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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 101

Chapter 101 is here! Sorry if you tried to read chapter 100 and failed, it shouldn’t happen this time.

Anyway, here’s the chapter, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 101

【”That idiot! He already sold off to the empire?!”】

The mad princess’ Red Jaguars were known throughout the continent.

Seeing one of the two best generals of the Asgard empire and her forces step out of the Strasbourg castle, Leclerc accurately guessed the situation.

The reason Albert had stood firm despite the clear numerical inferiority of his own forces was probably because he knew he’d have the backing of the Asgard empire.

Despite once being in the position of shouldering the kingdom, he had sold out to the enemy.

(Does he have no shame?!)

Leclerc was normally not the type to display his emotions, but right now, he was so angry his canines were showing as he clenched his teeth.

As a general of the kingdom’s army, Leclerc had pledged allegiance to his country. This unforgivable betrayal was something he could never have imagined happening.

No matter what it would take, he had to quickly stop the enemy here, before the shock of Albert joining the empire would spread to the rest of the kingdom.

(Still… That doesn’t change the fact that this is that mad princess…)

Because of his natural calm demeanor, Leclerc was able to perceive the out-of-norm strength of the red-armored Red Jaguars and the mad princess in the form of a visible cloud of power.

The rumors were true. There were about 5000 soldiers among the red jaguars, but their power was probably beyond that of a punitive force of 12000 men.

From Leclerc’s perspective, Skuld’s leadership looked fantastic as well.

Although she was silent, she seemed full of unspoken confidence. Her quiet attitude allowed her to restrain herself just enough to not openly display her vigorous fighting spirit.

Leclerc was not sure if the kingdom’s sword, Rosberg, himself would be able to handle such a commander…

【”Say, Theodore…”】

Leclerc spoke to his senior adjudant, who had been following him all the way back to his days as a common knight.

【”…Did we draw the shortest straw on this one?”】
【”What are you saying?! Being able to deal with that mad princess should be our honor as warriors, right?”】
【”Still feels like a waste to clash swords with a beauty like her.”】
【”It’s precisely because she’s a beauty that we need to step up and show her what’s what..】

The two men both grinned at each other.

【”I guess it wouldn’t be so bad to lose my life dancing with a stunner.”】
【”Right? That’s what being a man is all about.”】

With a tense expression, Leclerc took a deep breath, and shouted extremely loud.

【”Tell sir Lagrange and those accompanying him to leave. We are about to have a proper showdown with the mad princess over here.”】

It was not easy for a once defeated army to raise its morale anew. That was especially true when counting the shock of seeing Skuld appear.

Given the situation, Leclerc assessed that Lagrange and the other nobles would no longer add to his war potential.

That being the case, it was better to have them escape, so that they may become worthy war potential in the future.

There was no need for anyone other than Leclerc and his men to lay down their lives.

From a distance, Skuld did not fail to notice the high fighting spirits shown by Leclerc’s forces as they readied themselves to shield their allies.

【”Will I get to face a somewhat decent man? He does seem to have way more guts than that delicate Albert.”】

Skuld showed a cheerful smile.

Skuld watched Leclerc and assessed his potential as an enemy like she was out wine-tasting at a vineyard.

Although they were not at the red jaguars’ level, the enemy’s soldiers still suppressed their fear and reaffirmed their resolve.

There were few commanders in the world who could get their soldiers to be ready for death.
It was clear that Leclerc had both the skill and personality to commend trust from others.

【”Still―― it’s not enough.”】

Skuld spoke in a beautiful voice as she slowly brushed back her hair. It looked as if she was singing and dancing.

The sight of her beautiful blond hair sparkling from the touch of sunlight felt mysterious and otherworldly.

But the true essence of the scene was naught more than the play of a witch ready to toy with her opponents’ lives.
After determining Leclerc’s worth as an enemy, Skuld’s cheerful smile turned cruel.

【”This will make for a decent appetizer, I suppose. I’ll be left a bit unsatisfied, so please do put in the energy to make up for it.”】

Skuld was not satisfied with Leclerc’s and his soldiers’ readiness to die.

For Skuld, a battle was all about the fun she could have with her opponent.

In her eyes, fun was the most important factor in life.

【”Now, let us dance! Follow my lead.”】

Leclerc did not think that he was done for, he still felt like his chances of victory were not at 0.

After all, the power of the Surtr Lævateinn weapon that had destroyed the alphonse armors in one blow was no less genuine than earlier.

He felt like even the red Jaguars would not be able to disregard the destructive power of this new magic.

【”There is no such thing as an invincible enemy. Focus on staying calm and prepare to catch whatever they throw at us.”】

The soldiers roared in response to Leclerc as if to cheer their own selves up.

Number-wise, there was almost no difference between them and the enemy. The opponents were humans just like them, if their heads were to fall, they would die.

That being said, the red jaguars were still in another category than other humans in every sense.

As the red jaguars’ vanguard rushed forward like arrows out of a bow, Jormungand’s forces prepared a solid square formation to intercept them.

【”Pierce them throuuuuuuuugh!”】

In an orderly fashion, the spearmen at the frontline lowered their backs and pushed up their spears with all their strength, aiming them towards the coming Red Jaguars.

