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My Death Flags Show No Sign Of Ending – Chapter 116 (Part 1)

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Reminder: Sid, Robinson and Ellen were the three people who were saved by Harold back in the second volume. They were supposed to die in the game, but thanks to his intervention they survived.
All three of them were in the knight order with him, they used to train together, and got along pretty well until Harold went full… well… Harold Stokes and scared them off a bit.

Anyway, here is part 1 of the chapter, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 116 (Part 1)

Five years after Harold left the knight order, he and Sid were reunited.

Thinking back to the past, it was out of a will to save the lives of Sid and his two other companions that Harold had strayed from the original story for the very first time.

He had intervened in the battle at the Bertis forest, where they were supposed to lose their lives, and that had ultimately allowed Justus to put a collar on Harold.

This made it so Cody never left the knight order, and Harold ended up having to become the founder of Frieri in his stead.

He had changed the course of destiny itself, but Sid and the others had such massive death flags that there would have been no saving them without at least that.

So while he was happy to meet Sid again, Harold genuinely had a bad feeling about this.

【”L-long time no see, Harold…”】

Sid wasn’t in the town all by himself, Ellen had come, too.

Rudely enough, it felt to Harold like he was suddenly seeing death flags pop out of the ground. Death flags that he thought he had already broken.

Once the dispute with the members of Frieri was settled, Sid very awkwardly asked Harold if he had some time.

Not wanting to give him the cold shoulder as that would have made him feel guilty, Harold decided he would meet Sid again that very evening, at a bar near his inn.

Sid did not show up alone at the bar, Ellen came along with him. She, too, had once been Harold’s comrade.

【”The hell are you doing here? I wasn’t told about this.”】

【”Uh… S-sorry…”】

There was no trace left of her once unyielding personality. The same could be said about Sid.

Harold was getting worried that they were not feeling well.

Granted, they hadn’t parted with Harold under the best of circumstances, but he did not remember them being so uptight. 

Something was clearly amiss.

【”Where is the tall one?”】

【”O-oh… Robinson is heading to Travis right now.”】

While these two were in Barston, Robinson, the big guy with the scary face, was in Travis.

This meant every member of the trio was in a town close to hordes of monsters that were going to attack soon.

Harold’s bad feeling intensified even further.

Without revealing his state of mind, Harold continued talking.

【”So they just sent the two of you? Why are you even here?”】

【”It’s knight business. We can’t share the details.”】

【”Well, it’s a bit complicated.”】

Elu had already sent a report to the knight order. 

But if Sid and Ellen had been sent in response to that letter, they surely would have mentioned the horde of monsters under the town.

Given their lack of experience, it seemed unlikely that the order would dispatch them on such a mission anyway.

Then again, it was hard to tell if the order would be able to bring any counter-measures at all in the first place.

【”No matter. So, what did you want to tell me? If it’s something stupid, you better be prepared for the consequences.”】

【”No, about that… I just wanted to tell you… that I’m sorry…”】

【”What was that?”】

The words Sid spoke out somewhat hesitantly were utterly unexpected. Judging by Ellen’s silence, she was probably here for the same reason.

That being said, Harold sincerely had no idea why they were apologizing.

He’d still understand if they’d given him a reluctant ‘thank you’. 

Rather, their natural reaction should have been to solely ask him why he had become a traitor to the country.

【”Is that supposed to be a joke?”】

【”I-I’m not joking!”】

【”Why else in the world would you apologize to the man who betrayed the country?”】

Indeed, that was supposed to be Harold’s image in the eyes of Sid, Ellen… and most people in the Liber kingdom.

The fact that they were in the knight order meant they had probably heard plenty of rumors, and more importantly, they had seen Harold wearing a uniform of the empire on that day.

He had defeated an enemy commander, but in the end, that story had been spinned into him having a falling out with his accomplice and almost murdering him.

Although there was never any confirmation of that ridiculous explanation, it had basically become a fact in the eyes of the world after the jury ruled for Harold’s execution.

【”…Harold, they say that you betrayed the knight order, but I can’t believe that.”】


【”No… That’s not it. The truth is I’ve always wanted to believe that you didn’t do it… but I couldn’t back then.”】

Sid kept talking like he was confessing to a crime.

What actually surprised Harold was hearing that Sid wanted to believe in his innocence.

【”Not that I care either way, but what made you change your mind?”】

【”There was someone who was attacked by monsters during a mission and was saved right before succumbing to the monsters’ attacks. I heard the story from that person firsthand.”】

Hearing this brought up some old memories in Harold’s mind.

If he remembered right, this was something that had happened a while into his days under Justus’ control.

He had encountered a group of about 10 knights from the knight order about to be wiped out by monsters, and though he had intervened, he had only managed to save two of them, both of whom had been severely injured to the point of having to retire.

Sid had probably heard the story from one of them.

【”That person looked after me a lot back when I was still new in the order… so when I heard of their serious injuries, I went to pay them a visit. They told me about a lot of things at the time.”】

Sid looked up and stared at Harold like he could see through his eyes.

【”At the time, that person said ‘My life was saved by Harold Stokes’.”】

It wasn’t strange for that knight to have known Harold’s name and appearance. Besides, it was true that Harold had intervened out of good intentions, so that interpretation was not surprising.

However, Harold still felt like that was not a compelling enough reason to assume he had not betrayed the kingdom.

If it was possible to make people believe in him so easily, Harold wouldn’t have had to go through so much trouble in the first place.

【”After hearing that story, I became more and more confused about you…”】

Sid had never wanted to believe Harold was a traitor. But there had been no doubting it back then given what Sid had seen with his own eyes and the jury’s final decision.

And yet, after leaving the knight order, that same traitorous Harold had saved Sid’s benefactor.

Thinking about all that, it was easy to imagine the emotional turmoil Sid had been through.

But there was more to his story.

【”I kept worrying about this for days… but it’s only when I went to visit that person again that I realized it. I realized that maybe you were tangled up in something… “】

Translator’s note: The next part will be here soon. Btw, the knight’s gender was never specified, so I had to improvise.

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