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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 88

Chapter 88 is here!

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Anyway, here’s chapter 88, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 88

【”…Do you swear to get the monsters under you to stop harassing humans?”】
【”Of course, master! If you asked me to, I wouldn’t mind taking care of every single lower class monster for you!”】

In the monsters’ society, where strength was the one true justice, lower-class monsters were nothing more than disposable tools.

Some of them, such as Bertha, were lucky and capable enough to gradually increase their strength and reach the intermediate class, but even they did not derogate to the principle of survival of the fittest.

【”―― Good idea, that would help.”】
【”I’ll scare their souls out of them.”】

Triestella smiled and licked her small but thick lips with her cherry tongue.  

【”But right now, how about you put on some normal clothes.”】

Triestella had been confidently smiling, but Kurats’ words immediately broke her countenance. 

【”Meryl, Berta, retreat to the north with the subordinates.”】
【”T-that’s sly, sister! Since you acknowledged him as your master, he is our master, too!”】
【”That’s right! You cannot monopolize him!”】

Meryl ane Berta protested with teary glares. They were groaning in indignation.

【”A person with such fine vitality shouldn’t be monopolized by anyone, not even you, sister!”】

Nosferatus, as a species, had the ability to feed on vitality.
After reaching a certain level, Nosferatus tended to become peculiar about the quality of vitality they fed on.
After, the quality of the vitality influenced the Nosferatus’ capabilities.
In other words, they could turn vitality into life-force for themselves.

How much would they improve if they could get theirs hands on Kurats’ vitality? They could not even imagine it.
Meryl and Berta simply could not allow to let Kurats be monopolized by someone else, even if that someone was Triestella. 

【”C’mon, I can’t just take all of you along with me there out of nowhere. Humans haven’t forgotten your great invasion from 70 years ago. Just be good and stay put for now until I give your further instructions.”】
【”If you do it, I’ll give you a bit of my vitality afterwards. Deal?”】
【”Anything you want!”】

Though he was taken aback by the sparkle in the three women’s eyes, it looked like Kurats had just gotten himself new companions. 

◆  ◆  ◆

Triestella had ordered half of her army to return to the north, while the other half were ordered to cut down the forest around the Bolivia mine. 

To get Bashtar back on its feet, it was necessary to start working on the Bolivia mine as quickly as possible. 

 It used to be a mountain with many peaks, but all that remained of that were small hills and a bunch of rubble scattered all over the place. 

As long as they could find mythril veins, even children would probably be able to mine here. 

All that was left to do was to build a road from the village of Narak to the Bolivia mine. 

【”…Did he seriously crush the mountain…”】

How strong would one have to be to destroy a mountain with his bare hands?

【”Uuuuh… I’m sooo glad I survived”】

It was only now that Meryl was hit by the terror of her own recklessness. 

If she hadn’t been narrowly saved by her intuition, she would already be dead. 

Apart from her subordinates’ services, Triestella had one more thing to offer Kurats. 

【”Master, if I may, I’d like to give you all the treasures in my castle’s treasury.”】


【”After all, I am a count, 13th in rank. I own some assets. I didn’t have any opportunity to use them, so they were just accumulating until now, but…”】

【”But sister, you said it’s because your body is more beautiful than any jewel…”】

【”Alright Meryl, just shut up now, okay?!”】

Now that she had finally gotten a grip on her own mind, Triestella was trying to flirt with Kurats. 

【”Be it my gold, jewels or anything I have, it all belongs to you, master.”】

Triestella had been gathering treasures for over a hundred years. 

Though she did not seem to think much of it, her collection was astonishingly big. 

If she were to carelessly release it to the world, she could very much crash the Jomungand kingdom’s jewel market. 

 For Kurats, who was lacking money to run the economy, this was a heaven sent gift. 

『How is that? It’s a good thing you did not kill them, right? I told you so.』

While Bernst was proudly bragging about being right, Kurats was feeling bitter. 

【”That’s not what I was hesitating about…”】

No matter what, Triestella was the ringleader behind the great invasion. 

Furthermore, she was very eager to become Kurats’ lover and kept flaunting her body to him. 

When he thought about what Cornelia’s reaction would be once she would find that out, Kurats felt chills down his spine. 

『…It’s about time you start imposing yourself with women. Or do you plan to keep being a victim your whole life?』

For Bernst’s ambitions, Kurats’ mental weakness when it came to Cornelia was a a major thorn in his side.
He was thinking that something had to be done about it.

 【【【 “HUUUUUUUH?!” 】】】  

But that would have to wait, as Bernst and Kurats’ conversation was cut short by the soul-wrenching screams of Triestella, Meryl and Berta. 

In the spot where their castle was supposed to stand proud, all that was left were tragic ruins. 

【”…Why did the castle get dragged into it?”】

Translator’s note: 

Short chapter but it’s probably because the next one is long and has some… stuff.

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