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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 83

Chapter 83 is here!

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Chapter 83

【”They’re here. They’re really here…”】

As the monster troops came into view, Bernard scratched his head, perplexed.
He already expected this would be the case, but the pressure he felt when Kurats wasn’t here really was something else.

【”There aren’t as many as expected. They have 3000 soldiers at best.”】

Frigga’s calm attitude and daring smile were very fitting of the snow white valkyrie.
There wasn’t a single particle of hesitation in her, only fighting spirit.
Her expression alone brought courage to everyone on her side.

(Is this what they call a hero’s charisma?)
【”Guard force and mercenaries, focus on defense. Our sole priority is to hold our ground until Kurats comes.”】

Lunaria was not lagging behind Frigga either.
Perhaps Frigga was a better front-line fighter, but when Lunaria gave out orders to the soldiers and encouraged them, she filled them with a sense of security.

【”Gilbert, gather the young men of the village and stay on standby. The enemy might attack with fire arrows and rocks, so hide the women and children underground!”】

Having lived under the terror of monsters for decades, the villages of Bashtar, including Narak, had all built basements to hide themselves.
This was a clever tactic.
Whenever there was a monster raid, the villagers could hide underground for several days, and therefore preserve their lives.

【”Humph, I’ll show you you’re not the only woman with authority around here, princess Frigga.”】
【”What are you saying? Do you believe my title as the Snow White Valkyrie is just for show?”】

Seeing Frigga’s mocking smile, Lunaria proudly puffed her chest.

【”I’m the best student of Rosberg, the sword of Jormungand. I’m not inferior to any ‘snow white valkyrie’.”】

Lunaria put her foot on the top of the rampart and leaned her body forward.
There was a suddenly a serious atmosphere around her.
She pulled her boorish, long sword from its scabbard.
It seemed too big for her small body, but one look at that weapon was enough to tell how dreadful it was.
As the sunshine reflected off its sharpened silver blade, the sword seemed like a pillar of light.
It also emitted a strange magic power.

【”Let me show you the power of Gerlach’s sister sword, the magic sword, Bismarck!”】

The twin swords Gerlach and Bismarck were the greatest treasures of Jormungand.
They were originally meant to be owned by the heir to the throne.
Although Lunaria had yet to become the official crown princess, king Christopher had decided to entrust it to her on her journey to Bashtar.
This went to show that Christopher truly considered her to be his successor.
The power of Bismarck was not inferior to that of Gerlach.
But it was more of a strategic weapon.
Wielding Gerlach was akin to controlling a thousand lightning bolts, but wielding Bismarck was like controlling ten thousand blasts of wind.

【”May the wind blast away our enemies! ‘Storm Circle’ ! “】

A bullet of compressed wind was fired from the tip of Bismarck’s blade. This one bullet covered a radius of 500 meters (yards).
As the bullet was fired, an air barrier appeared around it.
This combination gave rise to a downburst-like phenomenon upon hitting the ground.

A blast of wind, covering a sphere of over 100 meters, killed every monster in its path, big or small.
Within this blast, every single pebble and tree branch became a deadly weapon, reaching such speeds that the army’s bi-pedal monsters were cruelly chopped up to pieces.
These thousand monsters that were unlucky enough to be locked in the barrier that surrounded the wind bullet could only powerlessly turn into lifeless chunks of meat
With this one attack, the monster army had lost a third of its forces.

【”Impossible… To think humans could show such might…!”】

Crushiadra spoke to herself in a daze.
Weren’t humans a weak race that could only be trampled down by monsters?
How could someone from a species that only knew to fight in a group have such crushing individual power?
Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of the tragic assault on Crushiadra and her troops.

【”Oh my, I suppose I’ll have to show my power, too.”】

Riding on the back of her griffon, the Snow White Valkyrie, who could literally match a thousand man army, commenced her attack.

【”M-man, these women are way too scary!”】
【”Our boss might be a monster, but his women are no different!”】

Witnessing this overly one-sided massacre, Bernard and Bruno could not help themselves from feeling a chill all the way to their nether regions.
These monsters were the same monsters that had destroyed Bashtar and made the whole kingdom tremble only 70 years in the past.
They were not like the low-grade monsters that often appeared around remote areas.

