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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 80

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Chapter 80

A little earlier, before Kurats passed out.

Since Clodette and Marika were busy counting and distributing supplies to the villagers of Narak, the only ones who went for a bath were Lunaria, Frigga and Cornelia.

While both Lunaria and Frigga were cheerfully undressing themselves, Cornelia was watching them nervously from the side.
Albeit their personalities were a bit off, they both were still fundamentally princesses.
Usually, when they took baths, they had maids in charge of washing their bodies in their stead. So even though Cornelia was here, they did not mind exposing themselves at all.
Lunaria had a voluptuous body and figure, especially when it came to her bust. She looked ready for motherhood.
Frigga did not lag behind her either.
With her white albino skin and her silk-like hair, she gave off a mysterious-beauty vibe that matched well with Lunaria’s sensual looks.
Although Frigga was a bit on the slender side, this gave her body a sense of perfect balance that served to sublimate her beautiful chest even further.

(Meanwhile, I’m just…)

Cornelia looked at her own, hopelessly flat chest.
As she was thinking that perhaps she should stop expecting any growth in that area, she suddenly noticed a trace of the previous night’s happenings on her.
This put her in a bit of panic.
Although the princesses were already aware of the kind of relationship she had with Kurats, she still felt that showing traces of it would be too embarrassing.
From her perspective, that would be like being observed during the act.

【”What’s wrong, Cornelia? Let’s hurry and go in.”】

Just when Cornelia started turning pink from the thoughts running through her head, Lunaria forcibly dragged her towards the bath.

(T-this feels awkward…)

Inside the bath, Cornelia, who was covered up to her shoulders with water and was hiding the traces of the previous night with a soaked towel, felt like there was tension between herself and Lunaria.
She could only assume that that was because the princess had noticed the traces.

Cornelia was anxious.
Did she seem like a shameless woman now?
Or was Lunaria perhaps feeling jealous that Cornelia had gotten Kurats’ first?
When she recalled her wild behavior from the night before, Cornelia sank in the water, up to her mouth, from embarrassment.

【”So…. how is he?”】

Cornelia did not quite understand Lunaria’s meaning.
Some elements were missing in that question.
Firgga followed up on Lunaria’s words like she couldn’t believe Cornelia’s reaction.

【”At this point, why be embarrassed about it at all? Tell us, how is master in the bedroom? We want to know.”】
【”D-does it still hurt? Mother used to say you have to count the spots on the ceiling until the end to forget about the pain.”】

These two were apparently waiting for their opportunity to have their turn with Kurats, but as women from a noble upbringing with limited knowledge on the matter, they could not hide their worries.
Contrarily to the thoughts that had been haunting Cornelia’s mind in the dressing room, it turned out she now held the position of an experienced senior over the two princesses.
And that was plenty enough to satisfy her womanly vanity.

【”Generally, it’s not really painful. But imagine something this big entering inside. I think it’s no surprise I was seriously worried that my stomach would break at first.”】

While describing her experience, Cornelia showed her clenched fist as a point of comparison.
Not only Lunaria, but even Frigga turned pale.

【”T-that big? Really? That’s probably twice the size of the guys of the knight order!”】
【”It’s probably three times that of my father…”】

Lunaria’s father, Christopher, would probably cry tears of blood if he heard his daughter’s impression of him.

【”Anyway, the first time around, I did have to endure some pain. Well, back then, Kurats still had no experience. Maybe he’ll be a bit more careful next time.”】
【”Are you sure he’s not going to break something inside?”】
【”Since it’s smaller than a newborn, it should be fine. But the pain will no doubt make you feel like something is about to tear.”】

Cornelia smiled at Lunaria and Firgga, who silently gulped from nervousness.

【”―― The pain will make you feel like you’re about to die, but it will be nothing compared to the happiness that will come it. The joy of being connected to the one you love will counterbalance any pain.”】

Indeed, this was a special bliss only a woman could feel. A first experience, between pain and joy.
Nothing in this world had ever made Cornelia feel more complete than when she united with Kurats.

【”I-is that so… I’ll take your word for it…”】
【”I hope I’ll get to be with master soon…”】

Letting their imaginations roam free, the two princesses were both caught in dreamy fantasies.
Cornelia looked at them with a bewitching smile as she started explaining further.

【”Once the pain fades away, you’ll be attacked by an unbearable pleasure. You can bear with the pain, but that feeling of pleasure is not something you can endure.”】

Cornelia showed the traces she had on her neck and chest.

