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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 77

Chapter 77 is here!

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Anyway, here’s chapter 77, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Important: This chapter is part of a Double release, please read chapter 76 if you haven’t already.

Chapter 77

【”My help may not be worth much, but I’ll support you.”】
【”I’ll deal with the monsters eventually, but not right now. I wouldn’t be able to protect you at the same time. So tell me, what is it that the people need right now?”】
【”I’m afraid we’re lacking in everything. First, we have too few sources of water. The village is very far away from the Tulenne river… So we are basically relying on rain for farming, which limits our harvest. If only we had abundant water, we’d be able to plant rice and wheat…”】

The Tulenne river’s area had once been the breadbasket of the territory.
But the great invasion had morphed its surroundings into monster forests and poisonous swamps, not leaving any hint of a trace of this once fertile land.
That being said, the village of Narak was also far from lacking in fertile soil.
As evidence, the villagers were still able to feed themselves despite the complete absence of water and fertilizers.

【”Long story short, you need water, right?”】

Kurats’ casual words sent an indescribable sensation down Gilbert’s spine.
The short sentence gave him a flashback from earlier, when Kurats had declared “I’m just thinking of erasing everything inside the forest”, and gone through with it.

(Nah, this isn’t the same, what’s there to destroy when bringing water?)
【”Well, there are other issues that come up among the people, and even when it comes to the topic of agriculture alone, there are other problems than the lack of water… But if we can be safe from the monsters and have a reliable source of water, then I feel everything will solve itself eventually in the long term.”】
【”You’re more knowledgeable than I thought, Gilbert. Are the other village heads that knowledgeable, too, or is it just you?”】
【”I wouldn’t say I’m all that wise, it’s just that my father was once the chamberlain of the Margrave of Bashtar.”】

(I get it, his father probably passed some of his knowledge onto him.)

【”You think you’d be able to get in contact with other servants of the margrave who have left the land?”】
【”Bashtar is the home in their hearts, the place they were born. They haven’t left, just like us. Then again, I’m only speaking for the ones in my generation. Even now, I still interact with them to some extent.”】

Even the youngest people among the generation that recognized Bashtar as their home were already middle-aged.
That generation also happened to have given birth to the leading figures of the territory.

As for those who had left territory, that did not mean they were not attached to it. if Kurats could guarantee their safety, they would most likely return here, to their homes.
That would probably also require him to bait them with a promise of good living conditions and favorable tax treatments.

『Humans are creatures that flock to wealth. We can think of the people’s issues later. Right now, what’s more important is to prepare military forces to maintain order and protect the territory.』
(Whatever, his is already waaay over what my brain can take! I’m leaving the rest to you!)
『Can’t you think for yourself for once?!!!』

Yet again, Bernst’s feelings did not reach Kurats.

【”I must admit I was worried at one point about how the situation would progress, but I’m glad to see everyone seems to be having fun.”】
【”To think you’d beat up a Corrundum Tortoise on your first day, I was clearly mistaken for thinking you’re boorish. Way to prove me wrong, Kurats.”】
【”Master, please let me refill your plate.”】

Seeing, Lunaria, Cornelia and Frigga starting to get tipsy and snuggling onto Kurats, Gilbert smiled wryly and prepared to leave.

【”We’ll continue our talk tomorrow. For now, I hope you will enjoy the very humble feast we’ve prepared in your honor.”】

◆  ◆  ◆

After spending a passionate night with Cornelia, with the bonus of drunkenness to season the experience, Kurats woke up feeling very refreshed.
As for Cornelia, she was still in a deep sleep next to him, with her exhaustion and the traces on her neck as the only evidence of the night before.
It seemed like fulfilling the desires of Kurats was an impossible task for a single woman, given his bottomless endurance.

While Lunaria was very interested in what went on in their bedroom, she was still a princess. She had to prepare herself mentally in various ways, and had to be in the right situation and right mood for her first time.
Frigga did not mind that, and was willing to let Lunaria have her first before having her own turn.

【”That being said, I know I agreed to that deal, but if you don’t hurry I’m gonna have to reconsider.”】
【”Wait, no! I still have a young maiden’s heart and dreams! Just give me a bit more time!”】

Kurats had no clue that these sort of deals were going on behind the scenes.
As he was basking in his own good mood, Cornelia frowned and moved in her sleep.

【”Nnn… No more, Kurats… You’re going to kill me at this rate…”】

Hearing Cornelia’s sleep-talk and seeing the chaotic state of her beautiful skin, Kurats swore in his mind that he’d restrain himself a bit starting from this night.

When he left the room in the fortress that was made to be used by the Guard Force, Kurats found that Frigga and Lunaria were both already up. They were having a friendly chat in the garden.

【”Morning, Lunaria, Frigga.”】

Lunaria and Frigga returned his greeting with delighted smiles, while holding back from commenting anything about the night before.

【”Morning, Kurats!”】
【”Good morning, master.”】

They had apparently had a friendly bout against each other, seeing as they were both covered in sweat.

【”As expected, I am no match for you, miss Frigga.”】
【”I must say you are quite strong yourself, princess Lunaria. I wouldn’t expect any less from sir Rosberg’s disciple.”】

Having been on actual battlefields, Frigga was unsurprisingly a better fighter. She would likely be one or even two steps ahead of Lunaria in a fight.

【”Oh, you’re awake, my lord. Breakfast is ready.”】

Lucas, who seemed to have just finished his morning training, interjected.

【”Yeah, sorry, can you save one serving for later?”】
【”Understood. Then, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go ahead.”】

After Kurats said that, he felt the weight of Lunaria and Frigga’s judging eyes on him.

【”…Did you attack Cornelia until she fainted, again?”】
【”I’m envious… if only Lunaria could hurry and build up some courage…”】
【”Hold on! Who says I’m scared?!”】

Lunaria suddenly turned bright red and quickened her pace.

【”Let’s hurry and go already! The bout from this morning made me hungry.”】
【”Now this, I agree on.”】

Kurat’s nightly ‘workout’ had also made him extremely hungry, but he was careful enough not to voice that out.
He chose to just quietly follow behind the two princesses.

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