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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 87

Chapter 87 is here!

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Chapter 87

【”Hey, you two, are we gonna do this or what?”】

Kurats slowly looked over his shoulder with his sword at the ready.

This unbelievable sight left Meryl and Berta breathless.

That sword was far too imposing.
It was too large, too thick, too heavy, too broad.

Looking at it from one end to the other, it was probably 2 meters (6’5″) in length.
Moreover, while it wasn’t as sharp as a scimitar, it seemed as thick as any blunt-weapon.
As for its width, it was the same as a grown man’s shoulders, about 70 cm (2’3″).

This was not a weapon that a human should be able to wield.

It was evident that no matter how high Meryl and Berta’s ranks as monsters were, they would not survive a clash against that sword.

【”…W-what are you waiting for?! Surround him! Kill him!”】

Berta ordered her subordinates with a trembling voice.

Her intuition was telling her that this man was dangerous.
Even though he could see he was human, she knew he was very dangerous.

However, Meryl’s intuition was not quite as good.


She had pink hair and looked like a human teenager. The pretty kind even.

But, in contrast to her appearance, Meryl was brutal.

Her way of fighting was to chop up her opponents with her wind-like speed and blade-sharp nails.

Meryl approached Kurats so fast that any regular human would have perceived her as nothing more than a gust of wind.

However, the moment she came closer, her instincts hit her with a thunderous warning that forced her to brake with both feet.
This sudden stop put great pressure on her ankles and knees, but she did not have the leisure to worry about this as that weapon came towards her.

The wind pressure generated by the sword was enough to blow away Meryl’s small body and send her dancing in the air.

If Meryl had the speed of wind, this attack had the speed of lightning.

When Kurats swung it forward, the massive sword turned into a semi-circle of light.
The sword was already more than 2 meters (6’5″) long by itself, but by adding the length of Kurats’ thick arms to that, it reached twice that distance.

However, the true reach of its attacks was greater than its own.

The monsters standing 10 meters (32 feet) away had their bodies severed in two halves, the ones 15 meters (50 feet) away were severely injured, and the ones up to 50 meters (164 feet) away had been knocked down.

The surviving troops kept coming to Kurats again and again, but every time he swung his sword, the monsters’ cut-up corpses piled up higher and higher.

Though she had managed to narrowly survive, Meryl did not intervene. As she witnessed Kurats’ attacks, the most she could do was fall to her knees and shake in fear.

――(There is no way I could win.)

Be it through her fighting skills, her emotions, or her instincts, Meryl knew she did not stand a chance in this battle.
This fear was something she had only experienced when she accompanied Triestella for an audience and met the demon lord.

Standing farther back, Berta, whose specialty was magic, felt the same.
She felt like the moment she would try to use the fire magic that she took great pride in, she would be cut in half.
Her legs were frozen on the spot, unmoving.
Her throat felt so dry that she could not even issue any orders to her subordinates anymore.

【”―― What are you two doing exactly?”】

Though this voice sounded beautiful and sweet, it brought a ruthless chill to the ears of the two subordinates getting scolded.

Triestella was very unhappy.

She been duped by mere humans, those pathetic creatures who were only good at being trampled on, and even though she had sent her army ahead of her, they still had nothing to show for it.
This was troubling enough on its own, but now, even her trusted subordinates Meryl and Berta were having difficulties against a human.

As she tried to make sense out of this chain of events that would have never happened during the invasion 70 years ago, Triestella glared at Kurats with a vein popping out on her forehead from anger.

【”S-sister… I can explain…”】
【”This human is dangerous! Even you would have a hard time against him, sister…!”】

Triestella’s thundering voice came with a powerful release of magic power, creating energy waves that blew away the few unlucky monsters standing around her.
The combination of her magic power and killing intent materialized as a sharp and dense entity.

Meryl and Berta had never seen Triestella so enraged.


【”Who’s this now, a pervert?”】
Mhm, she is most definitely a pervert.』
【”I mean, look at you. You’re clearly a pervert.”】
『Indeed, she is a deviant without a doubt.』

Kurats and Bernst’s assumption was anything but strange.

Triestella was a matchless beauty.

