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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 103

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Chapter 103

On the day of the date.

Kurats could see that when she tried, Marika was just as beautiful as Lunaria and Frigga. 

Her intelligent black eyes had a deep radiance to them, and her splendid red hair fell on her shoulders with a powerful luster.

Her chest wasn’t that big but still had a well-defined shape, which did not emphasize her appeal excessively. 

That was a nice fit with Marika’s intellectual-beauty style.

Unlike the way she looked at work, today she seemed to be somewhat less confident in herself. 

There was a different atmosphere to her, the kind that would make men want to protect her.

As a matter of fact, even though she was wearing a big hat to hide  away her shyness from the date to come, she had been approached by more  than ten men already while waiting. 

【”Geez, so slow….”】

Clodette was the one who had claimed she wanted to do a proper  meet-up now that the long-awaited date had come, and yet she wasn’t here  yet.

That being said, there was admittedly still some time before the time they had agreed on. 

Marika, serious as ever, had shown up 30 minutes early. 

【”Whoever’s making you wait, he ain’t worth it. How about you and I go hang out and…”】
【”I refuse.”】

Marika gave an immediate answer without letting the man finish his sentence.

Of course, the man was enraged. 

Though she was a beautiful woman, the man felt that his pride was  hurt seeing as she had given him the cold shoulder and made herself  completely unapproachable.

【”Who do you think you are to act so high and mighty?!”】

He clenched his fist in an attempt to intimidate Marika through violence. 

Had he come 5 minutes earlier, the man might have had the time to attack her and even take her away.

However, Marika had long seen the giant figure approaching from the street corner.

【”Raising your hand against Marika? You’ve got some guts.”】
【”Wha-… W-who the hell are you?!”】

As his arm was suddenly grabbed before he could swing it down at Marika, the man startledly looked behind him.

Though Kurats showed a beaming smile, there were flames of fury in his eyes. 

He looked down at the man, who could not be considered to be short by normal standards.

The man could tell at one glance that the giant behind him had a profession that specialized in violence.

Though he did not want to admit it, he knew he was not his match. His   instincts, rather than his reason, sensed the overwhelming difference  in  power. 

It felt like he was surrounded by a regiment of fully armed knights. 

【”You know, she has a hundred bodyguards assigned just to her who’d  be willing to die for her. And more importantly, she’s my important  woman.”】

The man groaned in pain as Kurats tightened his hand around his wrist.

Using both arms, the man desperately tried to push himself away, but Kurats did not budge in the slightest.

In his confusion, the man went for a kick and head-butt, only to end up suffering a concussion himself and collapsing. 

【”Hey, come on, are you alright?”】

Kurats shook the man by the shoulders until his consciousness came back.

Struck by fear, he took out his pocket knife.


He thrust the knife forward towards Kurats’ wrist, which was one  whole size thicker than his own, and he pierced right through it… Or so  he wished.

The knife made an empty sound and slid down Kurats wrist. He had absorbed the shock.

The man was able to feel that the knife had been repelled through the power of the muscles around Kurats’ wrist alone.

【”I-iiiiiih! I-I’m sorry!”】

The man felt weak in the knees, he couldn’t stand anymore. Thankfully  for him, he did not have to stand seeing as Kurats grabbed him and  easily threw him away with a small spin. 

The man spinned in the air, breaking the board fence of a stable  more than 12 meters away, smashing through a piled up hill of straw, and  finishing his journey face first in a pile of horse dung.

【”I guess that’s why should never make a beauty wait.”】
【”No, that’s… He’s the only one at fault here… so I guess what I’m saying is…  Thank you very much.”】

A prince had gallantly dashed to her rescue to protect her from ruffians.

Faced with such a fable-like situation, Marika’s maiden gears were turning at full throttle.

It was at this moment Clodette barged in with no regard for the mood.

【”Unfaaaaair~! Why is there a nice atmosphere when I haven’t even made it yet?!”】

―― Bam. 


Clodette pressed her hands on her belly and fell to her knees.

Marika’s usual small hits on Clodette’s head had escalated into a well targeted hit in her stomach. 

Her forehead was twitching upon realizing what she had done but she still showed a bewitching smile. 

【”…Clodette … The situations had gotten in a good place just now, so I’m asking you to read the air, is that okay?”】
【”M-marika, so mature~~”】

Air-headed as she was, Clodette still couldn’t help but see through Marika’s current feelings. 

She knew that Marika was actually a dreamy girl who loved plays and such. 

