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The demon lord is suing the hero – Chapter 8

Meeting (8)


While drying her hair with a towel, the director sat on her chair.

I couldn’t quite see the expression she was making because the window’s sunlight was coming from behind her.

After returning the documents on the desk, I sat back on the sofa facing it.

【”What can I do for you?”】

By now, the bad smell from earlier had already vanished and made way for a sugary fragrance.

【”I’ll be straight with you, please give me some work.”】

【”Work? But I specialize in criminal cases. Don’t you hate those kinds of jobs?”】

Natasha spoke with a finger on her lip, and her usual frown. This made her seem like she was angry, but again, I knew that wasn’t it.

When she makes this face, that usually means she’s in a good mood.

―― When she really is in a bad mood, her face becomes straight up expressionless… which is much more scary.

【”That doesn’t matter, I’ll take anything. I’ve got a bit of a money situation right now, so if you can, please find me a simple job that anyone could make money from.”】

【”Why are you presenting that like a shut-in trying to finance his noodles? But well, a simple job, huh…”】

Natasha’s gaze moved to the side.

―― What is she looking at?

Following her line of sight, I found that she was looking at the documents on her desk.

【”Actually, right now, I have two jobs to offer.”】

She said.

【”The first one is a bit long but it will bring you quite a bit of money. As for the other, you’ll quickly be done with it, but there isn’t much money to be made from it. I’d personally rather take on the latter and leave the former to you.”】

In short, one of the jobs will make me money, and the other won’t?

I’m betting one of those jobs has to do with the bum I saw on that picture.

What should I do?

Frankly, I do not like working on criminal cases. They don’t pay all that well, and they can really drag on over time.

Besides, this country’s police is excellent.

Most of the people prosecuted end up with a guilty verdict. There hardly ever are innocent verdicts on such cases.

On top of that, the clients are an issue, too. Clients with money will naturally look for the finest attorneys.

For new lawyers like me, who have no connections, no contacts and no money, most of the criminal cases we’re offered are from poor clients, with little capital to their name.

Back when I worked for Natasha’s firm, all I did was defend those kind of penniless criminals.

That’s when I learned that the weak don’t need to be helped.

They’re all the same.

They’ve all had plenty of chances to better themselves. And it’s not like they have to commit crimes in the first place.

They don’t commit crimes out of necessity but for the sake of fulfilling their desires, even though there are plenty of proper ways for them to go about it.

Why give them justice? Why save them? They aren’t worth helping, let alone saving.

If they want someone to save them, they can do it themselves.

I’m guessing the girl on that picture who comes from who knows where won’t be much different from the others.

If possible, I do not want to take on her case.

Based on her file and appearance, she doesn’t seem rich enough to throw big amounts at a lawyer.

Besides ―― I looked towards Natasha who was sitting on her big director’s chair.

This goody two shoes lives for helping this sort of people.

Surely, the job she wants to take on is the one related to the girl in the picture.

That will definitely be a short job that won’t bring much profit.

If so, then I’ll just have to take on the longer but more lucrative job.

I’ve made my decision.

【”I understand. Well, I know you have your own worries as a director, so I’ll pick the job you suggested, the longer one.”】

【”Really? Thank goodness. Now I can fully focus on my brother’s case.”】

Her brother?

As in, her older brother? The guy who owns the county’s most successful business?

【”One question…”】


【”What was the other job?”】

【”Hmm, well, the law prohibits me from disclosing the information of a client but… Whatever, I’ll tell you. To be honest, it’s very embarrassing, but my brother is being sued.”】


【”I mean, remember what I told you about my brother being an odd-ball?”】


【”Well, one of his hobbies is to wear women’s underwear. It calms him down.”】


【”Dan, do you any actual words to contribute to the conversation?”】

【”How else do you expect me to react? You’re expecting me to believe the president of such a massive company is a complete deviant?”】

【”Ah, I think there is a misunderstanding.”】

【”So do I.”】

【”Most presidents of the country’s top companies are deviants.”】

【”THAT’s the misunderstanding?!”】

My head hurts. This country is done for.

【”What? You don’t believe me? I’m not making this up!”】

While pouting a bit, Natasha carried on talking.

【”Anyway, he’s now being sued for sexual harassement.”】

【”Just what did he do?”】

【”He stole a maid’s underwear.”】

【”Your brother is a moron.”】

【”I’m aware of that. And now I have to defend that moron.”】

【”And you said he stole them? Why? Isn’t he rich? Can’t he pay for them?”】

Well, that wouldn’t make things much better, but it would at least be smarter.

【”He says it’s more thrilling to steal them.”】

【”So he’s a natural at it, too?”】

【”There is no such thing as a deviant who’s not a natural at it. They’re all naturals.”】

Natasha sighed.

【”And now I have deal with the aftermath. Just to start, I’ll have to ask Sachi about her view on the situation.”】

【”Who’s Sachi?”】

【”Our maid. She’s been working at our home for 5 years now. A very cute girl.”】

【”What happened to her?”】

【”She’s the one suing my brother.”】

Natasha sighed.

【”Why did she take so long to take him to court… The poor girl closed her eyes and let things go for years… I wonder if a settlement will be possible…”】

【”So it’s not even the first time it happened.”】

【”Obviously, my brother’s been like this from way back. He used to steal my clothes pretty often when we were kids. I think of it as a fun childhood memory now.”】

―― Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t take on that case.

【”Alright, I get the picture. Anyway, can you tell me about the case that I’ll be in charge of now?”】

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