【”At first it felt like we were connected, but now it feels like I’m being reshaped for him. Those moments feel so good that I end up doing and saying the most embarrassing things without a care. It’s a bit vexing.”】
【”Oh… Embarrassing things? That feeling sounds quite tricky!”】
【”Aaah, I want to be dyed by master’s colors as soon as possible!”】
【”Calm down, Frigga! Your first will be a unique experience! If you force it you’ll regret it…”】
【”I think what would be regretful would be to waste even more time.”】

This time around, Lunaria was the one who sank in the bath up to her mouth. Her whole body was crimson, like she had literally boiled in the hot water.
As things stood, it was clear that the day the princesses would experience their first was not far away.
Cornelia was secretly happy about that. Her body was not going to last long if the girls did not hurry and join her.

【”Anyway, you’re sure that he really won’t break anything? Completely sure?”】
【”I suppose there might some risk if he doesn’t loosen you up properly.”】
【”L-loosen? You mean, Kurats? O-on me?”】
【”Who else?”】

Perhaps because her imagination had gone beyond the threshold of her shame, or maybe because the temperature of the water was a little too hot, Lunaria went limp like a puppet with broken strings.

【”Wait! Lunaria! Don’t pass out here!”】
【”This is bad! We have to cool her down…”】
【”Too…. Too shameful…”】

◆  ◆  ◆

【”You’re saying that wall suddenly appeared?”】

Triestella snorted in discontent.
Her long, blonde hair was twined around her tanned skin all the way to her waist, while her almost completely exposed maids were lying around her bare feet.

Every single woman in this room was a beauty far above the norm.
The scout who came to report this information had a hard time calming his heartbeat.

With a single glance from Triestella, the maids who had been attending to her, massaging her shoulders, or rubbing lotion on her feet, instantly stood up and left.
Triestella’s expression completely changed from when she had been relaxing on her feather pillow.

Whoever had disturbed her fun with this antic had just summoned her wrath.
―― Humans? Hadn’t they already learned their lesson 70 years ago? Was that punishment they called Bashtar’s great invasion not enough?
This type of reckless behavior was exactly why those unintelligent creatures were so helpless.

【”So, what’s the scale of that wall?”】
【”That wall is a full-fledged rampart. It’s about 12 kilometers in length, five meters in height, and two meters in width. Low level-monsters will likely be powerless against it.”】
【”How did you not notice this was being built?! What were you doing?!”】

Tirestella was furious.
Overlooking the construction of such a large project was a level of negligence worthy of the death penalty.

【”I swear upon the demon king’s name that I did not overlook the construction. It suddenly appeared out of nowhere today, like it was summoned by someone.”】
【”This is ridiculous… Even the demon king would not be able to do it, so…”】

How could mere humans do this?
Although Triestella’s thoughts went that way, it was also a fact that such a rampart would be a project on a national scale if built through normal means. It would be impossible to hide its construction.
Besides, this Winged-man was a trustworthy scout, there was no way he would have neglected his job for months and months up until this day.

【”―― It’s hard to admit, but this might be really the work of the humans.”】

Triestella had learned in a meeting a few days ago that one of her fellow aristocrats had been killed by humans.
Once every couple months, senior aristocrats like herself had to go to the demon king’s castle to share information and receive special orders from the demon king.

The senior aristocrats’ hierarchy was composed of 4 archdukes standing at the top, followed by 6 marquises, 8 counts, 12 viscounts, and 16 barons. 

Triestella was a count, ranked 13th among all the senior aristocrats.
Thought she ranked third among the counts, it was said that she could rival both the second and the first count when it came to fighting strength alone.
The being the case, the number of monsters under her rule exceeded 10.000; meaning she could easily surpass the entirety of a small human country’s military forces.
That was why even powerful countries like Jormungand usually avoided fighting senior aristocrats upfront.

Given her standing, Triestella would never admit that someone such as herself could be scared off by humans like a weakling.
After all, no senior aristocrat could be inferior to a human.
However, this time, her intuition was sounding intense alarm bells in her mind in regards to the apparition of that rampart and whoever was behind it.

【”I’ll personally confirm what’s going on.”】

Despite what he instincts told her, Triestella believed in only one thing: power.
Besides, as an aristocrat, she had submitted herself to the absolute power of the demon king.
It was her duty to face the threat that Kurats represented, no matter the danger awaiting her in the process.

【”Hahaha… If they’ve forgotten the terror of the mad Nosferattu, then I’ll refresh their memories!”】

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