【”Alright, this is no place to fight, let’s go.”】
【”Iiih! Yes, let’s go ~ “】
【”…Can’t be helped. I guess I’ll let you have this one, Clodette.”】

Assessing that it was not a good call to ruin Kurats’ mood over this, Marika upped her own mood and was suddenly perfectly fine.

The speed of that change was to be expected of the mighty woman who managed Bashtar’s finances. 

That being said, it seemed like she was still feeling a little shy. 

She’d been looking at Kurats’ hand for a while, and when he noticed  that and grabbed her hand in return, she showed a wide, childish smile. 

The north-western side of Narak had now turned into a night-less  entertainment district, providing the influx of workers a space to  relax.
It was only able to grow this fast into what it currently was thanks to Kurats town-planning through his magic.

To gather building materials, he had cut down forests like he was  cutting through a fish with a kitchen knife. This had also spared him  the inconvenience of having to find empty land to work his magic upon.

He had also physically crushed the rubble and rocks around.

Thus, once he gathered the people and money needed, he was able to  build recreational facilities as he willed, and merchants gathered there  on their own.

Narak soon became a boiling pot for people of all trades, be they harlots, street performers, or bands. 

In Bashtar, even the lowest workers of the Bolivia mine had some money spend. 

【”T-there sure are a lot of people wearing daring clothes here…”】

Marika couldn’t help herself from blushing when she saw harlots with  their backs and chests extremely exposed, flirting with the men passing  by the road.

However, shyness aside, Marika could not hide her interest. She stole  glances at the harlots’ fashion choices, like a young girl finding out  about matters that pertained to physical relations. 

Well, given how she had focused on her work all her life due to her  great talent, perhaps it could be said that she had the mental age of a  young girl when it came to that topic. 

【”Lord Kurats, du you like these sorts of clothes?”】

Kurats answered Clodette’s innocent question with a wry smile.

【”I’m very possessive, so I wouldn’t want my women to show themselves  like that to other men. But if we were alone together, I definitely  wouldn’t mind seeing it.”】

Perhaps because she had just imagined herself in that inappropriate situation, Marika became beet red and let out a wild scream.

【”Oh my, you’re picturing it? Marika, you’re so lewd!”】
【”Read. The. Air.”】

―― Bam. 

【”Ouch… Marika, you shouldn’t hit a girl in her stomach…”】
【”What was that?”】
【”Iiiiih… Sorry…”】
【”You’ve sure toughened up, Marika…”】

Kurats spoke while averting his eyes.
Be it her power over those  bureaucrats from before, or those unladylike shows of brutality, perhaps  they were proof of Marika throwing away some important human features  through her many experiences. 

Kurats had cold sweat on his forehead. 

Taking a left turn at the end of the harlot quarters, the group  reached the theater they were looking for, but what caught the attention  of Kurats and the girls was a street performer in front of it.

【”Come closer and see! Raquel here is the most powerful man in the  city! For him, knight armors might as well be paper! If he can pierce  through this splendid armor, I want you to be generous with your  donations!”】

The audience cheered together as the large man, who wasn’t wearing anything above the belt, showed off his muscles.

【”Ooh, looks interesting.”】
【”I don’t think he’s comparable to you, lord Kurats, but…”】

Granted, Kurats’ strength was far beyond the realm of what was  humanly possible, but he had never made use of it for such a show.
It felt fresh.


―― Dong!

The man took a splendid stance, planted his feet on the ground, and punched forward.
With a dull sound, his fist pierced right through the armor.

When the presenter of the show pointed at the now pierced armor, the spectators loudly applauded and threw money on the stage. 

【”Now, is there any warrior here who compares with Raquel? If you can beat him, you’ll receive one gold coin!”】

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  1. Mio

    Thanks for the chapter desu~

    [【”Now, is there any warrior here who compares with Raquel? If you can beat him, you’ll receive one gold coin!”】]

    Kurats, the youthful and wealthy territory lord, desires that gold coin more than anything in the world right now.

    [【”I guess that’s why should never make a beauty wait.”】]
    * why should —> why I should

    [In Bashtar, even the lowest workers of the Bolivia mine had some money spend.]
    * money spend —> money to spend

    [【”Lord Kurats, du you like these sorts of clothes?”】]
    * du —> do

  2. The Butt Wizard

    【”Now, is there any warrior here who compares with Raquel? If you can beat him, you’ll receive one gold coin!”】

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