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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 71

Chapter 71 is here!

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Anyway, here’s chapter 71, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

(This chapter is part of a double release, if you haven’t read chapter 70, please read it before reading this one)

Chapter 71

【”She said that his majesty is thinking of making you her husband. She also said that if it’s with you, she’s willing to get married.”】

Bernst had been aware of this for a while, but for Kurats, it came completely out of the blue.
At most, he had barely felt that Lunaria held good feelings towards him to some extent.

【”I mean, even you wouldn’t be able to go against the king’s orders, right? Besides, it’s natural for nobles to have multiple wives.”】

Cornelia and Kurats’ parents just happened to be a monogamous couple, but there were many prosperous polygamous families, even among commoners.
This was a common sight in societies where healthcare and medicine were still at early stages.
The higher the child mortality rate, the more women would converge around wealthy and powerful men.

【”Back in the village, I thought you and I would live together forever. But strangely enough, I never thought of taking the place of your wife. Just that I’d somehow always be with you.”】

After everything Cornelia had just said, Kurats still had a hard time telling exactly how she felt about him.
Cornelia showed a shy smile, determined to completely release the feelings she had kept bottled up inside her until today.
Dense as he was, Kurats would not understand anything if Cornelia was not this upfront.

【”―― I love you, Kurats. Not as a sibling, but as a woman.”】

They slowly approached their faces to each other, until their lips connected.
Still feeling the lingering exaltation of having communicated their feelings at last, they relished in the feeling of the other’s lips, entwined their tongues, and exchanged saliva again and again like they were bartering for the most precious of liquids.
They let themselves enjoy their kiss for a while, in a dreamy, drunken trance.

【”This like a dream. To think that I’d one day be able to be with you…”】

Kurats always thought of this ever since he reached puberty.
While he had been satisfied with the relationship he shared with Cornelia as siblings, he had always dreamed that maybe one day, they would be lovers.
Then again, the memories he shared with her were not all so sweet…

【”But Kurats, you sure are a handful, aren’t you?”】

The chilly tone in Cornelia’s voice was shiver-inducing.
Even if they became lovers, that did nothing to change the psychological pecking order between them.
Kurats stood at attention and listened to his sister’s words as he always did.

【”I did not expect you’d also get your hands on princess Frigga. Know that, from now on, princess Lunaria and I will personally manage your connections with other women.”】
【”Sir, yes, sir!】
【”And so…”】

Even though she had seemed like she was about to get very angry just now, Cornelia suddenly turned red again, all over her body, with her arms shaking.
Still, she had made her resolve.
Thus, for her sake and the sake of Lunaria, who had given her some time alone with Kurats, Cornelia mustered up all her courage and announced the decision she had made.

【”I’ll let princess Lunaria be your legal wife, and I’ll get your first time instead!”】

Cornelia spoke while shyly looking upwards, with a meek voice that felt like it could vanish at any time.
When he witnessed this, Kurats was able to hear his own sanity break in half, as he lost all sense of reason.


The woman he loved was sweetly pleading for him to take her, how could he refuse?
With great desire, Kurats immediately pushed down her delicate body.

【”I can’t hold back anymore!!”】

Kurats savagely went for Cornelia’s lips.

As she was no match to Kurats’ strength, Cornelia cried out until morning, but it was still an overwhelmingly fulfilling experience for both of them.

【”―― So now it’s officially confirmed that you’re a beast. Say, are you a monkey? I’m pretty sure you’re a monkey. Why else would you be so obsessed with hair? Or are you just that much of a maniac?”】
【”Stop it! Don’t say anything else! Bernst will go on a rampage again!”】

◆  ◆  ◆

While still looking embarrassed like a pair of innocent lovers, the couple went to wash away the remains of their night in a bath they shared together.
There, they may have done more than clean themselves, as one would expect of a young man and a young woman, who tended to have no established limits.
By the time they dressed up and showed up for breakfast, it was already 9 in the morning.

