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The demon lord is suing the hero – Chapter 6

Meeting (6)

【”But really, it’s been so long since the last time we met.”】

Natasha sat down on a sofa and urged me to sit on another leather-sofa facing her.

Once I took a seat, her face came closer across the table separating us, like she was worried that something was bothering me.

Natasha’s only dangerous feature is her face. Anyone who looked at a picture of her would think she’s beautiful.

But no one’s heart would flutter with that smell around.

I bent myself back while trying my best not to groan.

【”Oh? Dan, why are you pinching your nose?”】

【”…It smells a bit, I must have eaten something bad.”】

【”Not very classy of you.”】

Despite appearances, I know how to be courteous. There is no way I could tell my former boss that she smells, no matter how bad it gets.

But courteous or not, when she started pinching her nose along with me with a troubled and judgmental look, I really wanted to punch her.

【”Why is there an insect cage here?”】

I pointed at the insect cage below the sofa. Something was moving inside.

【”Well, my uncle sent me some insects just the other day. Did I ever tell you what’s my uncle’s job?”】

【”Ah yes, trade, was it?”】

This woman has more than just her looks and education going for her. Even though her law firm is running a deficit, her family is extremely wealthy.

She owns some real estate of her own, and her brother is a businessman who owns the country’s most successful company.

She has everything to make others envious. Looking at her status alone, many would be jealous of her.

That is, if she didn’t neglect herself so much. How did a lady from such a well-off family not learn to take care of herself?

【”It’s a cockroach from the country my uncle is currently staying at. He found it in the jungle.”】

【”Please throw that away.”】

【”N-no way. This might be a rare species that hasn’t been discovered yet, you never know.”】

【”What’s there to worry about? I’m sure it will do just fine living in the city. Let me throw it away.”】

【”Uhh, you’re as clod-blooded as ever… You’d be such a cutie if not for that.”】

――Damn it, are there no insecticides around here? This is disgusting.

I tried looking around the room, though I knew painfully well from my time here that I would find no such weapon in the office of this insect lover.

But I digress.

I realized talking to the director wasn’t gonna get me anywhere, so I moved the cockroach’s cage to another room for now.
Once I did that, I suddenly remembered that time when I melted her slugs with salt and she burst into tears.

Maybe I won’t throw that thing away after all; she’s a real pain when she starts crying.

While I was at it, I pushed the director to the bathroom and demanded that she takes a shower.

This should take care of the smell.

When I opened the window and turned on the room’s ventilation fan, a terrible sound came from the ceiling, like I was waking up a dormant beast.

In the otherwise silent office, I could also hear the sound of running water coming from the bathroom along with the director’s shrill singing voice.

【”Guess I’ll clean up…”】

I already knew where the brooms and rags were. I wasn’t tasked with chores when I worked here, but the office was so hopelessly dirty that I had to thoroughly clean it myself.

I polished and washed every bookshelf, every window frame, every corner of the room. Then, I took a dust-cloth and went to the director’s desk. The documents she was reading when I came in were still stacked on it.

As I picked up that pile to move it away, a photograph fell to the ground.

It was a picture of an innocent-looking girl.

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