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Announcement – Death Flags

Hey everyone!

As many of you have noticed, the raw for chapter 113 is already out at https://ncode.syosetu.com/n4449cj/113/

So, as usual, please show some love to the author on twitter.

He apologizes that it took so long, but really, he was working on the manga.

Speaking of the manga, it turns out it won’t come out in April but around the end of May (Or early June).

I’m guessing this has something to do with current events, but at least it will be there soon enough.

In the meantime, you can show some love to the artist, too.


I’m sure he’d be happy about it. (Or she? I never know)

In other news, I’ve made many changes on the website and I’m still making some every day. I’m still learning so I get that it’s not perfect, but if you have any advice or the like, I’d be thrilled to hear it!

As for the chapter’s translation, Chapter 113 came out on the Patreon today! And will be coming out on the website soon enough. For all the patrons, thanks a million times for your support!

The chapter 113 talks about plot points that were mentioned way back in chapter 104, so you can check that out in the meantime. You’ve probably forgotten by now, hell, I did.

Anyway, stay strong, I hope you’ll have a great day, and to whom it may concern, happy ramadan!

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    1. Adam

      Ah, sorry, just noticed that you wrote: ‘… to whom it may concern…’
      Once again thank you for your work and your wish.

    1. Anonymous

      It already has been, its been published on the patron page. It should come out in the next couple of days.(I think)

    2. The soup without a recipe

      You should give it 2 weeks because the translator is probably busy with real life aswell as trying to communicate with the author in regards to future updates

  1. Takunoji

    I notice a tragedy tag in the novel update did something happen that i miss for the story to be tag a tragedy?

    1. defiring

      The whole “guy has to use his lifespan, potentially killing himself, without ever being able to express his pain, in order to save himself and a population where 99% of people hate him” thing might have had something to do with it. But it hasn’t quite gotten to the point of a tragedy yet, though it might.

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