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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 89

Chapter 89 is here!

Long delay, but I was bedridden, on top of having to deal with exams.

Anyway, here’s the chapter, hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 89

【”I… Can’t… anymore…”】
【”How could three top Nosferatus lose like…”】
【”N-never in my life have I… felt such bliss…”】

In a room that barely escaped the destruction of the castle, three magnificent bodies were laid bare and pinned down by weariness. 

Each of their gasps still held the lingering flames of what had just transpired, with the traces on their skins as proof. 

 Their charming shortened breaths made them seem like they were being choked by the dense suggestive smells that had yet to fade from the room. 

As for the man who had just turned the tables on Nosferatus, who were supposed to be the best at exploiting men’s desires…

【”Now I’ve done it…”】

Kurats was sitting down feeling very refreshed. 

Although he had the muscles of a peerless warrior, at his core, he still had the mind of a teenager in puberty. 

With these slender, voluptuous beauties begging him for his vitality, all the ingredients were here to push Kurats to a youthful mistake. 

 His reason had left him in the dust, turning Kurats into a wild beast that devoured Triestella, Meryl and Berta. 

But after the fact, he found himself at a loss as to what he was supposed to do once he came back to the village.  

『Just forget about it! What’s there to be worried about?! It’s only natural for women to gather around a strong man! 』
【”Could you repeat that in front of Cornelia?”】
『Make no mistake, I definitely could, but this body isn’t mine. Your body, your problem.』

Although Bernst was confident he could face Cornelia, he did not know how to handle her. 

Having confirmed that Bernst would be of no use in this situation, Kurats held his head in despair. 

【”…I can’t… be separated from master anymore…”】

Triestella was teary-eyed, muttering some words to seemingly no one.

For Nosferatus, a physical relationship was not just about pleasure, it was also one of the methods to feed on energy. 

Tasting Kurats’ vitality had been like drinking a nectar so delicious that it altered their taste buds. 

it had the dense, rich flavor of a Chateaubriand steak from a rare breed of cattle, with the fresh aroma of Matsutake, and the texture and sweetness of pufferfish.

With the combinations of these flavors with the physical enjoyment of the act itself, it was natural for the Nosferatus to sincerely submit to Kurats. 

【”My body somehow feels… reborn.”】

Triestella was still muttering to herself with an entranced expression. But her words were not exaggerated.

After absorbing Kurats’ abnormal vitality, the Nosferatus’ bodies were changing to adapt to that power. 

Perceiving the matchless power burning in her stomach, Triestella exultantly turned towards Kurats.

【”Master, I―― Hya!”】

When Triestella went in front of the still downcast Kurats, she raised a high pitched cry.
Even though he was feeling down, Kurats couldn’t resist jumping on her, as one would expect from a young man his age. 

【”You…. you’re driving me mad!”】
【”Hyaaa! Master, stoooop!”】

―― When Kurats came to, the sun was already high up. 

Apparently, the second round had lasted until noon. 

Regardless of how Kurats felt about what he had done, at this point all he could do was double down on it. 

【”…Please take me with you. I can no longer live without you, master…”】
【”T-that’s unfair, sister! Me too! I want to go, too!”】
【”I… I would be glad if I could come along as well…”】
【”I get it but…”】

But even though he had made up his mind about his cheating, the reason Kurats could not take Triestella and the other two Nosferatus with him was not just y his fear of Cornelia and the other girls’ reactions. 

He had to think of the resentment and dread of the people who had lost their close ones to the great invasion. 

【”Worry not, master. Now that I’m under you, I will not carelessly expose my identity.”】

Saying so, Triestella quietly chanted a spell. 

A dazzling light covered her body, erasing everything that indicated her appartenance to the monster-kin, leaving only the image of a human beauty with an elegance that would not lose out to Lunaria’s. 

【”We Nosferatus are already good at disguising ourselves by nature. With master’s power in us, there is no need to worry about anyone noticing that we’re monsters.”】

This certainly was a splendid disguise. 

Even Lunaria and Frigga would assume that she was a young lady of a distinguished household. 

She did not wear the ominous aura characteristic of monsters, nor the intimidating air that all warriors shared in common. 

She did have the scent of an easy woman, but that did not differ from one race to another. 

