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My Death Flags Show No Sign Of Ending – Chapter 110 (part 1)

Part 1 of Chapter 110 is here! Still posting in parts, still don’t know the author’s stand, but he says he’ll go for more frequent updates, I dunno. I’ll give you guys a sort of final update on the situation once I post part 2.

Anyway, here’s the chapter, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 110

(Erica’s POV)

【”Hey, come on, are you guys serious?”】

【”Liner, Erica, calm down!”】

【”Why should I?! Harold hurt my dad and mom! This is unforgivable!!”】

【”Yes, he’s right. Let’s fight him… If we win, we’ll hear all the answers we want directly from him.”】

【”B-but I…”】

As Erica and Harold were readying themselves to fight, Lifa and Hugo were watching from the side. They tried to change their mind, but their opinions were not welcomed.
‘I figured this would happen’ Thought Erica to herself, feeling sorry for her companions.

It wasn’t like she did not understand why Hugo and Lifa did not want the group to fight Harold. Erica did not want to fight him either.
Her self pointing her weapon at Harold was the most abominable image she could imagine.

Harold was arrogant and selfish. He saved people arrogantly, and he let himself get hurt selfishly. He did it even if no one was there to see it, even if nobody ever noticed.

Though everyone hated him, he was willing to keep going, even if it meant being all alone.

There could be a reason why Harold had hurt Liner’s parents and was trying to fight the group now. Perhaps it was a mistake to fight him.

Even so, Erica still chose to fight Harold, like he wanted her to.

(I’m afraid this is all I can possibly do for you…)

She was not someone who could support Harold. She was not good enough to be able to go against Harold’s flow for his own sake.

Now that Erica had fully realized that, all she could do was to fully respect his wishes.
No matter how bitter this decision was, she was going to fight with all her power.

【”If you do not want to participate in this fight, please fall back.”】

【”Erica! Stop being so stubborn!”】

Lifa’s shouting fell on deaf ears.

Right now, Erica was trying to do the only thing she could do for the man she loved.
She was not going to give that up.
There was nothing to discuss.

【”No, I cannot back down.”】

【”Just listen to me, you have to stop――”】


The ice cold voice rendered the chaotic atmosphere much more tense and serious.

Harold had yet to take any stance. He was merely holding his two swords, which were still completely lowered down.

However, the pressure he exuded was much more powerful than anything the party had ever witnessed from other opponents up to now.

【”What are you going on about? If you’re not going to fight, I’ll end this right here.”】

His words were ambiguous but everyone could guess what he meant by it. Harold truly intended to fight them.

Save for Liner, who had already let the blood rush to his head, the rest of the group was probably more than a little shaken by this declaration.
This included Erica as well, but she was able to bear with it, and stare straight back at Harold.

At this point, Hugo and Lifa found the resolve to join the fight and Colette took a fighting stance as well.

【”Let’s see what you got, Harold!”】

Liner’s words were the true start signal of this face-off.

(Harold’s POV)


The flashes of the inflamed sword carried with them all of Liner’s strength. As the name of the “Great Wrath Gramgrand” sword suggested, the power of the sword and flames kept growing as if they were being fed by Liner’s anger. But what was even more astounding was that Liner was able to keep up with Harold’s speed.

His sword was connected to his emotions, be they positive or negative. When he let his feelings explode, he was able to unleash his potential and increase his strength by many folds. That was Liner’s way of fighting. Harold couldn’t help himself from thinking, ‘How fitting of an RPG protagonist’.

Harold’s fighting method, on the other hand could be said to be the complete opposite. He was always observing his opponents’ movements, dodging their attacks, and making sure that his own attacks would land.

What he allowed him to adopt this fighting style was his far superior speed, but he also had another absolute advantage: the fact that he ‘knew’ the skills of his opponents and the winning tactics they might go for. And that made him no easy adversary.
Even in a situation like this one, where he had the overwhelming handicap of having to fight 6 on 1.

While Harold was caught up with Liner’s powerful onslaught, a fierce tonfa attack came from his blind-spot. Harold instantly turned 180 degrees and repeled Collette’s blow with a kick.

In addition to the hardness of the wood that was used to make the tonfa in the first place, this weapon was also endowed with magic power, which made it far more solid than any average metal. Trying to kick something this solid away was like begging to get a broken bone, but Harold made it look easy.

With a dull ‘crack’, the tonfa broke in half.

This was the ‘Artillery kick’ skill Harold had used in the past to crush the massive branch-like arms of a hammer treant. This technique was based on a popular move that was called “Heel drop”. In the game, this move was only used to tie-in multiple combos, but Harold had improved it.

The ‘heel drop’ could now give a great boost to his leg strength and to the impact of his kick, and it was nothing like what it used to be in the original story. It had turned into Harold’s own original skill.

【”That’s impossible…!”】

Colette’s face showed great shock. She had probably never imagined that her tonfa, which she could normally use to clash against swords, would be broken by a mere kick.

Still, her attack had created an opportunity for Francis and Hugo to come closer and go for a pincer attack.

