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The demon lord is suing the hero – Prologue

Hello everyone!

Project that I intended to pick up, but was actually already translated. I’ve posted the 10 chapters that were already translated by me. The novel is fully translated on Yoraikun’s website.

Anyway, here’s the Prologue, I hope you’ll enjoy it!


December 5th.

A decade of writing in this diary is going to come to an end today.

Not so long ago, I received an enveloppe from an anonymous sender.

It said that the demon lord, the one who was vanquished by the hero more than 50 years ago, was actually alive and planning to take over the world.

To be honest, I had no way of telling if this letter was true.

Until now, I’ve always lived secluded from society, just hoping that the world will stay at peace.

I did not stop to consider whether this was a prank, or if truly was a warning sent by someone who noticed the budding roots of this evil conspiracy early-on.

In retrospect, I regret taking the letter at face-value.

I do not possess the common sense of the common people. My way of life has never been anything close to common. I lack both knowledge and discernment.

And that is why, I believed it.

I believed everything inside this letter sent by who knows who.
I believed it when it said there was still an evil being threatening the peace of the world.
And I knew…

I knew I had the power to slay that being.

After all, the blood of the hero who once slayed the demon lord runs through my body.

Is that why I did it?


Perhaps the blood of the late hero fueled my actions.

Then again, it might have had nothing to do it.

I do not understand much about the ways of the world, but what I understand even less are my own feelings.

Why did I do it? I still cannot tell.

Hence why I am writing this last entry; it’s certainly not to remember it later or to indulge in my memories.
I am simply hoping that putting my thoughts on paper will help me make sense out of them.

…This is getting quite long.

In the 18 years I’ve been alive, it’s the first time I’ve written so much in my diary.

It makes sense. After all, there has never been so much commotion in my life before the last few weeks.

I know.

I think I’ve figured it out.

I finally understand why I did it.

It’s because I enjoyed it.

My whole life I’ve been taught that evil should be slayed.

All I’ve been doing this whole time was train my body, tempering my sword, and wait for the day I would have to defeat the incarnation of evil that was potentially to come.

For years and years I have waited.

I completely stopped interacting with people, and as the seasons shifted and the years passed, there I was, living alone in nature, tempering my swordsmanship further and further and further.

That lasted far too long.

I’d started to wonder if the demon lord still existed, if there was a still a point in my existence.

Frightening thoughts were taking over me.

Maybe no one was ever going to need me, maybe I’d grow old and die without ever doing anything.

Just imagining it made my body shiver. It kept me up at night.

So when I received that envelope, I was overjoyed.

Finally, my daily life would end. Finally, I would discover a whole new world.

That alone was enough for me.

It was enough to drive me to murder the demon lord, 25 nights ago.

A lawyer is supposed to come tomorrow.

I don’t know what kind of person he is, but I fully intend to confess to everything I’ve seen, heard, and done.

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    1. defiring

      Again, I know it is, I had translated it without realizing that, so I just posted the chapters I had on hand.

      1. FREY

        Not against it I don’t intent to double post it it just lag on my phone that cause the double post sorry again

  1. darkaeluz

    Nice, I know it’s fully translated, but I hope this gives it more visibility for new readers

  2. RKADE 14

    I already understood what this was after reading a bit of it and I’m in, not as hooked as Orefura, but I’m interested.

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