Her blonde hair was like a stream of liquid platinum, her eyes sparkled like obsidian, and her long and slender limbs looked like they were modeled by a god of modeling.
Her chest was over-sized yet firm, as if defying gravity.
The gentle curve that went from her narrow waist to her captivating back was enough to draw out the desires of any man.
Her nose formed a perfect line between her long eyes, and her small lips had the color of ripe cherry.
She had the beauty of perfectly-trimmed flower in full bloom.

―― But unfortunately, all of that appeal was ruined by her attire.

The only thing covering her smooth and glossy skin that oozed with pheromones was a suggestive black dress that looked like a tight nightgown or swimwear.
Her backside was almost bear as well, saved for a very thin piece of cloth.
Her deep cleavage that that would make Cornelia enraged with jealousy looked like it was about to be exposed with the slightest gust of wind.

Was there anything strange in assuming that someone dressing like this in broad daylight was a pervert?

【”No matter how beautiful you are, you’re never going to be popular if you dress like that.”】

“Such a waste” Thought Kurats, before thinking that Cornelia would have tortured him on the spot if she had heard that.

【”W-w-w-who says I’m not popular?! I am a pure maiden, I’ll have you know!”】
【”Sister, you’re making things worse on yourself…”】
【”Poor sister, having no experience at her age is just…”】
【”You!! I’ll punish you later!”】

As her complex was being pulled out of her, Triestella shouted from the bottom of her heart.

She did not want to dress like this, but she had no choice.

Due to the nature of their abilities, those of the Nosferatu race looked very much like humans.
This also meant that they looked ugly from the perspective of other monsters.

【”I dress like that because I want to be popular, too! I want to dance around at parties with the demon lord and the dukes, I want to go on dates and be treated tenderly, like a lady!”】

Since her face was no good, she figured that all she could do was use her body’s appeal.

【”…Am I supposed to give up?”】
【”But sister, I told you that if you overdo it, it’s just going to have the opposite effect…”】
【”Shut up shut up shut up!”】
【”I get it. Long story short, you’re overcompensating because you’re not popular?”】
『What a pitiful woman.』
【”Stop saying I’m not popular! “】

An enormous amount of magic power converged on Triestella’s hands.

Feeling that unbelievable quantity of magic, Berta and Meryl both screamed and jumped away.

This was a spell called Garisha’s fire-wheel. A large-scale anti-military spell so powerful that it could even swallow up one’s own allies when handled poorly.

As Triestella seemed to have lost all sense of reason, it was safe to assume she would not bother with worrying about self-control.


With the scorching radiance of the sun, the Garisha fire-wheel went for Kurats’ life.

However, that did nothing to change the expression of Kurats.

When the spell reached him, he attacked it with a barrage of punches that went beyond the speed of sound.
The shock wave generated by the punches was enough to change the trajectory of the small globe of fire and send it flying upwards.

Just like that, the Garisha flame-wheel exploded in the sky and scattered back down as a burning hot rain.

If he had taken a direct hit from this, even Kurats’ body would not have been able to escape the fate of being obliterated.

【”Tsk! Annoying human! Can’t you just obediently let yourself be reduced to ashes?”】
【”Make me.”】
【”Well, it’s a waste to use this technique on the likes of humans, but you won’t know your place otherwise, so it can’t be helped.”】
『T-this is bad! Kurats! Do not look at her eyes!』

The Nosferatus’ greatest weapon was neither their physical strength nor their magic.

Their greatest weapon was their ability to bewitch and influence the instincts of other living beings.
And while Kurats’ body could handle most magic attacks, he had no defense against mental attacks.

A pink mist covered Kurats’ brain.

『Quick! Cut her line of sight!』
【”Wai- What are you doing?”】

Triestella knew from intuition that her life was in danger.
Knowing that he couldn’t take risks against this threat to his mind, Kurats suddenly stopped holding back, and swung his sword seriously for the first time.

There was the sound of an invisible tear in space.
The ground cracked.
Though she dodged immediately, Triestella lost both her right hand and right foot.

The shock-wave of the attack carved a deep ravine in the ground dozens of meters ahead.
The sheer force of the blow was enough to destroy the castle of Triestella from its foundations, even though it was dozens of kilometers (miles) away.

Faced with this ridiculous sight, Triestella couldn’t help but stare ahead stupidly with a gaping mouth.

Even the demon lord wouldn’t have been able to generate enough power to change the terrain with only his strength and sword.

After regrowing her leg and hand in an instant, Triestella forgot about her fear of death and threw her body at Kurats’ feet.