Even though he was the only one who could keep up with Harold’s speed, Liner stopped moving to allow his three comrades to go for their coordinated attack. The party had probably already figured they’d be no match for Harold in a on-on-one fight. They were making the right call.

However, Harold already knew about this coordinated attack to some extent.

Translator’s note: don’t worry, part 2 is much longer.

In the mean time, please consider reading Population Control. Trust me, it’s a great read!

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  1. Krono

    Thanks for the chapter! Happy to see this series making a comeback. Hopefully Harold can force out an explanation that this was for training/ testing to see if they’re ready for the monster horde or to make people think he was the enemy and they were upholding their reputation as Heroes by fighting him or something.

  2. CyanCrown

    So why are you doing chapters in parts anyway? We already have to wait so long for a chapter, the last thing I want is that to then be segmented, lol.

    1. defiring

      To be more precise, people don’t see the author’s messages and whatnot unless I post them along with a chapter. :/

  3. Shirayangi

    Thank you as always Defiring, Great job here! ‘-‘)/

    Erika misunderstanding again.. If harold not hanging his sword maybe it will come out with different answer.. like throw his weapon or alike signal he’s not gaing to fight.. but it only fantasy..

    waiting patiently for second part ^-^)/

  4. Kalmaegi

    Ahhhhh this makes me want to go over every Erica related content in this novel all over again. Been so long since I read the novel for my best girl since I’ve been starved for so long.

    Harold did a weapon break skill. This guy….

  5. thanghe

    Harold: ”What are you going on about? If you’re not going to fight, I’ll end this right here.” (Meaning: It’s an misunderstand, let’s stop)
    Everyone else: (He’s going to kill us!!)

    Thank for the chapter

    1. RenaieReads

      Lol. Appropriate reaction. Even if harold held no stance and his swords are downwards. The fact that he had them out is scary for them. And they know Harold didn’t need a stance to be ready to fight them.

  6. RenaieReads

    Aaaaaaa. Can’t wait for the Next chapter. I literally woke up to refresh the novelupdates page of Death flag to see Ch 110.

    And it’s only a 30 second read.

    Still grateful to you defiring 🙏 Also to the author. Hope he decides to frequent his updates.

  7. Diarek

    I was hoping for a full length chapter, but a 2-parters is fine.
    Thanks for the work, defiring. And yes, Population Control is pretty amazing too.

  8. The existence of combos is a complete accident that was brought about by players using specific moves with expert timing, fast as lightning against computer players. The point of a combo is to stun the opponent for a split second and connect as many of those hits together without allowing the enemy to retaliate.

    A tie in move is a weak strike used to reset or end the preset combo and start a new one without disrupting the flow of continuous attacks. They’re usually only effective as giving a millisecond advantage and are incredibly difficult to pull off. It’s easier to juggle an enemy in the air with multiple upward strikes, while you’re both in the air, then it is to pull off a multicombo.

    The fact that Harold trained a tie in move to this extent means that he practiced performing two or more different combo sets over and over, took advantage of building off a combo, then forcefully isolated a move that requires that buildup, and refined it to ridiculous levels WITHOUT any of the buildup.

  9. Syafie

    When Harold says that he know their combo and tactic the thing that come in my mind is how different Erica is compare to the game. BTW thanks for the chap~

  10. ung

    I swear Erica’s line of thinking and how she thinks it is appropriate to help and support Harold is just getting downright dumb at this point. How about just telling him that you love him and see what he says back?????

    1. defiring

      Harold wouldn’t want to, he already said so. She did sort of tell him before. And I mean, the line Harold said is impossible to interpret in any other way, as it wasn’t a twisting of his words but an actual word-for-word line from the game.

        1. defiring

          Well, Death Flags has always been ‘Misunderstandings: The novel’, you either like that or you don’t, really

  11. StoryReiter

    Just realized how important Erica was. She is someone who continued to try to understand Harold or Kazuki. In a world where no one truly knows him with his mouth literally running on autopilot means shit when it comes to relationships. Welp. No one will know Harold. No one will now know.

  12. Anonymous

    This is hillarious. Harold says something the complete opposite of his intention, and causing more misunderstanding.

  13. ironyisnotdead

    Erica just going with whst she thinks is Harold’s flow is getting on my nerves.
    Girls that think the guy knows everything are almost as much a pain as the more frequently seen situation…
    Girl who thinks she know everything. Lol
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    1. ung

      EXACTLY what i was thinking, and what pisses me off even more is the fact that Erica is not even CLOSE to guessing what Harold’s train of thought is or what his plans are. For such a well-written story, the dynamic relationship between Harold and Erica seems to be rather lacking, especially when you think about all the other ways their relationship could’ve gone.

  14. S.S. Shipwrecker

    Thanks for the chapter, you’d think that after a while Harold would just carry around a balled up sock to just shove in his mouth when it starts going off far more then he can control.

    1. defiring

      I don’t think author will do weekly releases man, maybe monthly, which would still be much better than one every three months. If you’re talking about me, well, it’s been 5 days, which is actually less than a week.

  15. Anonymous

    This is the part of the story i really like im getting tired of novels that is babysitting the mc. Its time to look on the otherside

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