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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 97

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Chapter 97

Once the eastern band finished their performance, which sounded somewhat mournful compared to the lively atmosphere, they made way for a beautiful dance performed by lightly dressed southern women.

The guests had been secretly been served a type of liquor with an uplifting effect on the mind, and were taking the present opportunity to taste all kinds of delicacies.

Soon, the only people left behind in the hall were Lunaria and Kurats, both blushing.

Like this had been planned all along, the door at the back of the hall soundlessly opened.

There, in the room behind the door, was a splendid canopy bed, placed as if it were a shrine meant for display.

(I-it’s going to be okay, I was very thorough with my bath, I put on my favorite perfume, and chose my best underwear…!)

Perhaps due to a fear of the unknown, Lunaria was unable to move a single inch from the spot she was sitting on, despite having already made her resolve to go through with this.

As she clenched her sweaty palms, Lunaria felt so overwhelmed that her shoulders were shaking.

『You’re supposed to kiss her first if you wish to relieve the tension.』
(I know, you don’t have to tell me! I already have a bit of experience, I’m not a virgin anymore!)
『Ohoho, I see, the breastfeeding infant has ‘experience’. Sure you do.』

―― Tac!
Kurats felt like several blood vessels snapped in his brain from Bernst’s provocation.

Since even he felt like this inclination of his was abnormal, Bernst’s words had stabbed him right where it hurt.

【”S-say something already! I-i-isn’t the man supposed to tenderly take the lead in this sort of situation? A-aaah!”】

Seeing Kurats looking petrified with a dead look in his eyes, Lunaria flared up and snapped at him. However, because her body was entangled by the tension of her first night, she ended up accidentally diving towards his face.

When he felt the bulges, much bigger than Cornelia’s, that were spilling out from Lunaria’s dress, Kurats lost all reason.

【”I’ve been patient for way too long–!”】

She was a princess, an unreachable beauty.

Now that she was offering her sweet body, what kind of man would refuse?

While coming up with excuses for himself to not hold back, Kurats jumped to those bulges he sought.

【”I’m digging in!”】
【”Wait, it’s my first, be gentle, you-Aaaah!”】

Several hours later.
While panting from exhaustion, the two flushed youngsters were staring at each other, in each other’s embrace.

【”Geez, you’re too rough…”】
【”I have nothing to say for myself.”】
【”However… I think I like it that way ♪ “】

Lunaria wriggled her body from shyness as her brain awakened to something wrong.

She and Kurats had become closer than ever before… Though their marriage ceremony had yet to take place, they were effectively united in both body and mind.

The next day, Lunaria woke up feeling washed out and tired all over.

A specific part of her body still felt uncomfortable, but that was proof of her long-awaited union with her beloved.

As her expression became all kinds of distorted, stuck between her joy and embarrassment, she noticed that Kurats was merrily looking at her.

【”D-don’t look at me, s-stupid!”】

Lunaria hurriedly hid her blushing face, but that only served to expose the rest of her body along with the traces of the night before.

Looking at the beautiful bulges bouncing from the pull of gravity, Kurats had a satisfied smile on his face.

(Someday, I’ll get to drink raw milk until I’m full… Someday…)
『Enough with this, you deviant!』
(Oooh? You sound so passionate, I’d never have thought you were so excited about milk, too, Bernst.)
『Unacceptable! The magic king Bernst’s name shall not be tarnished by your unacceptable claims!』
【”I told you to stop looking already, didn’t I?!”】

Unable to completely hide her font with her arms alone, Lunaria tried to look for her clothes in a hurry.

When she turned her fully exposed back towards Kurats to fumble around for her underwear in a very suggestive manner, Kurats’ reason was suddenly destroyed again.

【”I can’t hold back anymore!”】
【”Huh? Aaaah! You can’t, so early in the morning…”】

Though her cheeks were blushing, that was only a pretense; she actually welcome Kurats.
By the calm look in her eyes, perhaps it could be said Kurats was the one being ensnared at this point.

…That day, Lunaria and Kurats did not make their first appearance outside the room until noon.

“It will be my turn for sure next time, for sure, for sure, for sure, for sure, for sure, for sure, for sure, for sure, for sure, for sure, for sure-”

When she was faced by Frigga’s look of bottled-up bitterness, even Lunaria knew not to flaunt her happiness in front of her.

◆  ◆  ◆

―― We do not recognize Lunaria as the heir to the throne.

Two days after the banquet, a letter was delivered straight from the marquisdom of Strasbourg.

―― Felbell is the legitimate successor to the throne. I shall defend her status by force, if I must.

Those were the words eloquently written on the letter.

【”That youngster, did he go mad?”】

The marquisdom of Strasbourg was, without a doubt, one of the most prestigious families of the kingdom.

Their territory was a very fetile land, a key point for transportations, and had a large population that correlated with a large army.

However, their superiority was only meaningful in the context of a comparaison with other nobles, it was still reckless for them to bear their fangs at the kingdom’s troops.

The marquisdom of Strasbourg shared a border with Asgard and therefore had a solid rampart on the side of the empire. 

On the other hand, their defense on Jormungand’s side was minimal: it was a mere ditch.