【”You sure enjoyed yourselves last night.”】

Lunaria spoke with an obscene smile directed at Cornelia, who was passionately clinging to Kurats’ arm.
Frigga’s reaction, on the other hand, was something that no one here expected.

【”Master, I will be waiting for the day where I’ll also be called to attend to you.”】
【”…Did she say master?”】

Though she was still immersed in the feelings of the previous night, Cornelia still frowned and pinched Kurats by the side. She could ignore what she had just heard.

【”Don’t worry. She didn’t take Kurats’ first time while he was there. That being said, she’s already way too far gone.”】

The previous night, while Cornelia and Kurats were keeping each other busy, Lunaria and Frigga had a talk about their respective perspectives of the future.
Fortunately, Frigga had no thoughts of marrying Kurats and binding him to Lapland.
It seemed she genuinely only wanted to follow Kurats, who was the only man stronger than her that she knew of, and who had even saved her life.
Although she let her desires take control of her at times, this was still the Snow White Valkyrie. And yet, she seemed to regard Kurats, whose strength was comparable to an army, as some sort of deity.
The only thing Bernst’s training had done was to bring those unconscious feelings straight to the surface.

【”I want to have master’s child as soon as possible! “】
【”You’re supposed to be a princess, too! Please be more subtle!”】
【”I’m up against his to be legal wife and his favorite woman here, I cannot afford to keep up appearances!”】

There were a lot of troubling thoughts going through Frigga’s mind.
Even since she had come to Jormungand, she discovered that the king was determined to marry Kurats with Lunaria, and then found out about a sister, not related by blood, who had been close to Kurats since the day he was born.
It was natural for the situation to feel like a crisis to her.

【”Given the circumstances, on the condition that you don’t take Kurats away from Jormungand, I’ll leave you be if you stay under my charge. You might not like it, but I hope we’ll get along.”】
【”I’m forever grateful to you, miss sister. I look forward to this.”】
【”So do I, but could you not call me ‘miss sister’?”】
【”Cornelia. For his recent achievements, Kurats has been granted the title of count by my father, and as his sole relative, you’re currently his only heiress. As such, you’ll probably be getting a flood of marriage proposals from now on. We’re gonna have to all work together, hand in hand, in order to deal with all that.”】(Lunaria)

But mostly, they’d work together in order to deal with any women that might pop up and try to take Kurats away.
Under the tight guard of the princesses of two different countries, and his sister, who was also his sole relative, no amount of ordinary efforts would suffice for other women to ensnare him.

【”Of course, if it’s for master’s sake, then there’s no discussing it.”】
【”Just the thought of marrying someone other than Kurats gives me shivers, so I agree.”】

Thus, the three women came to an agreement and shook hands with each other.

(…Why do I feel like I’m being left out?)
『I thought you’d change a little now that you’re no longer a virgin. As a man, you should know how to handle your women.』

Bernst, who had resurfaced, came to chide Kurats.
From the perspective of Bernst, the magic king who had his world under his rule, there was no point in bothering about loving this or that woman. There were far important matters in life.
However, he was going to need the talents of Lunaria and Frigga from now on, and he psychologically did not want to antagonize Cornelia.
That being the case, Bernst had no choice but to slowly push Kurats to understand these sorts of things overtime.

(V-v-virgin? What are you saying?!)
『So, do you feel better now that you let all those feelings out? I hope you won. A king does not get defeated in the bedroom. That would be unacceptable.』

Bernst wanted Kurats to know how to handle himself in the bedroom as soon as possible. He had to be the strongest there. He had to be the winner.
There was no exception. Even if the other party was a woman he loved.

Translator’s note: Yup, that actually happened. I thought the author was dodging it, but nope. And that’s damn good to see. Anyway, I’ll say it again, double release, so if this chapter didn’t make sense to you, that’s probably because you didn’t read chapter 70.

For the patrons, you got a double release too, so be careful to read chapter 73 before reading chapter 74 and 75.

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