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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 90

Chapter 90 is here!

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Chapter 90

Two days after departing from the ruins of the castle, Kurats arrived at the village of Narak, holding enough treasures in his hands to live leisurely for the next several years.

It wouldn’t have taken him so long to arrive if he wasn’t limiting his speed to avoid dropping the gold and jewels he carried with him.

【”Master, this place is not worthy of you.”】

The woman who muttered so while frowning her beautiful eyebrows was none other than Triestella, disguised as a human being.

Despite the disguise, there was no doubt Kurats would be questioned as to how he had picked her up from the monsters’ territory.

Cornelia waved her hand from the top of the gigantic wall of the fort before coming down with everybody else, while Frigga directly flew towards him on Shellac’s back.

Lunaria was holding her hands to her chest in relief from seeing him finally come back. He had taken more time than expected.
Of course, she did not believe the likes of monsters could do him any harm, but she still could not help innocently worrying for the man in her heart.

As Kurats came closer, so did three women who were following him much closer than necessary.

Moreover, all three of them were beauties far above average.

While Lunaria instinctively clenched her teeth at the sight, a girl behind her spoke in surprise.

【”….Sister Triestella? What is she doing here?”】

―― That was Crushiadra, the defeated general of the monster’s army.
She had been taken as prisoner and was currently wearing chains enchanted with magic seals.

The moment he heard her, Kurats felt like time had stopped.
He had barely had the time to say “I’m back” before his plans were ruined .

His expression turned in to a cramped smile as he realized how naive he had been for thinking he would get through this by making excuses.

(What do I do? What can I-)
【”Sister Triestella, what is happening? What are you doing with a mere human-…!”】
【”If you insult my master I’ll twist your neck, you sow.”】
【”Ahhi! Please forgive me, mistress Frigga!”】

Frigga stared daggers at Crushiadra, who immediately stopped talking and made herself small like a frightened cat.

Crushiandra blushed and looked downward in shame, yet Frigga’s glare was still cold as the winds of the far north.

Frigga then proceeded to kick Crushiandra’s back-end but that only served to make her shriek in delight.

By nature, monsters had a tendency to favor the strong and admire them.
When Frigga pulled Crushiandra’s life from the brink of death, that natural feeling drilled even deeper into her subconscious.

Meanwhile, Cornelia was glaring with a terrifying expression at Triestella and the other girls.
All that came to Kurats’ mind at that moment was to promptly pull her into his arms.

When she suddenly found herself being embraced by Kurats’ massive body. Cornelia was both bewildered and confused.

This was the first time Kurats had taken action in the open, for Lunaria or anyone to see.

【”Iiih! Marika, l-look!”】

To make matters worse, Lunaria was not the only one outside. Marika and Clodette had also come out of the fort to ask Kurats about the mine, only to end up staring befuddedly at the scene in front of them with apple-red cheeks.

Upon realizing that, Cornelia completely forgot about Triestella.

Kurats initially did this to get away from his cheating, but when he saw the strong Cornelia lose her composure and act so meekly, he lost control of himself.

He pulled her even tighter in his embrace, and forcefully brought her lips to his.

Thanks to the experiences she had had with him in private, Cornelia reflexively let his tongues slip in.

【”iiih! Marika! Tongue! They’re using tongue!”】
【”Marika, you’re drooling!”】
【”Ah! Clodette, don’t look! It’s too soon for you to see this!”】

After the long kiss, Cornelia took a deep breath like she was staving for oxygen.
Her eyes lost focus and wandered about as every part of her body visibly heated up.

Though Marika and Clodette were quietly waiting to see how far this would go, Frigga exploded with frustration.

【”How is this fair?! Here I was, doing my best to defeat this monster, patiently waiting for your return, hoping it would be my turn, and now I see, this, this, this-….!”】

Before she could finish talking, Kurats used his free arm and pulled Frigga’s well-trained and supple body to his left.
As she stood next to Cornelia, who was still stuck in a daze, Kurats gently kissed Frigga on the cheek and brought his mouth close to her reddened ear.

【”I’ve also been thinking about you this whole time.”】

Feeling Kurats’ breath on her ear, Frigga couldn’t help herself from fidgeting.

Her excitement kept rising as she wondered if this was the moment she had been waiting for so long.

Kurats’ large fingers gently grabbed her chin.
The next moment, his mouth covered her fresh and feminine lips.

The intense heat of their intertwining tongues along with the salty and sweet mix of their salivas had Frigga intoxicated.
All through the very very long kiss, Frigga forgot to breathe through her nose, letting herself crumble to the sweet numbness from the lack of oxygen and her burning senses.

As soon as they stopped, Kurats went for Cornelia’s lips again, not giving her any time to stabilize the little bit of awareness she had managed to recover.
At the same time, he gently caressed the small chest she was so insecure about.
Cornelia couldn’t bear it and swooned on the spot.

―― As for Lunaria, what she couldn’t bear was this shameless display.

