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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 105

Chapter 105 is here!

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Chapter 105

【”So, Clodette, what do you think about becoming this blockhead’s wife?”】
【”Huh? No way~ I mean, lord Kurats and I are gonna have a child together!”】
【”Whaaaat? When did that happen?!”】

Marika loudly snarled at Clodette.

Meanwhile, Marlow’s earlier cocky attitude and excitement had only served to quicken his astonishment.

It was a great shock for him to learn that Clodette was ahead of him when it came to relationships.

He could never have pictured Clodette as the type of woman who would consider things like childbirth.

【”After all, ever since lord Kurats helped me after I was thrown away from the tax office, I’ve had eyes for no one but him!”】

Clodette boldly declared her feelings for Kurats.

Marlow could not keep silent after being disregarded like so.

【”Who is that Kurats?! I’m giving you the opportunity to be the first lady of the mighty Weichs company! “】

Not only was Clodette’s appearance right in Marlo’s strike zone, her exceptional accounting skills were appealing to the company as well.

He had already known how gifted she was all the way back in their school days.

【”Marlow, going back to the time we were at the capital’s business school, you’ve never learned how to listen to people, have you?”】

Clodette let out a long sigh and shook her head.

Indeed, she and Marlow had once been classmates at a business school.

Back then, Marlow had arbitrarily decided she would be his wife and followed her around, but he quickly did an about-face when he found she had decided to join the tax office.

However, in his brain, that story had apparently turned into a tragic story of two lovers torn apart from each other by a strict father.

【”D-do you think you can just oppose me with no consequences?”】
【”You’re just raising flags for yourself at this point.”】

Marlow frowned at Marika in response to her cold dig at him, dubious as to what she was getting at.

【”Listen up already. I am the lord of Bashtar. If you make a move on my woman, you better be ready to face off against me.”】

Suddenly, Marlow felt like he did recall this out-of-standard giant from somewhere.

That alone let him immediately know that he was truly the lord of Bashtar.

Marlow was also skilled enough as merchant to know to let his intuition pull him through this situation.

【”―― I suppose we were not meant for each other. It’s a shame. I will sincerely root for your happiness.”】

Through and through, he was the type to quickly shift his position.

【”Still can’t bring yourself to oppose anyone superior to you? I see you haven’t changed either.”】

Unable to catch Clodette’s meaning, Marlow Weichs left in a hurry as if nothing had happened.

【”Ehehe…. I actually said it!”】

After confessing earlier in the heat of the moment, Clodette pushed her blushing face against Kurats’ back to hide herself.

Even though she was hardly the type to be bashful, she still couldn’t help feeling some embarrassment from confessing.

【”I won’t be able to let go after you said something so cute, you know? “】
【”If it’s with you, lord Kurats, I’ll be glad if you keep holding me. “】

With a bashful smile, Clodette gently closed her eyes as Kurats turned around.

Even Kurats was not dense enough to not know what her gesture meant.

After all, he had amassed a lot of experience as of late.

He put his hand on her cheek as if to invite her closer…


【” Don’t you steal a march on me, Clodette. “】
【” O-ouch… Then, won’t it be fine if you hold him together with me? I wouldn’t be stealing a march on you then, right?”】

Marika couldn’t allow Clodette, whom she had always thought of as a brat, to beat her to the punch as a woman.

She raised her eyes and turned towards Kurats.

【”After all this time, I’m not gonna be put on hold all by myself! So, I’ll say it! I am in love with you, too, lord Kurats! “】
【”R-right… “】

 Then, in an awkward silence, the two friends each held on to one of Kurats’ arms.

――That night, they both climbed the stairs to adulthood.

【”Iih… It was different from what mom told me ~!”】
【”I have no idea how her highness Lunaria and the others managed to keep lord Kurats satisfied…”】

The next morning, Marika and Clodette did not even get up from bed, and for the first time since their arrival, they did not show up for work.

Furthermore, Lunaria, Cornelia and Frigga summoned them during the day to give them a lecture about what they had to know to be Kurats’ women.

【”In short, you have to understand that there are power differences in this world that love alone cannot overcome.” 】

This was the conclusion that Lunaria, Cornelia and Frigga had reached after their numerous defeats.

【”All we can do is make the best use of our limited war potential, you see?”】

Their decrease in ‘war potential’ was a life or death situation for them. They felt it was genuine problem that had to be dealt with.

【”Clodette’s youthful body will be useful… And with two additional members, then maybe……” 】
【” I-iiih.. “】
【”―Gulp― “】0

Clodette and Marika shivered as they recalled the overwhelming battle of the night before.

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  2. Mio

    Thanks for the chapter desu~

    [Unable to catch Clodette’s meaning, Welson Weichs left in a hurry as if nothing had happened.]

    How the fuck did Marlow turn into a Welson!?!?!?

    [【”Iih… It was different from what mom told me ~!”】]

    He actually lewded the almost innocent girl! I’m a little envious, but I prefer legal lolis more.

    [【”Who is that Kurrats?! I’m giving you the opportunity to be the first lady of the mighty Weichs company! “】]
    * Kurrats —> Kurats

    [Not only was Clodette’s appearance right in Marlo’s strike zone, her exceptional accounting skills were appealing to the company as well.]
    * Marlo —> Marlow

    [Clodette and Marika shievered as they recalled the overwhelming battle of the night before.]
    * shievered —> shivered

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