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The demon lord is suing the hero – Chapter 4

Meeting (4)

Since I don’t have any money, I’ll just have to go earn some. Even if that means doing a job I don’t want to do.

After I came out of a busy area downtown, I found myself at a big intersection. From there, I took a left and walked for about 100 meters (yards) before I found myself on a street with a bunch of deserted buildings lined up together.

Although all those buildings looked alike, there was one stylish eight-story building that stood out. It’s called the super-golden east building.

I’ve always thought the building owner’s naming sense is a bit weird.

I climbed the stairs to the top floor of said building, and stood in front of a door with a plaque that showed the very dodgy name of the『Big Smile law firm』.

Guess I came back right where I started in the end.

And here I’d decided to never work with that person again.

After I knocked on the door three times, I heard an awfully clear voice from the other side.

【”Please come in.”】

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