【”Master, if it doesn’t bother you, would you give me a human name?”】

Triestella was ready to throw away her status as a monster aristocrat, and serve under Kurats as a mere human. 

Though she took pride in it, losing her title as the 13th monster aristocrat was not a problem for her, so long as she could be by Kurats’ side. 

【”Good idea… Then, you’ll be Stella.”】
【”Stella… Sounds lovely. I’m immensely grateful, master!”】
【”W-wait, me too! Master! What about me?!”】

Feeling left out, Meryl snuggled up to Kurats on top of his knee.
She already seemed young before, but right now, she looked like nothing but a cute, redheaded teen.
As she smiled at him, Kurats was almost overwhelmed by immoral feelings, pushing him to quickly avert his eyes from her. 

【”Master! You’re not looking at me!”】
【”Fine! But just put on some clothes for now!”】

Of course, Meryl, who was dominant in this exchange, did not miss the opportunity presented to her.
She pressed on her small chest with a teasing smile and playfully bit Kurats’ ear. 

【”Fufu… Master, did I make you feel the charm of Meryl?”】
【”Don’t get carried away!”】

Kurats hastily pulled Meryl off of him, and barely managed to hold on to his reason. 

【”Your name will be Meileen.”】
【”Meileen… That’s so cute, I’m so happy!”】

Meryl jumped up with a joy with a sparkle in her big eyes. 

【”Hurry and put on some clothes already!”】

Seeing Meryl’s cute and healthy lower-body shake with each jump was a tough blow to Kurats’ mental. 

Of course, Meryl did it on purpose, it was a calculated move. 

Nothing in the world was more troublesome than a mischievous teen-looking girl. 

【”I… I don’t want to be the only one excluded…”】

Because Kurats could not bring himself to be cold towards her, Berta’s approach was just as suffocating to him as Meryl’s. 

While Triestella’s figure was dynamite, and Meryl looked like an innocent teen, Berta was more of a slender beauty. She was delicate like an elf. 

She did not look sensual, but she did fire up a man’s protective instincts. 

And because she wasn’t as oppressive in her Aproach as Meryl and Triestella, Kurats unconsciously lowered his guard towards her. 

Little did he know he was fully playing into her hands. 

(Fufufufu… Just as planned!)

Men with little experience, like Kurats, would be driven away when pressured by unhidden lust. 

Triestella and Meryl, who had lived their whole lives away from males because they were considered to be unattractive among their peers, were not aware of that. 

And while Berta was treated the same way, she had learned some conversation skills and cooking skills due to her passion for romance. 

Triestella and Meryl were unaware of that, so when they saw Kurats smiling gently towards Berta, their hearts burned with flames of jealousy.

【”B-Berta, you… You dare disregard me?!】
【”Forgive me, sister. My master is more important to me…”】

Berta firmly established that she viewed Kurats as her true master. She was perhaps the most sly of the three women. 

【”Your name is Berta so… Will Beatrix do?”】
【”Beatrix… This will be my new name, a name that belongs to us both.”】

Berta leaned on Kurats’ shoulder as if overtaken by the emotion of the moment. 

【”Aah-! You’re trying to get ahead! That’s cheating!”】
【”Master! Please look only at me!”】

Kurats ended up going for a third round against his own best judgement. 

It was only the next morning that he left for the village Narak, along with the three women and all the treasures they could carry together. 

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    1. SFcipher

      the other two Nosferatus with him was not just y his fear of Cornelia -> the other two Nosferatus with him was not just his fear of Cornelia

  1. ReadingLurker

    I’m not surprised that Kurats lost to lust, nor tamed him with his essence. I am surprised about the sudden jump between the loss of their castle and the after-sex. Like, did they recover their lost treasures then seduce Kurats? Or did the sheer overwhelming destruction caused by Kurats effectively make them so horny they just had sex in the ruins?

      1. Anonymous

        Think the o ly reason they were upset with the loss of the castle is that they would have to now dig for treasure rather the just walking in a grabbing it.

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    Cheers for the chapter, and all your hard work!
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    1. Anonymous

      First as in first wife or first to be snu-snued? First wife is Lunaria while first to be snu-snued is the sister

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