In accordance with their training, their spears were aimed precisely at the opponents’ chests.

The red jaguars were already rushing at terrific speeds and could not avoid the spears.

No matter how strong their armors were, they would be able to escape the fate of being skewered at this speed.


With a dull sound of an impact, not only the spears but Jormungand’s soldiers themselves were sent flying backwards
Through them, the impact swallowed up the many allies who were standing right behind them, turning Jormungand’s vanguard forces into a chaotic mess.

【”W-what is that?”】

Upon giving them a close look, he noticed there was a weak red light on each of the armors equipped by the red jaguars.
Those lights were likely the true reason why the spears were repelled.
The magic power contained by the armors exceeded even the Alphonse magic riders of the Strasbourg army.

【”Don’t tell me―― These… These are the original models?!”】
【”Absolutely not. Do not compare these armors to those toys.”】

While frowning in displeasure, Skuld threw a spear.<figure>


The spear she casually threw forward pierced through more than then jormungand soldiers and grazed Leclerc’s cheek before vanishing into thin air.
Leclerc looked ahead, trembling as blood dripped from his cheek down to his chin.

【”S-so powerful…”】

A spear that pierces through ten soldiers and then keeps flying even further away.
Leclerc could not begin to guess how much strength would be necessary to pull that off.

Although they weren’t as powerful as Skuld, the red Jaguars also had high strength and defense, far above anything a common soldier of Jormungand could attain.

Nothing was as demoralizing in a battle as seeing one’s allies’ attacks not working.
When he noticed panic was about to spread in the chaotic ranks of his vanguard, Leclerc shouted with great determination.

【”Do not fall back! My brave soldiers, give me your lives! “】
【”It’s time to show the mad princess Skuld what Jormungand’s soldiers can do!”】

Adjutant Theodore followed up on Leclerc’s yell with inspiring words.

Perhaps that alone would not be sufficient to stop their army from falling apart, but Leclerc and Theodore also threw themselves at the front line as they spoke.
By having their commanders take the head of their forces, the army was barely able to stand on the very verge of collapse and continue fighting in a organized fashion.

【”Aim at the gaps in their armors! Otherwise, go for their toes and knees to bring them down!”】
【”Follow the general’s pace, do not fall behind!”】

Skuld felt true admiration for the courage of the brave soldiers who continued fighting without losing hope despite their hopeless inferiority.

【”Lovely, this is lovely. And that is exactly why, I’m going to have to show you despair!”】

With a charming smile, Skuld raised her arm very high up and then sharply lowered it down.

【”Trample them down! Eat them up!”】

The armors were the crystallization of the magic machinery the empire of Asgard took pride in, the decisive weapon, Hellfire.

While the magic rider Chaos was made to be larger for versatility’s sake and in order to increase its strength, these Hellfire armors were made to be smaller version of it, which specialized in reinforcing large groups of fighters.
Since it was possible for a humans wear it as is, like a regular armor, the wearers were able to move around just like ordinary soldiers.

And yet, despite having no shortcomings when it came to movement, they gained a tenfold attack and defense boost.
If they were fine with having the boost last only for a short time, that amplification could even turn into a hundredfold increase.

【”Resist! Resist with everything you’ve got!”】

Leclerc’s shout came in vain as the battle turned into a one-sided slaughter.

The attacks of Jormungand’s soldiers had no effect, while the Red Jaguars’ spears were easily piercing through them.

Even so, Leclerc and his men kept resisting desperately, blocking the enemy’s spears with their bodies, and using the corpses of their comrades as walls to hide behind.

Their minds were solely focused on their purpose: gaining time to make way of their last ray of hope.

【”Magic loading, completed!”】
【”Coordinates, fixed!”】
【”Magic amplification, maximum output, activated!”】

The long wait for the mage soldiers’ incantation to finish was finally over.
This time around, they had gathered even more magic power than when repelling the Alphonse magic riders.

【”But the general is still…”】
【”Shoot at the general. That’s… That’s his will.”】
【”…But then…”】

At the head of the frontline, Leclerc was fighting against several Red Jaguars.

He warded off an opponent’s spear, but his left arm was sent flying as a price.

He could no longer hold on.

With a hearty laugh, Leclerc looked back at his allies.

【”It’s fine, just fire! This is my will as a man, let me fulfill it!”】
【”―― Surtr Lævateinn, FIRE!”】

An incandescent heat beam was fired.

As they had no magic defensive measures, the jormungand soldiers in the beam’s trajectory were swallowed up by its scorching energy.

As a spear pierced all the way through him, Leclerc gazed with a satisfied smile at the white light wrapping both him and the Red Jaguars up.

【”Never look down on the Jormungand kingdom’s forces!”】
【”―― Of course, I wouldn’t dare.”】

Skuld laughed in delight.

When the light of the heat beam faded, Leclerc was gone, the soldiers at the vanguard of his army were gone, and the rest of Jormungand’s forces, who had used all their magic power, were standing speechless.

Meanwhile, on Skuld’s side, there were only a few hundred soldiers who had suffered injuries, but some of the red jaguars still had enough strength to charge at the enemy once again.

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    [As they had no magic defensive measures, the jormungand soldiers in the beam’s trajectory were swallowed up by its scorching energy.]
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