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The demon lord is suing the hero – Chapter 5

Meeting (5)

In contrast to the flashy building, the atmosphere inside the office was quite calm.

Looking inside, the walls were covered by bookshelves, filled with insect encyclopedias and law books detailing past judicial cases.

Inside the office, there was some sunlight partially coming through the window, lighting a large L-shaped desk.

There were different books and documents piled up there, and a triangular prism with the word “Director” written on it.

On the other side of the desk, there was a woman with black-rimmed glasses and long, blonde, unkempt hair that reached to her waist.

She was scratching her head and looking at some documents with a bit of a frown.

An awful smell instantly came to my nose.

―― Ugh, she skipped on cleaning herself again. I can tell just by the smell it must have been a whole week since her last bath.

When I came in and closed the entrance behind me, the door made a creaking sound that finally caught the attention of the head of the office.

At first, she glared at me and narrowed her blue eyes suspiciously, but that’s only because her eyesight is terrible.

Apparently, people often misinterpret the meaning behind that look of hers, even though she means no harm but it.

After a short time, her eyes opened wide.

【”Dan? It’s you? What’s going on? It’s been so long!”】

Yelling that out, she stood up from her chair and came to me with her arms wide spread. Before I knew it, she gave me a tight hug.

I could feel her over-sized chest on me, but any enjoyment I could have gotten out of that was overshadowed by the awful smell that came to clog my nose. I was stuck between heaven and hell.

【”Oh god… Hmm, director, can you let go of me please?”】

【”Oh, sorry sorry. I’ve been working here non-stop for a while and I didn’t change my clothes at all.”】

―― How negligent can you be?

While pinching my nose, I looked up at the director’s face again.

She had shiny blonde hair, clear blue eyes, and was wearing a suit that tightly covered her upper-body.

This woman who wasted her beauty by her lack of interest in self-care is the person who came up with the ridiculous name of the “Big smile” law firm.
A lawyer who’s invincible in court.
The one they call “The queen of innocents”, Natasha Holstein.

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