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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 78

Chapter 78 is here!

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Anyway, here’s chapter 78, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 78

By nine o’clock, Cornelia had finally dress up and come out.
Gilbert happened to come to the fort at the same time.

【”Good morning, my lord.”】
【”Last night’s feast was pretty fun. “】
【”I am thankful for your praise.”】
【”By the way-“】

When he said these words, Kurats’ expression changed.

【”To follow up on last night’s story, are there any land depressions around here?”】

Gilbert tilted his head.
By ‘last night’s story’, was Kurats referring to the water problem?

【”I want to use it to gather water, so it needs to be wide enough.”】
【”T-there is a place like that near the northern plains.”】

Answering so, Gilbert could not help his heartbeat from going wild.
Securing a water supply was a long-standing dream for the village.
Mayhaps Kurats had discovered an underground water vein?
Though that would normally be impossible, there was nothing normal about this new lord.

【”―― Guide me there, will you?”】

On the way between the fortress and the Narak village, about 20 minutes north of the wide northern plains, there was a land depression hidden away by the grass covering it.

【” It’s not big enough…”】

As Kurats expected, the depth and width far too small. He needed an area at least twice bigger.
Then again, all he had to do was make it bigger.

【”Step back a little.”】

With no further explanation than this, Kurats soared to the sky.
He chose an angle that would allow him to dig right down.
Once he was about 30 meters up, he started punching down, aiming at the ground.


Every time he swung his fist, a new crater appeared in the ground.
Under the barrage of punches, the ground soon reached a depth of 3 meters and a width of 500 meters.

【”Haa, alright, this should be enough.”】

As Kurats wiped the sweat on his forehead after landing, Gilbert managed to ask a question through his bewilderment.

【”What do you intend to do, my lord? I thought for sure that you intended to dig a well.”】
【”A well would not be enough to fill the needs of the village, would it? So I’m going to bring water from the Tulenne river.”】

Gilbert thought he knew how abnormal Kurats was, but he was now realizing he knew nothing.

【”…My lord, the Tulenne river is 20 kilometers away from here.”】

Not only that, but there was also a rocky wasteland on the way that overlapped with the monsters’ territory.
Bringing water from there would be the equivalent of a project on a national scale, and would involve tens of thousands of people.

【”You’ll have to look for a blacksmith who can make a Watergate later. But, for what comes now, I can manage just fine.”】
『There is a nice earth-type spell made to dig mines. You’ll need precise control to make a waterway with it, so it might be difficult.』
(I have a simpler way.)
【”Anti-Material Wall.”】

Heeding Kurats’ call, a magical wall appeared.
This invisible barrier was about 2 meters squared, and was twice more solid than the Corrundum tortoise Kurats had killed before.

『What are you trying to accomplish by summoning that?』
【”Just watch. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”】


After the barrier buried itself into the ground, Kurats pushed both of his hands against it.
Then, he started running forward while pushing it.
Under Kurats’ insane power, the barrier pushed through all the dirt and rocks in its way, leaving a new path behind it.
Kurats was like a bulldozer.
But in terms of hardness and horse-power, Kurats far outperformed any bulldozer.
As he watched the 2-meters wide road, as wide as the barrier, stretch towards the Tulenne river, Gilbert fell down on his knees, stupefied.

【”Haa…Haa… I bet you didn’t think of this.”】

With this method, bringing water from the Tulenne river by the end of the day would certainly be possible… Even so, Bernst could not bring himself to like it at all for some reason.

『I do not acknowledge this! It might be quicker than my method, maybe, but I absolutely do not acknowledge this!』

Bernst’s shouts did nothing to affect Kurats’ good mood.


Kurats kept digging up the dirt with the ease of a child playing in the sand, until he disappeared from Gilbert’s sight.

【”Well, that’s just how he is. Get used to it.】

Despite her words, Lunaria had a cramped smile on her face as she bore witness to the scene.

『I demand better treatment!』
(What? How so?)
『I want a magic renaissance, I want magic to be great again!』

When Kurats’ efforts paid off and the water streamed all the way from the Tulenne river, Gilbert and Lucas both knelt down, in tears.
This was probably more water than they could ever use.
Having lived so long in this remote area, they knew the value of water.
After all, humans were dependent on it to survive.
Not only in agriculture, but even when cooking, doing the laundry, or cleaning themselves after taking care of their natural needs, it was natural for the villagers to use even muddy water sparingly, like it was made of drops of their own blood. Suffice to say, none of the villagers had ever experienced a bath in their lives.
This flow of water was the manifestation of a long-standing dream of theirs.
It wasn’t strange for Gilbert’s loyalty to break through the limits.

【”Lord Bashtar! Please make me one of your retainers!”】

But the one who expressed his loyalty first was Lucas.
At first, he had intended to leave to the capital, where there was no daneger to his life, once Kurats’ takeover would be done.
Even so, as the head of the Guard force, he was very attached to Bashtar.
If Kurats was going to bring a rebirth of Bashtar, Lucas wanted to play a part in it.
He wanted to rewrite history together with him.

After that day, more than 30% of the guard force decided to remain in Bashtar, and be among the first to join Kurats’ group of retainers.
Despite choking on tears of gratitude, Gilbert also knelt before Kurats.

【”My lord, I would give my life to protect yours!”】

The coming of this abundant source of water was a life-changing event for the Narak village.

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