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Almadianos Eiyuuden – Chapter 61

Chapter 61 is here!

This is a double release, so if you didn’t read it yet, please check out chapter 60 first!

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Anyway, here’s chapter 61, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chapter 61

While Kurats was showing his unparalleled might on land, a new battle was beginning in the sky.
It was a face off between Brigitte’s magic air corps and Frigga’s griffon corps.
The magic air corps was a organized in three squads, with each squad having three sets of two mages.
Save for two platoons that were formed to stay in the capital, all the empire’s magic air forces were currently under Brigitte’s command.

【”… What’s going on? We can’t use our magic?! Are you kidding me?!”】
【”Your excellency, the artifacts are still working!”】
【”The enemy’s griffon units are coming!”】

【”Damn it! Just keep going, do not change course!”】

Brigitte was biting her lip. The weakness of her magic air corps had unexpectedly been exposed.
The real value of the magic air force was in both its overwhelmingly great liberty of movement, and in the superior magic of its members.
Sealing their magic away was akin to taking one of their wings off.
Of course, these mages were also well-trained soldiers, who were more than skilled enough in melee to take care of themselves.
The problem was that their opponent this time was the snow white valkyrie, Frigga.

【”I wouldn’t expect any less from Mast…. Sir Kurats. We can’t use magic either right now, but that’s no big deal for the griffon units.”】

The griffons themselves were already very powerful beasts, so magic did not play that much of a role for the griffon corps.
That was especially true for Frigga, whose specialty was not magic but melee.

【”The sky belongs to Lapland! Let’s crush these pathetic Asgardian mages!”】

The griffon corps’ men roared like lions.
Both sides quickly covered the distance that separated them until Frigga and Brigitte, who were both in the lead of their respective army corps, clashed with their swords.
They both had a high esteem of each other’s abilities, and neither of them could afford to let her subordinates fight the other.

【”Eat her up, Nageling!”】
【”Trample her down, Murasame!”】

When their two magic swords connected, their dense magic power collided, creating a white flash of magic in the air akin to an electric discharge.
Brigitte’s Nageling could absorb magic power while Frigga’s Murasame had the ability to control water.
In their last fight, Murasame had proved to have greater versatility.
But right now, given that their magic was sealed, Brigitte had the advantage.
When she realized that Brigitte’s sword was going for her beloved griffon, Shellac, Frigga had barely managed to attack back.

【”You’re aiming for Shellac, you coward!”】
【”Hah, for a true warrior, that’s a compliment!”】

Unlike Brigitte, Frigga was not equipped with a wind armor.
If her griffon died, she would inevitably crash to her death.
Not to mention that there was no reason not to aim at the griffon, as it had a massive body that made it an easy target.

【”Ah! Shellac, dodge!”】
【”That’s not gonna happen! You’re far too green to escape from me in the sky!”】

The griffon’s massive body made it harder for it to move around, which meant it would be easy for the much smaller Brigitte to take on its back.
Her agile movements were too hard to follow.
She kept moving around continuously, until she suddenly disappeared from Frigga’s field of view.

【”GOT YOU!”】

Although she was faced with Frigga’s defenseless back, Brigitte decided to be careful and swing her sword towards the body of the griffon instead, like she initially intended to.
Frigga was a great swordsman; there was a possibility that she would avoid the sword through instinct alone.

―― Crack!

The sound of something like glass breaking echoed in the sky, and the griffon that should have been pierced by Nageling simply disappeared.
At the same time, Brigitte felt killing intent aimed at the back of her neck. She instinctively created a whirlwind to turn her body around.
Frigga’s Murasame passed right next to her.

【”…That was an illusion?!”】
【”Precisely. I was well aware that you have the advantage when it comes to mobility!”】

This was probably one of the abilities of the sacred water sword, Murasame.
If things kept going this way, Brigitte was going to end up being overwhelmed by Frigga’s versatility, just like the last time they fought. And Frigga had not even used her white armor yet.

