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The demon lord is suing the hero – Chapter 2

Third and final chapter of the day, hope you’ll enjoy it!

Meeting (2)

I was 18 when I first entered law school.

It was only by the time I was 22 that I finally passed the bar exam and graduated.

From there, I became a judicial apprentice and was trained for a year before I finally earned my attorney’s badge.

As for why I aimed to become a lawyer… Well, the job pays well.

Since I lost my parents when I was young, I used to live in an orphanage until I was 15 years old.

Once I graduated from regular school, I immediately left the orphanage and rented an apartment. That was 3 years before I joined law school.

That doesn’t mean I hated the orphanage. The director was a relatively good person; I didn’t receive any of the abuse and mistreatment you’d see in melodramas.

I probably had it much better than other people in the same situation.

I may have been poor but I enjoyed my childhood.

Granted, orphanages present some inconveniences by their very nature, but I didn’t leave mine with any particular grudge or bitterness.

Still, ever since I was a child, I always wished to be rich.

After I promised that I’d never cause trouble for him, the orphanage’s director accepted to be my guarantor. Thanks to that, I was able to start living on my own when I was only 15 years old.

My goal at the time was only to make money.

I began with things that anyone could do, manual labor, as I was pretty confident in my strength and endurance.
I worked only during the day, and when I’d return home, I’d study law books and judicial precedents to prepare for future tests.

It took me three years to save the amount of money I was aiming for, but I was able to pay the law school’s entry fee at last, and take my first step towards becoming rich.

During my time in law-school, I reduced my work hours and focused mostly on studying. All my greed was turned to the knowledge I’d need to become a lawyer.

But I did not stop at studying judicial precedents. The truth is I even went to court to listen to different trials.

There are nations that easily condemn criminals to the death penalty without any deliberations, but in Grimberd, even the cruelest criminals have the right to an attorney, which I guess is quite odd.

But thanks to this unusual take on justice, lawyers are in high demand here, and anyone from anywhere can become a lawyer, depending on the amount of efforts they’re willing to put in. I feel pretty lucky to have been born here.

After I was done being an apprentice and became a legitimate lawyer, I spent my first year working for a firm that specializes in criminal cases.

I was only working there to add some achievements to my name, but I still have to say my salary was pretty low.

That’s because the director of that law firm, while talented, had some pretty twisted notions of management.

Thinking about it now, that might have been due to that softhearted personality. The director never asked clients for anything more than the minimum legal fee. On the contrary, clients who had clear money problems would end up getting help at the office. That’s the kind of person my former superior was.

Honestly, the year I spent working in that law firm was not good for my mental health.

I did try on many occasions to advise my then director to take better-paying customers, but each time, all I’d get was a troubled look and some nonsense like “But it’s something only I can do.”

What an idiot. It’s not like there are no other lawyers out there. Every defendant gets to have a court-appointed attorney.

In those cases, the government bears the cost of the lawyer.

For the lawyer, it’s easy money, but it’s still a drop in the bucket.

Despite this, or rather, maybe because of this, those who accept these jobs tend to be poor lawyers with either no talent or no connections. Their work is proportional to the measly amounts they get paid.

My then director, on the other hand, had the competence to do much bigger things, but never even tried. I think this made me feel condescendant on some level.

That is why, when I got all the know-how I needed to be active in the legal world, I immediately became independent.

I needed money to open my business.

Since I spent all this time working on fulfilling my dream, I didn’t have any spare time to play around. At the time, studying was more or less my only hobby, so appart from my rent and my reference books, all the money I earned went to my savings.

I’d also saved every bit of my low salary. The office I was working at may have been poor, but I always got my pay on time. They even paid me extra when I stayed overtime, which helped me save money even faster.

Apparently, the money to pay my overtime hours was coming directly from the director’s salary…

Anyway, after everything that happened, I opened the Lockhart law firm at last.

It’s been about year since I became independent, and nowadays, the Lockhart law firm is――

In deep trouble.

Translator’s note: Oopsie, looks like this has already been translated before https://yoraikun.wordpress.com/charging-the-hero/

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