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The demon lord is suing the hero – Chapter 3

Meeting (3)

I knew there were going to be difficulties.

It’s my first experience managing a business, so I already expected that things wouldn’t go smoothly at first, that I’d experience a series of failures.

But I still tried to manage somehow. Since I don’t have any real track-record yet, I’ve been actively receiving troublesome requests and small jobs.

Business isn’t getting any better, and far from making benefits, I’ve been losing money.

Then, this morning, when I opened the door to the office filled with hope that the day would go well, what I found inside the room was not hope… What I found was absolutely nothing.

I immediately gave my clerk a call.

Tiriririri… The call didn’t connect.

Still, I persisted, and after while, I heard a sleepy voice coming from the other end of the phone.

『Hello. Who is this?』

【”Hello, it’s me.”】

『Oh, Mee, I see. Well, mister Mee, I’m guessing you’re a scammer?』

【”No I’m not… I said me, as in, your boss.”】

『I know. It showed your name on the display. So, what business do you have with me so early in the morning?』

【”I wouldn’t exactly say it’s business. Speaking of which, why aren’t you at the office today?”】

『Wait, didn’t I tell you? I quit my job yesterday.』

【”Huh? What the hell? It’s the first I’m hearing of this.”】

『That’s strange. Can you take off your shoes for a second, please?』


『I wrote my resignation letter inside.』

【”Oh, really? I didn’t notice, my bad.”】

『Well, as long as you understand. Now then, I’m going back to sleep.』

Click. The call ended.

I took off my shoes, and it certainly was there, like she said.

『Hey boss, I quit ♥ PS: Your shoes smell, please just die already.』

I called her again.

After two or three calls, she answered with the same sleepy voice.

『What’s the matter?』

【”You’re asking me what’s the matter? What’s the matter with you!”】

『Please don’t shout in my ear so early in the morning. I had to smell your stinky shoes to write my letter just yesterday, don’t you think I’ve already had my fair share of trauma?』

【”Well excuse me! I’ll be careful next time, so just drop it! More importantly, I hired you just last month, why are you quitting already?!”】

『Well, I mean, you still haven’t given me my salary, have you? I wasn’t doing volunteer work there. You did not pay what you owed me. You put me in a tough position.”】

【”Oh, yeah, but, I mean-“】

『After all, that’s a violation of the labor standards act, isn’t it? You’re a lawyer, how can you do such a thing? Please hurry and pay me, if you don’t, I’ll have to do what needs to be done.』

【”Well, that’s… I’m sorry.”】

『I’ll be waiting.』

【”Yeah, I’ll pay you as soon as I can. By the way, these is one more thing I wanted to ask you. Where are my office supplies? I found the office empty when I came this morning.”】

『Oh, that? I pawned them. Someone else will buy them if you don’t get them back soon, so please be careful.』

【”Really? You should have told me ahead.”】

『Oh, sorry about that. Well, are we good then?』

【”Yeah. Sorry to call so early.”】

―― Bam. The call got violently cut off.

【”Oh, I see, so she pawned them ――”】

I stood by the window, contemplating the view, and yelled out.


―― I’ve hired a loafer.

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