【”W-w-w-what in the world are you doing in broad daylight?!”】

This was not her first time witnessing a kiss, she was not that innocent. It was, however, her first time seeing it happen in such a stimulating fashion.

No matter how much she acted like she was part of the common people, Lunaria was still the princess of a major kingdom. A lot of care had been put into her education.

She had naturally received some special education and had been taught, theoretically, the etiquette to maintain in the bedroom and the methods to please a man.

She was not clueless by an means.

Even so, she was still innocent enough that she blushed and became flustered at the sight in front of her.


When Kurats directed his clearly lustful eyes towards her, Lunaria became confused like a child.

【”N-no no! I mean, I’m not against it, but it needs to be more dramatic, this isn’t the right mood for it, I caaaan’t!”】

Saying so, Lunaria quickly turned her back towards Kurats and scurried away.

『Good thing you gave the techniques a try. Those Nosferatu females have shown some use.』

Though Bernst spoke with great satisfaction, Kurats only answered him with a dry smile.

In truth, back when Crushiadra’s words ruined all of Kurats’ plans, Bernst had muttereda suggesiton to him.

Though Nosferatus used a special pheromone to enchant men, that was not their only method of seduction.
It was necessary for them to make the targeted man fall into a deep state of pleasure to better the quality of the vitality they fed on.

Among the three Nosferatus, Berta, who was now Beatrix, was the best at using these skills that were natural to her species, and she had truly opened herself up to Kurats.
This had allowed Kurats to partially learn some of those skills.

Though he hadn’t fully learned them, when he used them as suggested by Bernst, Cornelia and Frigga let themselves be affected very easily due to how inexperienced they were.

Kurats was already leaving them no chance to catch up to him when it came to fighting and physical strength, and he had now gained an overwhelming advantage in understanding the workings of men and women.

This had the added benefit of bringing the start of a change to the relational hierarchy that had always been carved deep in the group’s minds up to now.

―― Paf!
Lunaria dived into her bed in the private room that was allocated to her within the well-organized fort built by Kurats, all the while twisting her body in anguish over the situation.

【”H-how shameless… How could he look at the princess of a country with such eyes…”】

At the time, Kurats’ eyes had seemed like an endless gulf, like he was engulfed by a feverish delirium.
But Lunaria had clearly perceived the sparkle of desire deep within.

And the truth was that she did want to answer to those desires.

【”N-no, I can’t! I can’t! Even if it’s with Kurats, I cannot offer my purity so easily…”】

This was the reason she wanted Bashtar to come back on its feet as soon as possible.

Bashtar was a forbidden land that should be impossible to rebuild.

If Kurats could overcome this test that even the prime minister Eustache would most likely fail, then he would probably once again rise through the ranks and become a marquis.

At that point, no one would utter a complaint about him being Lunaria’s marriage partner.

As the one who brought up the trial, Eustache would have to actively cooperate with him afterwards, and Bashtar would become one of the kingdom’s main attractions.

Perhaps Felbelle’s faction would even meet its end in the process.

Then, everyone in the court would kneel as Kurats would make his proposal to Lunaria.
Or at least, that was what Lunaria secretly hoped would happen.

And so, on that day, she would become queen and take the reigns of the kingdom.

It was going to be her big moment, it was worth the wait.

(Even, so why do I feel such pain in my heart…?)

Seeing Kurats intermingling with Cornelia, or even just seeing Frigga be so honest with him about her feelings, Lunaria felt a painful tightness in her chest.

At this rate, was she going to be left behind by Cornelia and Frigga?
Just thinking of this brought on some dark feelings that stirred her stomach.

She wanted Kurats to embrace her as well.

Would she be able to stay patient and endure those desires until the right time?
She was not so sure of the answer anymore.

【”M-marika! That was incredible!”】
【”Right… If that was meant for me I would…”】

Marika restlessly rubbed her thighs together while indulging in some wild delusions with a distant gaze.
Looking down coldly at the two girls who were clearly in heat, Stella wondered who they were.

【”Master, are these two your women as well?”】

When she heard the excessively direct question, Marika reflexively raised her voice.

【”W-what are you saying?!”】
【”Iiih! Me? Lord’s Kurats’ woman~~?”】

With a somewhat stunned expression, Kurats stepped in to explain.

【”These two are my cute subordinates. They’re indispensable for the development of Bashtar, so get along with them, will you?”】
【”Understood. I am Stella. My best regards.”】
【”O-oh? I’m Clodette~”】
【”My name is Marika… Since the lord asked, I’ll overlook what you said, but be careful with your words in the future.”】

Thus, the three Nosferatus were accepted as being Kurats’ subordinates by everyone, save for Frigga and Cornelia, whose heads were still in the clouds.

Safe to say some trouble would come once they would recover their senses, but by then their rhythm would be broken and there would no longer be a poisonous atmosphere, meaning their reaction would not be quite as lethal.

【”Mistress Frigga… Even if you’re neglecting me and ignoring me… I can bear with it.… Uuh…”】

As for Crushiandra, Kurats did not know if she could be accepted like the three others.
She had clearly gone to a place there was no coming back from.

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