Had Albert been at the center of the royal palace, like in the past, he would likely have received the direct and indirect support of some fellow nobles.

But now, it was questionable whether his own relatives would stand by his side.

Christopher tilted his head in confusion; Why would someone like Albert take such a foolish initiative?

【”―― You majesty, please allow us to deal with the marquis’ misconduct.”】

A group of men stepped forward.

They were baron Villepin, count Clouzot, and the man who had once been Albert’s right arm, marquis Lagrange.

After Albert’s past fall, they had quickly switched sides to Lunaria’s faction, but they had yet to step on the main stage. They had been waiting for an opportunity to redeem themselves.

Many thoughts hectically swirled through Christopher’s head in a very short time.

In truth, it was not going to be easy to defeat Strasbourg’s elite with the combined power of these nobles alone.

Christopher figured that if he left Kurats deal with this matter instead, he would defeat Albert’s forces hands down.

However, no matter whether Kurats could succeed or not, the one scenario Christopher wanted to avoid at all costs was letting all achievements for the royal court be monopolized.

Kurats had so much power he could build a new dynasty of his own, but that could also be troublesome. If the king relied too much on Lunaria and Kurats, it would be the same as shunning the other nobles.

The nobles’ cooperation was essential in ruling the vast land of the kingdom.

If a mistake was made in the interactions between them and the royal family, then even though the current generation might not see the consequences, the next one would have to pay the bill.

While Kurats could be a strong king, there was no lack of exemples in history of a powerful king dying only to let his weak-willed successor push his country to its ruin.

【”―― You may do so. I hope to see your loyalty in action.”】
【”That being said, the power of your three households will not be sufficient. I shall dispatch general Kfir, from the kingdom’s army, along with you.”】

General Kfir was the cousin of Lagrange’s wife.

Realizing that Christopher had taken that into consideration when making his decision, Lagrand bowed deeply before the king.

【”The kingdom shall see victory.”】

Following behind Lagrange, who left in a hurry to prepare for the coming battle, count Clouzot and baron Villepiun started talking.

【”This will be alright, right?”】
【”Albert isn’t as good with war as he is with politics. Besides, whether they serve his household or not, how many people do you think will seriously rebel against the kingdom?”】

While the marquisdom of Strasbourg certainly was mighty, their subordinates were still the people of the Jormungand kingdom.

Perhaps they would not readily defy their lord, but they would not have much fighting spirit in opposing the kingdom either.

From what Lagrange had observed, Albert had the support of much less than half of his relatives.

If Lagrange’s expectations were right, Albert would have less than 20% of his relatives on his side, in which case, victory was very much at hand.

【”Still, half a year ago, I would never have imagined that this would end up happening…”】

Back in those days, they had never had any trace of doubt in the steps they took along Albert on the path to glory.

Lagrange answered Villepin’s sigh with a sneer.

【”Well, life is a series of unexpected occurrences that not even dreams can hope to attain. That’s just how it is. Only a prophet can foresee the future.”】

This perspective was why Lagrange had raised his hand earlier than anyone to offer to deal with Albert’s rebellion.

【”―― It seems you have some specific thoughts on the matter?”】

Clouzot had to raise his eyes to look up at Lagrange.

The tall Lagrange arrogantly looked down at Clouzot, while stroking the beard he took pride on.

【”Look at it this way. Princess Lunaria has not even gotten married yet, has she? How much longer will it take for a child to be born between her and that crude opportunist? He might not lose his standing in the near future, but what about later?”】
【”Indeed… So, in other words…”】

In other words, it was too early to declare that the game was over.

Even now that Lunaria had become the future heir, that did not change the fact the Felbell was one of the king’s only two children.

Lunaria’s unknown condition could come back, she could end up relapsing any day.

As for Kurats, there were still too many obscure matters regarding him; far too many for a full fledged aristocrat of the kingdom.

Moreover, maybe the couple would not be able to have children, or maybe they would divorce each other.

These possibilities were not to be neglected, for even though a male king could have any number of concubines, it was rare for a queen to have any lover besides her spouse.

Considering that, Felbell was still of great value even now that Albert had fallen.

【”How could I let a giant monkey, whose origins are still unclear, do as he wants with our country? I will spare no effort to right this wrong.”】
【”Sir Lagrange, you truly are a loyal subject of the kingdom.”】

Right now, Lagrange was content with not being on the main stage, but if he amassed enough achievements in the attack on Albert, then he would be able to turn the tables around.

Lagrange was a middle-aged man approaching his fifties; he was not old enough to forget his ambitions and just live his old days.

Rather, he had enough experience to rebuild Felbell’s faction anew, even now that it had lost its central figure and powerhouse, Albert.

【”But first, let’s focus our efforts on the victory standing before us. It will not take long for that man to reveal his flaws anyway.”】

At the moment, these nobles had no doubt that the foolish Albert would be their stepping stone.

And that would certainly have been a likely outcome, had Albert been their only opponent.

But while their confidence in victory was not uncalled for, all the future had in reserve for them was a harsh and gruesome reality.

Like Lagrange had worded it, life is a series of unexpected occurrences that not even dreams can hope to attain.

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