【”Humph! You’re the only one who has been doing some thinking since our last fight!”】

Brigitte temporarily took some distance, while staying ready to charge back at any moment. Then, she rubbed a ring made of blood-red magic stones that she was wearing on her finger.
These blood red stones were Burning fire magic stones, which were also used to power the engine of the magic horseman, Chaos.
Unlike Chaos, Brigitte had no magic converter to use these stones with, but they still held enough heat in their natural form to wipe away the effect of the surrounding water.

【”Devour her! I’m not gonna let that woman trick me with her water again!”】

An overwhelming heat was carried by Brigitte’s wind and attacked Frigga.
When it came to simple heat, water was not the enemy of fire.
But by using her wind magic to spread the heat around Frigga instead of aiming at one significant point, Brigitte could completely stop Frigga from using any trickery.
Any desperate resistance from Frigga would be useless. In fact, once her water was dealt with, she started getting cornered by the fire of the magic stones. It would not take long for it to reach and burn her body.

【”Oh my, it looks like you’ll be burning soon. Poor girl, you don’t need to get so sweaty over it.”】

Brigitte was smiling with great delight.
Frigga’s lovely blond hair was sticking to her beautiful forehead, and drops of sweat were trickling down her chin.
Even if she wanted to escape right now, Brigitte was too fast for her.
―― There was absolutely no chance she would ever let her go.
Seeing that the time of her revenge was coming at last, Brigitte was in a state of extreme excitement.

【”―― Just how dumb can you be?”】
【”The hell did you just say?”】

But Frigga’s derisive sneer turned that excitement back into rage.

【”What the hell are you running your mouth for when you’re about to get completely burned?”】
【”You want to handle water with fire, how could I not call you dumb? Whether it’s in the form of a liquid or a gas, I still have full control over water.”】
【”You’re just saying that because you don’t want to admit defeat…!”】

Brigitte was looking down on Frigga triumphantly. She believed there was absolutely no way Frigga’s water could do anything against the heat of her magic stones. But the next moment, Brigitte was hit by a blast. 

When Frigga’s water was turned to steam, its volume increased by almost 1700 times.
This steam held enough energy to power a steam engine. And Frigga used all of it to counterattack.
The blast of steam instantly scattered Brigitte’s flames and blew her a dozen meters away (40 feet).

【”W-what’s happening?!”】

Although her wind barrier had protected her from getting wounded, it was impossible for it to completely absorb the impact.
Moreover, she kept being attacked left and right by one shock wave after the other. She was like a leaf floating and getting tossed around on a wavy sea.

Brigitte couldn’t tell up from down at this point, but she was still desperately looking for Frigga, who had disappeared from her sight.
This was a golden opportunity to attack, there was no way Frigga would look on passively.
Where was she? Was she up? Was she down?
Feeling a chill on the nape of her neck, Brigitte instinctively twisted her body to the left, but she was not able to dodge this second surprise attack.


Before Brigitte realized it, her right arm was flying in the air.
She let out a soul-crushing scream from this impossible pain.
However, despite her state, she promptly used her wind magic at full power to escape. This much was to be expected from someone like her.
She had lost both her right arm and her magic sword and she was leaving her subordinates behind, but she still ran away without looking back.
Had she hesitated for a single moment, she would have undoubtedly been killed then and there by Frigga.

【”I can’t die. Not like this!”】

Brigitte made an oath at that moment. An oath that was more important than the subordinates under her care.
It was an oath get the revenge on the enemy who had injured her.
With that single determined thought in mind, she ran away like a gale of wind and disappeared within the southern sky.

【”Good grief, did I just release a wounded tiger out in the open…?”】

Having lost their commander, the magic air force immediately fell into chaos.
After losing their commander who held absolute strength and authority, the magic air corps became no different than any other branch of the army.
These men were elite forces, equipped with valuable artifacts more precious than any jewels, but once they were encircled by the griffon forces’ superior numbers, they could only powerlessly meet their own destruction.

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