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Hey everyone.

Since I’m trying stuff out with the website and the patreon, I’d rather not post anything today, to avoid accidental screw-ups.
I’ll change a few things and post the Almadianos Chapters tomorrow.

As for Population Control, I’m working on it. I don’t know if the chapter will be ready tomorrow, as I also have to balance all that with a few trips to the doctor and my studying. (Finals in a week)

As for Death Flags… Guys, I know there is a chapter out but I have to stay 1 chapter behind the author.
When he posts the next chapter, I’ll post chapter 112.

Anyway, have a great day everyone, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Will

    Appreciate the update about Death Flags!

    Must be frustrating dealing with impatient people when you have no control over how fast the chapters get released. 🙂

    1. defiring

      Meh, well, that’s life. I guess everyone can’t know every detail about every novel that comes out, so some people might feel like I’m being lazy or something.
      The only real issue is that many won’t see this post, unfortunately.

  2. Matty Ice

    Is that an agreement you have with the author about staying 1 chapter behind?
    BTW thankyou so much for translating it i was heart broken years ago when this kept getting dropped by other translators, thankyou for keeping with it

    1. defiring

      There is no particular agreement, but basically he wants to interact with readers and I feel it would be disrespectful to overshadow the raws.
      On a brighter note, the Death Flags manga is on its way, and will be available in April!

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