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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 107

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Chapter 107

◆  ◆  ◆

【”Master, the subordinates you asked for have come.”】

One night, Triestella entered Kurats’ bedroom without a sound.

【”Really? That was fast.”】
【”They’re all looking forward to receiving master’s energy after all.”】

Triestella didn’t have to specify that she was looking forward to it as well.

That was already crystal clear form the way she licked her lips and smiled.

Soon, fifty of her subordinates, all elites among the Nosferatus, appeared before Kurats.

They were all beauties above average, but not a single one of them looked older than Kurats, who was still in his teenage years.

And apparently, they had the personalities to match their looks.

【”… It’s amazing, will this thing be able to come in?”】
【”To think this overwhelmed even mistress Triestella, it’s like a dream.”】
【”Really? Wow… Then we’re gonna have to give it our best today!”】

【”Are these girls really your elites?”】

Asked Kurats, while feeling drained already.

【”O-oh my… Girls! Do not embarrass me!”】

Triestella shouted at the girls who were rudely staring at a certain part of Kurats with their faces red.

【”Mistress Triestella got angry~!”】
【”She really can’t go against the master~~”】

Triestella was a proud leader who had a tight grasp over her subordinates. They couldn’t help but scream upon seeing this side of her, which they had never witnessed before.

There were actually two types of Nosferatus: The True bloods and the subspecies.

There were only a few true bloods, and even for them it was difficult to give birth to other true bloods without having a very high quality of energy.

These girls, though still young, were all true bloods meant to be the Nosferatus of the next era.

【”Whatever, I guess it’s fine. Take off everything and come here so I can make you my subordinates.”】
【”Oooooh♪ This is going to be a feast~!”】

―― A few hours later.

【”No more. Please stop, I’m gonna die.”】
【”I-I understand now why this overwhelmed mistress Triestella…”】

Upon getting Kurats’ energy, the Nosferatus obtained enormous power.

Their appearances changed as well. They now looked like they were in their early twenties.

Soon, they were going to pledge their allegiance to Kurats from the bottom of their hearts and become his elite guards, but that’s a story for later.

◆  ◆  ◆

【”Do not drop your guard because they’re small! Even small fries can kill humans!”】

The former mercenary, Bernard, was leading an army of volunteering soldiers to guard the main road to the Bolivia mines.

【”It’s not like there is anything difficult about this job…”】

One of the volunteers complained as his sword cut through a goblin.

Since Triestella had made her army pull back to the north, only low-ranked monsters with low intelligence such as goblins and orcs would appear on the road.

Moreover, their numbers were less than one-tenth what they used to be.

For a well-trained and well-organized human army, this was akin to hunting regular animals.

【”If you don’t like it, I can definitely make you work your ass off.”】

Bernard answered the seemingly unsatisfied man with a cynical grin.

These men were quite capable mercenaries who had been pulled into the army by Bernard with promises of gold.

They couldn’t be allowed to stay idle and do nothing, hence why they were on guard duty on the roads.

Still, Bernard believed there was no way that Kurats would quietly confine himself inside Bashtar. Something was bound to happen.

【”―― Come on, Bernard, do something. I only came on board because you said you had a good job for me.”】
【”And now I’m telling you to be a bit more patient. There should be some action soon.”】
【”…I envy Bruno’s guys.”】

If he had known that the monsters behind the great invasion of old were going to attack, this man would have come much sooner, even if that would have meant severing the contracts he already had at the time.

After all, he was the type who liked fighting above all else.

The name of this man, who had a splendid physique comparable to that of Kurats as well as a strict-looking and rugged face was McClain Vargas.

Though he was only in the middle of his thirties, he had 20 years of experience in combat. There was no one who didn’t know him among mercenaries.

He had once been a high-ranking noble, until the day he stumbled upon a rare magic sword and made a name for himself as a warrior.

When it came to one-to-one combat, neither Bruno nor Bernard could claim to be his equal.

He was also a talented commander who had once led the mercenary group known as ‘Owl’s eye’.

As a group, Owl’s eye only had around 500 men, but they were sought after by many nations for their reputation. It was said they were more powerful than army of 3000.

However, unfortunately, due to the many people dying in consequence of the battle maniac McClain’s choice of only picking the harshest battlefields, most members had left the group a year ago, fearing for their lives.

There were only 30 members left, all of whom had the same thirst for battle as McClain.

With McClain at their center, the standing army of Bashtar was composed of 200 men who were all thoroughly trained by Bernard.

On top of that, there was also a public safety force of 500, but it was not suited for combat and was more of a type of police force which was needed to maintain order in Bashtar.

Given the scale of Bashtar economically-wise, the territory could easily afford to maintain an army of several thousand men, but putting together a full-fledged standing army was not something that could be achieved in a day.

That being the case, the only solution for the time being was to set up a small force centered only around mercenaries who had a lot of experience in battle.

【”So, what are you expecting? Who will be the next opponent?”】

New clouds of war were coming to Bashtar.

Bernard and McClain could feel it through their skin.

Though they had no interest in politics, they were still able to somehow feel the coming of a battle with their sharp intuition acquired through their experiences at war.

They were both convinced that they were about to face a battle the likes of which they had never experienced before.

That was why McClain had answered Bernard’s call, and why Bernard was hurrying to train his men.

【”Who knows, maybe it’ll be the Asgard empire itself.”】

Though Bernard was not putting much weight behind his words, the two men would find out in a mere two days that this prediction was completely right.

◆  ◆  ◆

【”―― What’s the meaning of this? Who are these women?”】

Seeing the group of exceptionally beautiful women, Lunaria spoke with her fists clenched and vein popping out on her forehead.

【”…They’re Triestella’s subordinates. I’m going to incorporate them in the army. “】
【”Oho? Tristella’s subordinates?”】

Frigga’s pupils were sparkling with interest.

That was because she could guess these women were all Nosferatus.

Due to being entrusted with the role of commander on the front lines by Kurats during the attack against the territory, Frigga had personally experienced the toughness of Nosferatus.

By having such a large group of them on their side, Bashtar had the equivalent of an army of thousands of men.

Perhaps one could argue that there was not much use for such an army given that Kurats had the power of tens of thousands of soldiers by himself, but as a commander, Frigga still felt delighted since this meant she would get more subordinates to lead on the battlefield.

Which was not to say that she had failed to heed the fact that these extremely beautiful women were making eyes at Kurats.

―― Around that time, the messenger from the capital finally arrived in Bashtar.

【”Is the count of Bashtar present?”】
【”That’s me. What is it?”】
【”I’ve come to communicate an order from his majesty. Due to the intervention of Asgard’s second army on the marquis of Strasbourg’s side, the punitive force led by General Leclerc has been vanquished.
For that reason, your grace, you have been called to subjugate the enemy in their stead.”】
(The second army? Then…)
『The army of the mad princess, was it?』

Kurats had heard that the strength of the mad princess was comparable to Rosberg’s. She would make for a not too shabby opponent.

【”―― Interesting. Tell his majesty that his order has been well received.”】

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