There could not be many such people in the world.

But maybe Kurats would meet those requirements.

Skuld had a hunch that was the case.

【”Aaaah, I cannot wait. Come take on all of my power ―― come take my life, lord of Bashtar… Ufufu… AHAHAHAHA!”】

The beautiful woman, who most definitely had many screws loose, kept laughing like a maniac with a pure smile.

◆  ◆  ◆

There was a reason why the kingdom was letting Kurats charge at the enemy on his own with his army of only a hundred people.

At the north of the kingdom, in the city of Kozun, around 150 kilometers away from the Strasbourg territory, the first army of Asgard had appeared.

Of course, they were led by the Devil Swordsman, Gunther.

However, the only one who could oppose him was the kingdom’s sword, Rosberg, leaving no one else to take care of Strasbourg.

Some voices in the kingdom did suggest sending reinforcements to Strasbourg, only to be turned down by Kurats.

He felt he’d be able to fight more freely without superfluous allies being added to the lot.

After all, Bashtar’s main fighting force in this battle was made up of Nosferatus, not humans.

【”It’s been a while, sir Rosberg.”】
【”I’ve been longing for the day I’d be able to face you again, sir Gunther.”】

Robserg and Gunther both were glaring at each-other as they came closer.

But when their horses finally brought them at the halfway point across Kozun, they actually felt happy to meet.

―― Their last meeting was from roughly ten years ago.

That day, Rosberg had not failed to live up to his reputation as being matchless in the Kingdom.

It was also the day he had acquired his title as the kingdom’s sword.

Gunther, on the other hand, had only been an up-and-coming swordsman who had just made a name for himself in Asgard.

That day, he had been accompanying emperor Heimdall on a visit to Jormungand, while Rosberg had been attending personally to the king as the head of the royal guard.

And so happened their first meeting.

Rewinding back to that day.

One glance was all it took for Rosberg and Gunther to see each-other’s extraordinary talent.

Finding interest in the situation, Heimdall proposed that they have a bout with each other.

A battle between the head of the royal guard and a mere knight.

This should have been an unacceptable proposition given the respective status of both fighters.

However, since emperor Heimdal was the one who had brought it up, and more importantly, since Gunther and Rosberg themselves wanted to fight, the proposition was accepted.

The fight was to take place in a circular training ground called the Colosseum; a building that carried Jormungand’s pride.

And so, the contestants engaged in a face-off destined to still be a topic of discussion in both countries until present day.

Against Rosberg’s stampede of attacks, Gunther showed the defensive power of an impregnable fortress.

Despite the misleadingly imposing “Devil swordsman” title that would later be attributed to him, his true power lied in his defense.

The fierce fight allowed them both to showcase their techniques to the limit. 

It becaùe dizzying clash between offense and defense, lasting for two whole hours.

The sight of it was so captivating that even Heimdall and Christopher’s palms became sweaty by then.

The coming end of the allotted time pushed both fighters to take a breath and ready themselves to deal the final blow at the same time.

Rosberg chose to hold his sword high-up above him.

Gunther, on the other hand, slightly lowered his upper-body, holding his sword down-low.

In an instant, there were two simultaneous flashes. A lighting-fast spark.

Before the audience could understand what had happened, the two contestants had exchanged positions, and Gunther’s sword had been snapped in half.

【”―― Looks like I lost.”】

Gunther smiled wryly while looking at his broken sword, but Rosberg shook his head.

【”No, I put everything into that blow, and you were still able to block it. I’m the losing party here.”】

Rosberg had put all his power in that blow.

Although Rosberg had managed to break his sword, Gunther had still perfectly protected himself against the attack.

With his skills at the time, Rosberg would not have been able to break through Gunther’s defense and hurt him.

No matter what anyone else said, Rosberg felt he had completely lost that day.

【”I will state the result of this bout! Both parties have fought splendidly!”】

Heimdall raised his right hand and declared loudly, not hiding his excitement.

Following his words, both Gunther and Rosberg politely bowed their heads and kneeled.

This was the last time Rosberg and Gunther ever clashed swords.

After that, Gunther earned the title of Devil Swordsman and became the commander of the Asgard empire’s strongest army.

All of this ultimately led to the current situation, in the present day.

【”Don’t think I’ll go easy on you this time.”】

This was a tacit threat. Rosberg was saying he would be using his magic sword, Gerlach.

【”Neither will I. Prepare to see the quintessence of the Asgard empire’s advanced magic technology.”】

It terms of pure numbers, Rosberg had the advantage. Gunther’s first army had 40,000 soldiers, while Rosberg’s army was composed of members of the knight order and the royal guard, amounting to 50,000.

However, when it came to special forces, Gunther had the clear advantage, starting from the Chaos magic riders.

As for whether the kingdom’s mage order led by Mordred would be enough to make up for that difference, it wasn’t clear.

【”We’ll settle that fight today. For good.”】
【”You can’t count on his majesty’s mediation this time around.”】

The bout from ten years ago had certainly ended with a draw, but Gunther had still blocked Rosberg’s most powerful attack. Had Gunther been able to use two swords, he would have won.
Or so he was implying.

【”Humph, so that’s what you’re really like?”】
【”The Devil swordsman, willing to use any means to win. That’s my true nature.”】

The enemies both showed broad smiles.

Despite their difference in character, they were both just men who clumsily threaded their paths through life, with battles being their only true living-ground.

【”I’ll see you later then, on the battlefield.”】
【”I’ll be looking forward to it.”】

◆  ◆  ◆

Translator’s note: Damn, the bromance.

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