【”You are the love of my life!”】

For monsters, strength was more important than anything else.
It played a key role in the hierarchy of their society.

If that strength was clear and easy to understand, it was even better.

With her abilities, Triestella’s could very well have been ranked higher in the hierarchy, but her power to bewitch others was not a factor that the monsters valued.

Adding to that, since Nosferatus looked similar to humans, their sense of beauty was close to that of humans.
There were even past precedents of Nosferatus marrying humans.

Taking both these factors into account, Kurats was extremely attractive to Triestella.

She was already imagining what joy it would bring her to be with this man.

Moreover, ith Triestella’s prejudice on humans out of the way, the words Kurats had told her earlier had great meaning.

【”No matter how beautiful you are, you’re never going to be popular if you dress like that.”】

This was the first time anyone had described Triestella as being beautiful.

Recalling that was enough to critically break her sense of reason.

【”Despite my looks I am a very devoted woman! I’ll do anything! Aren’t you charmed by me?”】

Triestella leaned forward to emphasize her chest that wouldn’t fit even in Kurats’ hands.

【”Attractive or not, you’re a pervert.“】
That’s true…』
【”That’s why I tell you that you push things too far, sister…”】

Meryl’s judgy words made Triestella’s brown skin turn red from anger and embarrassment.

【”What else can I do? This is all I have to offer!”】

What was a Nosferatu’s appeal other than her body?
Who could blame Triestella, who was unfamously unnatractive among the monster, for digging herself further down the hole?


Thus, Kurats started making a speech.

【 “You see, men are creature who will never be interested if you show them too much.
Exposing your body to them won’t give it value, for they give it value precisely because it’s hidden.
That’s why we especially like it when a woman who’s on guard against us is willing to show herself to us.
Chiralism is everything to a man.
A true man’s romance.
Everyone should just play hard to get.
And when a shy woman finds the determination to show herself to you, that’s a whole other kind of great.
Wait, no, it’s even better if you’re the one who removes…
Anyway, it’s not attractive to openly show yourself all the time!” 】


Kurats’ fervent speech made Bernst instinctively pull away in revulsion.

If Kurats told Cornelia or Lunaria that he had this sort of perspective, he would probably not come out of that exchange unscathed.

But given his preferences, them showing less interest in him might have the opposite effect.

【”―― You’ve opened my eyes. From now on, I will only show myself to you, master!”】
【”No, hold on, that’s not what I meant…”】

By the time Kurats finally calmed the fire in his heart, Triestella looked like she had already envisioned a brand new destiny for herself.

Kurats had taken the place of the demon lord as her lord in her heart, and that new lord had told her not to expose herself and to value herself more.

Looking at her dreamy, entranced expression and her blushing cheeks, Kurats finally realized he had made a fatal mistake.

『You have nothing to lose, so why not do it? Right now, she’s a talent you’d be hard-pressed to find.』
【”Y-you think?”】
『Do not forget that you have limited time to develop Bashtar! Besides, you don’t have any proper retainers, can you really afford the luxury to reject her?』

Indeed, with Triestella’s help, the progress of Bashtar’s reconstruction would certainly become much faster and smoother.
After all, Bashtar was lacking manpower.

To expand the extremely small area occupied by humans to the same size as the Bashtar of the past, the population of the territory would have to be multiplied by a hundredfold.

Bashtar was no longer the dreary and barren land it used to be.
Word was already spreading about that.
Even so, it was going to take a long time before people would start coming to this new land.

Given the strength and influence of Triestella and her subordinates, they would undoubtedly be useful in the future.

【”Please just call me dog! But cats are better than dogs… I-I love Abyssinian cats!”】
【”―― The hell are you on about?”】

As Triestella’s brain turned into a confused mess, Kurats, on the contrary, became much calmer.
He was calm enough to realize that Bernst had a point.

No matter how powerful Kurats was, it would be too rash of him to face the myriads of monsters living inside this gigantic forest.
Which was not to say that he would not be able to do it, but it would be rash.
Moreover, given his current standpoint and his enmity with political opponents such as the marquis of Strasbourg, he did not want to start a full-on battle against monsters now.

That was because he was wrongly assuming that that more and more monsters of Triastella’s level would show up afterwards.
After all, though he could tell she was among the high ranks of monsters, he had no idea that she was already ranked 13th.

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