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Population Control – Chapter 20 (Part 2)

This is a translation of a Japanese novel. You can read the Raw here.

This is a work of fiction, with depictions of violence such as death of many people at a time. It is not suitable for readers under 15.

Hey everyone, I hope you’re doing alright!

I had to take a big break on this novel to focus on other stuff due to the whole Covid thing. I ended up having to pay 6 months of rent that I wasn’t planning for at all, plus things got a bit crazy.

Here’s to hoping things will get better now!

Anyway, here’s the chapter, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 20: The right property (Part 2)


The combined assets of myself and the Kageyama&Co company are already close to 30 billion yen. 

This would be the equivalent of 250 billion yen here in Nigeria, considering the income gap with Japan.

This is probably enough to put me on Nigeria’s list of richest people.

As for Japan, I might be able to barely make it among the 100 richest.

Anyone would assume I’d be having a lot of fun with all that money, but the truth is I rarely ever use it for my own enjoyment. 

The condo in Lagos and the food I import from Japan aren’t all that costly.

The semi-suite at the hotel did hurt my wallet in a sense, but that was more of a passive feeling rather than it actually being a considerable expense. 

The most expensive purchase I’ve made so far really was the EX8000 from Hitachi Construction Machinery, but that wasn’t for fun; I fully intend to put it to good use later. 

Once I’m done with the last step of my plan, I’ll have a perpetual money-making system. At that point, I’ll be done with the concept of having to work for money which will make it easier to complete his missions— To thin out the worldwide population.

Lately, I’ve been staying at my place in Lagos, waiting peacefully for the report confirming that the preparations for that last step are done. 

Due to the deterioration of the public order in the streets of Lagos, we still are not allowed to go to work. Hence why I’ve been staying at home.  

Mister Oba and the other employees have also chosen to work from home, with some returning to their countries or going on business trips. 

Before, I was able to work from Japan through email exchanges, but I got worried about my place in Lagos so I returned in a hurry.

I can’t let Charlotte live in this big apartment all on her own.

What was that? Overprotective, you say? I’m not sure I agree.

On one stormy morning, I received a long-awaited a call. 

It was a report from my Lawyer, Lila.

“Boss, I found a place. It’s a little bit far from the river, but it’s a barren mountain and it perfectly fits the conditions. Both the state government and the mining industry tried prospecting in the past, but not much came out of it, so why not take it?”

“Thank you, Lila. How much will it cost me?”

“It was sold by the state to a private party, and the current owner is willing to sell all the rights to it for 3 billion Naira. What should I do?”

3 billion Naira? That’s 920 million yen, isn’t it? It’s well within my budget. 

“Go ahead with the purchase. We’re going to start a mining company and set the head office in Lagos. The procedures should be the same as last time, so I’ll be counting on you for that. Oh, also, make Lucas the president of the company. Thank you.”


And so, with Lila guiding me through the process, I bought a bald mountain, supposed to be unfit to become a mine.

I then gave Lucas a call. 

“What is it, boss? Can this wait? I’m really busy with preparing application papers for that stupid degree right now. I’m busy with the company, too, and…”

“Congratulations, Lucas, you’ve just become the president of a mining company. Lila will get in touch with you about that later.”


“I don’t think you’re busy applying for a degree at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure all that’s left for you to do is to attend your graduation ceremony.
So I’d say you’ve got plenty of free time.
Do not make up excuses.”

“How?! Have you been spying on me like a stalker?! Damn it! Alright! I’ll do it! I’ll  become the president of that…. Did you say… mining company? …Mining? …Actual mines?! That’s the scariest industry right now! You damn devil!”

By getting a peer-reviewed thesis in a foreign journal, Lucas has already met all the requirements for getting a PHD.

 I only checked his schedule to hold a surprise celebration for him, it was totally innocent, and yet this fellow dares to call me a stalker for it. 

“It’s fine. There is nothing to be afraid of.  The IT job wasn’t so bad, was it?”

I don’t really know how qualified Lucas is as a company president, but he’s been doing splendid work as the president of the IT company that serves to outsource the work of my department at Mibu. 

The company has already begun mining cryptocurrency, and currently, it’s in the upper processes of a currency exchange system, meaning it’s coming up with its initial structure. 

Adding to that, the company is working on building a mining-pool recruitment website. 

“Oh, by the way.”

“What now?”

“Charlotte has been saying she wants to go to an American university…”

Indeed, Charlotte told me, and I’ll quote “I enjoyed myself so much in the US, I want to go again! I want to go to an American university!” So I asked her which universities she wanted to send an application to. 

On an unrelated note, since it took me a while to return to Lagos, all the curry roux in my cupboard was gone when I came back. 

“Huh? Which university?”

“UCLA. For out-of-state students living on campus, the tuition and fees at UCLA should range around 50,000 to 60,000 dollars a year.”

“Of course she’d choose a university close to the Kokoichi curry place… Still, 50,000 dollars… I can’t afford that right now.”

“Be at ease. I’ll be taking care of all her tuition fees and living expenses.”

“If you do this, we’ll end up being in your debt for life!”

“Idiot! Did you already forget your days as a scammer?! What’s the big deal about lowering your head compared to that?!”

Charlotte, who was bearing witness to our heated phone call, took my handset from the side. 

“Hello? Lucas, I wanted to say I’ve already decided to repay my debt to mister Kageyama.
Hopefully I’ll be staying overseas for  4 or 5 years. If you keep complaining over and over, I’ll never ever talk to you again.”

Lucas hung his head dejectedly on the other end of the line. 

“A devil in the flesh…”

Ichikawa quietly whispered to herself as she enjoyed some of my wagashi from Japan. 

Ichikawa, when they sent the stay-at-home order… They meant at your own home…

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