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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 98

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Chapter 98

【”―― Master, I cannot wait any longer.”】

The night after Lunaria’s first time, Frigga came to Kurats.

If she waited any longer, god knew what the unstable Frigga would do.

Cornelia and Lunaria were quite aware of that.

Especially Lunaria, as she had had her fair share of waiting to do as well, she felt Frigga’s plight and was very lenient with her on the subject.

【”I won’t keep you waiting anymore. Come here, Frigga…is what I’d like to say, but why is Crushiadra here?”】

Unexpectedly, Frigga had brought along with her Crushiadra, the monster who had submitted to her.

Crushiadra still gave the same impression as in the past. A beauty in men’s clothes.

【”Since this is sister’s first, I came to offer my assistance. And since I belong to her, I cannot allow myself to let her be devoured on her own, master.”】
【”I don’t get it…”】
『Well, long story short, she’s like a pet that adores Frigga and doesn’t want to leave her side.』
(I see…)
【”Crushiadra, you might be serving under Frigga, but Frigga is still my woman. Don’t be an annoyance to her.”】
【”If sister wishes it, we can go for S or M or anything you please, it’s as you wish.”】
【”Alright, then milk it is.”】
【”Excuse me, what?”】

Crushiadra was not quite able to compute the very unexpected words.

【”Master! You want me to become pregnant?!”】

Frigga raised her voice in pure delight as milk stains started appearing on her clothes.

【”Pervert! You pervert pervert pervert pervert! Even I haven’t gone that far…!”】

Although she was calling Kurats names, the tone of Crushiadra’s voice showed that she was not as outraged as she let on.

By the time the sun rose the morning of the next day, Frigga and Crushiadra had been exhausted by Kurats.

【”Master, I’ve found happiness…”】
【”Uh… To think there would come a day when I would give in to a deviant…”】
【”Whatever, I need my morning supply of milk.”】

The sublime beauty of the battlefield and the women-lover who had once been an enemy both felt like ephemeral flowers when lifted by Kurats’ endless strength….

That day, Trisetella had a nightmare.

There was light sweat on her forehead as she wrinkled her eyebrows from discomfort.

【Uh… Uuh-…”】

At times, Triestella would shake her head, burying it further in her big pillow.

She was being tormented by a nightmare that she hadn’t experienced since the day she met Kurats.

This was an abominable memory from half a year in the past.

【”Oh my, exposing yourself still? You’re incorrigible.”】
【”Catherine? Humph…”】

Having been found by this woman that she very much disliked, Triestella frowned with displeasure.

At the time, Catherine, who was famous monster aristocrat considered to be one of the two most beautiful monsters, if not the most beautiful, had been the source of Triestella’s envy.

As someone who was considered to be a bad-looking woman, she had been used to fellow aristocrats of the opposite sex straightforwardly averting their eyes from her.

It was no secret that for humans, the Nosferatus were dazzling beauties. However, the other senior aristocrats, immune to their charms, felt like they looked too much like humans.

For monsters, whose core belief was power, looking like a human was akin to looking like a cockroach.

Triestella once again gazed upon Catherine’s beauty.

First off, her body looked slimy, like a snake’s.

Moreover, she had bluish-black skin that sparkled mysteriously, like the back of a trout.

So provocative!

It was no wonder why so many men wanted to rub their faces on her skin, to get a taste of how it felt.

Compared to her, Triestella’s springy skin had no appeal to it at all!

Knowing that, she looked down in defeat.

【”Fufufu… I see your body is as sluttish as ever. Please try putting yourself in the place of the gentlemen who have to be exposed to your shabby looks.”】

Humiliated, Triestella forcefully bit her lip.
Though Triestella was a woman too, she couldn’t help but admire Catherine’s rugged, rock-like biceps, and her fascinatingly curved pectoral muscles.

The corners of Catherine’s lips, each of which were torn all the way up to her ears, rose into a smile.

It was an unbelievably graceful smile.

Along with her very long and large nose and her bulbous eyes, her whole image had a noble feel to it.

I wish I had been born with such beautiful traits!

【”Oh! It’s Duke Tarantino!”】
【”Countess Bathory? You’re as beautiful as ever, like a bright star in the night sky.”】
【”Oh dear, you flatter me.”】

A bright-red, snake-like tongue peeked through Catherine’s torn lips.
It was criminally cute.

Having to offer greetings after Catherine had made such an impression was torture to Triestella.

【”G-greetings, duke Tarantino. I-I hope you’re well.”】
【”Mhm, I hope you’re well as well, countess.”】

Triestella couldn’t help but notice that the duke averted his eyes from her as he said so.

Though she felt she had lost as a woman, Triestella proudly puffed her chest.

【”I am looking forward to this dinner party.”】

When Triestella started leaning over towards Tarantino’s right arm, Catherine’s thick arm came like a hurricane to take her place, as if she had just been waiting for her to try.

There was too much of a gap between the natural physical strength of Triestella and Catherine for Triestella to be able to do anything.

In an instant, Catherine had taken Triestella’s place next to the duke and they both happily walked towards the assembly hall where the dinner party was taking place.

They did not spare a glance to Triestella, who had been left behind.

The giggles coming from all around, making fun of Triestella’s misery, felt like daggers in her ears.

【”Oh my, poor thing.”】
【”Look at that unsightly slender waist of hers!”】
【”She’s like a human, so creepy!”】


Triestella’s slumber was interrupted by her own scream. Her body was drenched with sweat.

Her heart was beating so hard that it physically hurt her.

Why did I have such a dream? She wondered…

【”What happened, Stella?”】

..But the answer to her question was clear.

Lying next to Triestella without any item of clothing was Kurats, the master whom Triestella had decided to devote her body and soul to.

【”…Master, am I pretty?”】

Kurats was the only person she wished would not dislike her. She did not want him to turn his eyes away from her due to her looks.

That sincere feeling of apprehension was likely the reason why that old nightmare had resurfaced in her mind.

【”Definitely. Your big bosom, your tight backside, your glossy, platinum hair, I like it all.”】
【”I’m glad… Thank you, master!”】

These were words she had never been told by anyone else.

Though she knew that she was attractive by human standards, Triestella could not help but seek Kurats’ confirmation.

Now, she was even feeling grateful to have been born as a Nosferatu, with human-like traits.

Even if that meant she was to be despised by her peers for looking ugly, all she wanted was for Kurats to tell her she was beautiful.

【”I have to say, I still don’t get the monsterkin’s perception of beauty“】
【”In our society, it’s considered that the harder the skin, the better.”】
【”I just can’t get my head around it. Who could possibly find this mushy chest unattractive?!”】

When Kurats grabbed her front with his big hands, Cornelia could not help letting a lovely exclamation escape her lips.

【”Please show me, please let me believe that your words are true.”】
【”Consider it done.”】

Thus, their bodies once again became intertwined with each other under the pale light of the morning sun.

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