This was an army under the order of a demon aristocrat, a being akin to a natural calamity for mankind.

Though Bernard had spent many years in the mercenary business, even he could not imagine such an easy slaughter of such a powerful army.

While Bernard’s brain was coping with the situation, Frigga made full use of her griffon’s incredible speed and unleashed the power of her sword, Murasame.

【” ‘Lightning Reflection’ “】

Dozens of lights were fired off in irregular paths, as if they were being reflected by multiple mirrors. These flashes tore through each monster they reached.
Even Shellac joined in on the slaughter, tearing apart monster after monster with its giant beak and claws.
When Frigga forced her way forward with her unbelievable speed, the already chaotic monster forces fell into a complete panic.
They had come to trample upon the humans.
Never in their lives would they have imagined that they would be the hunted and not the hunters.

【”―― Enough!”】

There was only one way to get a panicked army back on its feet.
That was for the commander to stand on the front-line and show his strength and valor.

Crushiadra calmly observed Frigga.
It was surprising enough that she had a griffon under her control.
This was a monster, after all.
But the real threat here was Frigga’s sacred water sword, Murasame.
There were many magic swords in this world, but most used the wielder’s magic power.
There were only four sacred swords, including Murasame, that could pull magic power from the atmosphere.
Such an ability was akin to having an infinite supply of magic.

(How did such an artefact fall into human hands?!)

Crushiadra was fueled by irrational anger.
She could not accept this.
Even Triestella did not have an artefact of Murasame’s level.

【”Know your place, human!”】

Crushiadra jumped forward, ready to attack.
Among Triestella’s subordinates, there was no match to Crushiadra in hand-to-hand combat.
Her splendid body was tempered like steel.

Crushiadra closed in instantly, hitting Frigga’s head with a kick that would crush a rock in half… Or so it seemed, but the next moment, Frigga’s head became distorted, like a reflection in water.

【”An illusion?!”】
【”Exactly. It sure is nice to fight a meathead.”】

That being said, if this was Kurats, his attack would likely have been a carpet bombing, swallowing up both the illusion and the main body together.

【”Damn it!”】

Crushiadra reflexively caught the attack coming from her blind sport.
Though her fingers were cut right off, her action was by no means useless.
Had she been any slower, the attack would have hit her heart.


While parrying off the attack, Crushiadra simultaneously twisted her whole body, and hit Frigga right in the abdomen with a backhand blow.
Frigga barely managed to stop herself from throwing up her gastric juices from the intense impact of the blow, as she deemed that would be undignified of a maiden.
Were it not for her white armor, this one attack would have taken her out of the fight.
She once again used her illusions to take some distance, having realized that she had looked down on Crushiadra.

【”That’s a good armor. And here I thought you were done for.”】
【”I didn’t think you would be so calm about losing your fingers.”】
【”Oh, you mean this?”】

Looking at her finger-less and bloodied hand, Crushiadra let out a small laugh.

【”This is nothing for us Nosferatus.”】

When she said so, Crushiadra’s fingers grew back like plant buds growing from the soil.

Meanwhile, the greatly reduced army of a thousand monsters had reached the rampart.

【”Is it finally our turn? I was worried the princesses would hog all the fun.”】

Regardless of how he really felt, Bernard laughed cheerfully on the surface.

【”There are only 1000 monsters left of the 3000 that came. If we can’t hold them off at this point, we can’t call ourselves men, am I right?”】

Bruno laughed heartily with his large sword on his back.
For mercenaries, cheerfulness was a battle cry.

Fortunately, the defensive power of the rampart was greater than it seemed.
It wouldn’t give an inch even to a massive red-eyed bear, and it had a strong enough defensive magic to repel a firefox’s flames.
With this rampart, 300 men were enough for a defensive battle.

While Frigga and Crushiadra clashed again, Lunaria attacked along with the mercenaries.
Moreover, Triestella, who knew of Crushiara’s predicament, had also set out to the front with her main army in tow.

At that time.

―― dadadadadadadadada!

 A deafening, thunderous sound.
It wasn’t clear whether this was the echo of an earthquake or a volcanic eruption, but it spelled a single thing: destruction.

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